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Publication Order of The Last Gunfighter Books

The Last Gunfighter series is a very famous book series of the western fiction genre. It is comprised of 23 books in total, which were released between the years 2000 and 2012. The series is written by one of the prominent authors from America named William W. Johnstone. After the death of author Johnstone, the series was continued by author J.A. Johnstone, who has given important contributions so far in the last few books of the series. This series’ books portray the Wild West in the most authentic manner. They also depict the lives of the people, who used to live in the Wild West during that period. Author William Johnstone started writing the series in 2000 and also came up with the publication of its first book in the same year. The first book was called The Drifter. As of today, the series is still going on as author J.A. Johnstone is working on the plot development of the next few books. He is expected to publish a couple of novels very soon in the coming days. Each and every novel of this series primarily depicts the lead character a Frank Morgan. He is shown dealing with the struggles of his life and learning the skill of gunfighting to help himself come out of difficult situations. The books are set in a number of places throughout the series, including New Mexico, Colorado, the valley of the Rocky Mountains, etc.

The debut novel of the Last Gunfighter book series written by author William W. Johnstone is entitled ‘The Drifter’. This book was released by the Pinnacle publishing company in the year 2005, after its initial release in 2000. The chief characters of this book as described by author Johnstone include Frank Morgan and his beautiful wife named Vivian Browning. As the book’s story begins, the readers are introduced to the character of Frank Morgan, who appears to be a pillar of positivity and goodness in the land where the good people fight for their survival and the outlaws rule without any fear. Once, Frank used to live a peaceful life with a wife and the hope of a happy future in Colorado. But, he was robbed of everything close to him when a wealthy man used his grudge on him and drove him out of his comfortable life. Since that day, Frank Morgan has become the master of the single useful skill that has always come easy and beneficial several times, which is gunfighting. He drifted to a small mining town in the territory of New Mexico. There, he takes the position of the marshal. The mining town is expected to boom in the next few years as a discovery of a large silver vein has come to light. Frank Morgan is known to stay for only short durations of time in one place. But, this time it so happens that Frank is not able to move out from this particular town. He learns that the company that has gained the rights to carry out the silver mining in the town, Henson Mining Company, is owned by none other than his former wife, Vivian Browning. However, Frank is not able to go near to Vivian in spite of wishing for it very desperately because the two have not seen each other in the last 20 years. This novel is full of action packed sequences, depicting shoot outs, fast gunfighters, as well as love interests. The readers are taken through a rough and dusty time filled with interesting characters and settings. The story appears to be quite good and intriguing. It has a thrilling plot that keeps the readers intrigued till the very end. Author Johnstone seems to have done a wonderful job by coming up with such an excellent story of western fiction. There are a lot of gunfights with superb action sequences. The book went on to become a huge success and helped author Jonstone increase his popularity as a western fiction novelist. He was praised by one and all, and was appreciated for his excellent writing style. His fans motivated him to write many more such interesting novels in the future by giving numerous positive reviews for this book on various platforms.

Another excellent novel of this western series written by Johnstone is called ‘Ghost Valley’. This novel was also released by the Pinnacle publishers in 2001. Once again, the central character of this book is shown as Frank Morgan. The other important characters include Victor Vanbergen, Ned Pines, Vivian Browning, Conrad Morgan, etc. Author Johnstone has set this particular novel’s plot in the Rocky Mountains. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that the son of Frank Morgan gets kidnapped by some outlaws. When Frank learns about this, he sets himself to the task of finding those outlaws and making them pay for kidnapping his son. While he is on the hunt for the men and is about to get hold of them, he comes across a ghost town in the Rocky Mounain’s valley. Frank Morgan feels that there is a certain mystery hidden in the town. Soon, he begins to get haunted by a deadly spirit. But, the mystery and the haunting of the spirit seem to become secondary to Frank as the most important that he has at hand is hunting down the kidnappers and saving his son. The previous book that author Johnstone wrote in the series was just a background to explain why Frank was looking for Ned Pines & Victor Vanbergen, the gang leaders who killed his wife and also abducted his son once again. Frank vows to finish all of them once and for all for touching his son twice and taking away his wife from him forever. Even the outlaws seem unstoppable in their attempt to kill Frank. They do not care as to where or how it happens. While searching for the kidnappers, Frank reaches a town above the Glenwood Springs. This Ghost Valley was considered the home of the Old Ones, who are now believed to have turned into ghost and roaming all over the town. Many readers felt that the ghost Indians provided them an excellent read and were one of the reasons why they liked the book so much. Author Johnstone was praised once again for his outstanding work and writing techniques. This novel too became very popular among the masses in America and the rest of the world.

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