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Into the Lion's Mouth (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Name: Lise (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Princess Spy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Watchmaker's Daughter (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Larry Loftis

The American author Larry Loftis is well known for his extremely arresting style of writing that immediately grabs the readers. Largely focusing on thrillers, he manages to convey a direct and matter-of-fact message through most of his work that really speaks to the reader. Not only that, but he has also been known for writing biographies and other works of non-fiction over the years as well. All of this has led to him producing a highly diverse backlog of work that really speaks for itself in terms of both substance and style. Getting to the heart of any subject, he allows himself to convey a consistent set of themes and ideas too, as he is definitely a writer with something to say.

With a history working as a lawyer, he definitely has had a lot of material to work with too, creating stories that are not only insightful, but are authentic too. Writing about events from history too, he has clearly done his research when it comes to writing about any period of time, transporting the reader to different eras to gain a greater understanding of what went on. This has paved the way to him writing in his own unique style, as more titles are set to be released in the near future, as he definitely isn’t stopping any time soon.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Dallas, America, Larry Loftis was constantly learning, whilst simultaneously looking to literature, with a strong passion for writing. Later he would go on to attend the University of Florida, whereby he would gain a J.D. in Law, and a B.A. in Political Science. This would see him serve as Senior Articles Editor, as well as Senior Executive Editor for the Law Review during his time there. Gaining a huge amount of experience writing legal articles for numerous different publications, he would quickly become adept at writing for a mass audience. Currently writing to this very day, he keeps himself active with outdoor pursuits, whilst continuing to put out work on a regular and consistent basis.

Writing Career

Publishing his first book in 2016, Larry Loftis would quickly become known as an author with something to say. Focusing on historical events and famous people throughout history, he would largely be interested in espionage, especially during the Second World War. This would come in the form of biographies, the first of which would be based on the life-story of the real-life inspiration for James Bond, paving the way for much of his writing career to follow.

Into The Lion’s Mouth

Published through the Berkeley publishing label in 2016 on the 14th of June, this would be an entirely stand-alone title. Working on its own, it combines real historical events from World War II with creative narrative flourishes, thus keeping it engaging all the way. The attention to detail is also noteworthy here, as it manages to document the time itself with the utmost authenticity, keeping it realistic throughout.

Running under the subtitle of ‘The True Story of Dusko Popov’, this does exactly what it says in the title. Not being a part of any series as such, it would provide a straightforward account of how the character of Bond came to be and the man behind his creation. Following his real life inspiration, Loftis takes the reader on a journey throughout the period giving them a complete account of what actually happened. Exciting and compelling, it is not only a must for fans of the James Bond series, but it is also a fun and entertaining series for anyone interested in the historical period at the time.

Set in August 1941, this sees Dusko Popov, Serbian playboy, acting as a double agent, having just stolen money from the Germans, money which belonged to the British. Placing the money down on a game of baccarat at the Casino Estoril located in Portugal, he aims to humiliate his opponent, much to the amusement of one Ian Fleming watching from the corner. Having attended a British prep school before being expelled, this looks at how he would later come to be banished from Germany following derogatory statements he makes about the Third Reich. This then leads to him acting as a spy in the Second World War, torn between MI6, the FBI, the Abwehr and MI5, as he soon becomes an inspiration for Fleming and his new character, the ever iconic ‘James Bond’. Where will his journey lead him? How will Ian Fleming come to write James Bond?

Code Name: Lise

Released through the Gallery Books publishing outlet, this would first arrive on the literary scene in 2019 on the 15th of January. Being a biography again, it would also work as a stand-alone title. It would also use the underpinnings of a spy thriller to guide its narrative too.

Telling a true life story once again, this casts its eye upon the real-life story of one Odette Sansom, as she would become the most decorated spy during World War II. This then takes a look at everything she did during the war, and everything she had to endure in order to make it out alive. Leaving nothing out, it really is an inspirational story of a British spy following in her father’s footsteps, as she looks to help her homeland of France. Set in occupied France, it has an exciting and exhilarating tone throughout, constantly keeping the reader on the edge-of-their seat right until the very end.

Taking place in the year of 1942, this takes a look at the life of Odette Sansom, as she becomes an SOE agent, who is posted into France by Britain in order to work against the Germans. Completing numerous missions there successful alongside Captain Peter Churchill, her commanding officer, the two of them soon fall in love, as they’re hunted by Hugo Bleicher, the German secret police sergeant. Finally capturing them, they are both sent to the Fresnes prison in Paris, before being taken on to the concentration camps of Germany, which is where they’re horribly beaten and tortured. Enduring through the whole ordeal, they emerge through to the other side, so as to live to tell the story another day, leaving the war behind them. How will their love help them? What became of them after the war? Who was the real person with the code name: Lise?

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