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Publication Order of Larue Donavan Books

Me and My Ghoulfriends (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghouls Night Out (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ghoul Next Door (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Santa Stole My Ghoulfriend (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghoul of My Dreams (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hey, Ghoul, Will You Be My Valentine? (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Well known and equally well regarded for her funny and highly acerbic fiction, the American novelist Rose Pressey has become a firm fixture within the literary industry, as readers from far and wide have come to appreciate her work, with her witty and insightful characters, along with her deft hand at comedic situation, leading to her being one of the most prolific and masterful practitioners of her craft. With a whole range of books under her belt, she has managed to amass an extensive backlog of work built around her thriller, mystery and romance novels, all set around stories that typically have a supernatural twist to them, along with paranormal aspects that are usually juxtaposed with more realistic everyday elements such as relationship issues and matters of love and romance.

All of this has lead to a number of series as well, most of which revolve around a central comedic premise, along with a key protagonist that the readers can get themselves behind, allowing her to create a more versatile and distinctive take on the genre, one which is entirely unique all to her. From vampires in love, to werewolves with a mysterious past, there’s no end to innovative ideas and fun concepts that Pressey brings to the table as an author, creating rich and varied worlds that entertain and tantalize her readers, many of whom come from all over the world, as the many stories manage to relate on a universal level for a global audience of all kinds.

One series that she is particularly well known for is that of her ongoing Larue Donavan series that has been running for some time now, which is also a perfect example of her work for anybody hoping to find out more about the author and what she has to offer. Following the eponymous lead character of Larue Donavan it sees her working as a somewhat reluctant psychic who really does speak to the dead, as they all come to her with their problems, issues and grievances by night, whilst meanwhile in the day she works in bookstore. With both of these roles at completely opposite ends of the spectrum in regards to normalcy, she really has a work cut out for her if she wants to stay fully grounded amidst it all, especially when she’s get enough of her own personal issues to contend with, without dealing with the already dead.

Running for over four books so far and counting, this has become a well received series for the author Rose Pressey, as it sees a new adventure with each title. Working as stand-alone stories as well as an ongoing narrative, it manages to chart the progression of the central character too, with an ongoing arc running throughout. Following her adventures as a leading protagonist, readers are able to come in and pick-up each book wherever they feel like it, although it is best to start from the beginning if hoping to get the most out of it.

Me and My Ghoulfriends

Originally published in 2008 on the 6th of October, this was first brought out through the Magical Press publishing label to much acclaim. Setting up the Larue Donavan series, it manages to establish all the main action giving it a sense of immediacy, as it does it quickly so as to allow the reader to jump right in straight away. Providing her with her first adventure too, it also manages to develop her character as well in what is a highly effective introduction to who she is and how she is going to be leading the series of novels over the course of the franchise.

Working in a bookstore by day, the life of Larue Donavan seems very normal from the outside, but it is anything but, as by night she also works as a psychic helping the dead. Assisting the deceased she helps them find peace in the afterlife, but they also try to get involved in her life too, such as Abraham Lincoln who is trying to give her tips on her love-life. That’s when Callahan Weiss moves into town and opens a coffee shop next door and she quickly gains attraction for towards him, an attraction which the witch across the road also has. Who will get him? Can Larue help the dead? What will happen when Larue asks ‘what will become of me and ghoulfriends’?

Ghouls Night Out

Initially released through the Magical Press publishing house once again, this was originally brought out on the 26th of September in 2011. Following on directly from the first, this carries on from where the previous novel in the Larue Donavan series left, further establishing a lot of the ideas and themes in the process. There’s also plenty of nice surprises along the way as well, as it has a number of twists and turns that are set to ensure that reader is kept guessing right until the very end.

Now with a new entourage of ghosts looking for closure in tow Larue really has her work cut out for her, especially given that this time one of them is none other than Mae West who keeps offering her relationship advice. Then there’s Callahan Weiss who isn’t sure how Larue feels about him, along with a stranger turning up out of the blue to their area of Magnolia in Kentucky, as well as her best friend Mindy who seems to be in danger. Then she starts to wonder if a demon might have followed her home from one of her investigations, along with the fact that this new stranger could be the danger. Will she find out the truth? Can she save her friend? What will happen on a ghouls night out?

The Larue Donavan Series

A well rounded and easy to relate to series that remains firmly grounded in its approach to the genre, so it’s easy to see why so many have taken to the franchise over the years. With a central character that resonates with the audience, it’s a creative and imaginative take on the ideas and themes of the genre, subverting them to create something that is essentially new and different. This is something that will continue for some time yet on into the foreseeable future, as the series grows from strength-to-strength showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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