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Lars Emmerich
Lars Emmerich is an American thriller, crime, and mystery author who enjoys reading a good story as much as he does write it. He’s worked as a fighter pilot before going full-time into writing. While he still enjoys flying planes, Emmerich is keen to stick to the not so fast ones. Emmerich’s fiction is quite edgy, and it would be surprising if he isn’t already on NSA’s watch list. Like the heroes and heroines in his writing, this author has a big heart, a foul mouth, and a sense of humor to boot. Emmerich currently lives in Virginia and Colorado with family.

Devolution is the first book in the Devolution Trilogy. The book stars Samantha Jameson, a woman who is caught up in a way beyond her. An elderly priest accused of espionage is found dead, and Sam gets involved in the investigation. Sam is brilliant, ballsy, and everything in between. She has been working as a spy catcher, and her talent has put her ahead of her peers. However, Sam will soon realize that this is no ordinary case. A simple investigation on the murder of a priest will lead to entanglement with a shadowy organization that would do anything to keep their affairs secret.
Just when Sam is starting to get some headway in this case, her lover is kidnapped by the shadowy organization. Her des
perate efforts to save him plunges Sam in a web of double agents, dark secrets, and a shady senator running for his life. Thanks to Sam’s desperation, it is easy for the shadowy organization to lure her right to the middle of an economic terror group keen to cripple the financial system in America. Can Sam save herself, her lover, and the American economy from this organization? How does she organize those around her to smoke out the massive army of spies? Can they penetrate the network that seems organized beyond her comprehension?

This book is filled with tradecraft, suspense, and unending action. The idea of an intentionally triggered world economic crisis is quite intriguing, and the author has done his homework where espionage and financial matters are concerned. All the characters are captivating, starting with Sam, and it is admirable how she braves it all and still manages to outsmart the bad guys. The author’s way with words, and it is amazing how everything comes together in the end. A lot is happening in this book, but the flow is excellent, so it is easy to understand what is happening in each step.

Devolution is an intriguing read. The book is fast-paced, the storyline is fascinating, and the characters will have you hooked from the start. There is enough for anyone starting with rotten politicians, espionage, and crooked billionaires who will go to any length to amass more wealth. The author has done a lot to develop all characters, and it is easy to sympathize with Sam and hope she can succeed in fighting the corrupt individuals who are out to cripple the economy. There no dull moment in this book, and the rising tension will keep you turning the pages until you have read the story to the end. This book is ideal if you are in the mood of an intense thriller filled with interesting characters, political intrigue, and loads of sex.

The Incident: Episode One
The Incident: Episode One is the first book in The Incident series. The book stars Samantha Jameson, a special agent with a killer on her trail. Sam is used to people wanting her dead. In a world where she confronts spies everything, this is pretty much a part of her job. However, it seems like it’s the good guys who want Sam and others like her dead. Why would the DC Metro police want her dead? Could this be a plan from her Homeland bosses to eliminate her? Why is everyone Sam is talking to turning up dead soon after?

While nothing seems to be going rich, Sam has her partner colonel Brock James. Sam and James are investigating the alleged suicide of John Abraham but are shocked to realize that they could be staring at a well-crafted murder. Sure, there is a suicide, and all but the wounds are too severe to have resulted from suicide. To make things worse, Sam discovers her name and address at the crime scene, which can only mean that she is next on the killer’s list.
Fake police follow Sam on her way home, and it is evident that these men want nothing but to capture and eliminate her. It isn’t long before Sam also discovers that her home has also been bombed. Talk with her bosses doesn’t bear the results she expected, and Sam feels that they are hiding something. Is there more to these attacks, or is Sam merely paranoid?

Sam proceeds to do some investigations in secret as her circle grows smaller, and she is not sure who to trust with her life. Her investigations lead her to where American spies are meeting a cartel in Venezuela involved in petroleum sales. Here, Sam will discover manipulation, interagency collaboration, and an American traitor who is more dangerous than any criminal she has ever dealt with. After his session with Quinn with the assassin, Peter is forced to help the agency take the whole cartel down. Will these efforts bear any fruits? Will Sam manage to come out of this case alive?

Two storylines in this story intertwine in the end. Sam is a strong and determined character, and it admirable that she doesn’t let anything bring her down. The rest of the cast is intriguing, and it is going to be fun to see how the author develops them in subsequent books.

The Incident is an intriguing, convoluted, and brutal story. If you have a strong stomach and are looking for a well-written thriller, this book is perfect for you. Everything from the plot to the character development is done right, and the storyline is unique. The story ends with a classic cliffhanger, which will send you in search of the second book.

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