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The Boleyn Reckoning (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Tudor Legacy Trilogy Books

The Virgin's Daughter (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Virgin's Spy (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Virgin's War (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Darkling Bride (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Seemingly, some literary genres are a preserve of a few elite. New and prospective authors might not touch literary genres such as historical fiction with a ten foot pole. But that is exactly what Laura Andersen, a relatively young author and recent entrant, does. She has produced literary works which wows and woos.

Read on this interesting biography which will whet your appetite for more of her literary works.

Laura Andersen’s Personal Life
Laura Andersen is an American author and writes historical fiction. She describes her childhood as blissful and grew up with a kid brother. She went to high school in the 1980s and met her future husband during her final year of study. She describes herself as being in a monogamous marriage and four children (three boys and one girl) to show for it. She and and her husband have been married for over two decades.

Laura Andersen’s interests include lazing about in the ocean, is a nemophilist (fond of the woods), is a foodie, and shopaholic. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English. British history was her area of emphasis while pursuing her degree. She has worked in different workplaces over the years. In this context, she has been a piano teacher, interned in Hong Kong, and has had stints at the famed Corn Dog Factory and at a healthcare facility.

Laura Andersen has lived a considerable part of her life, three decades, in western North America but she and her family are now domiciled in Massachusetts. However, she had a brief stay in Haiti. She likes traveling and has visited many African, European, Middle East, and Asian countries.

Ardent Bibliophile inspired by Mystery and Historical Fiction Writers
Laura Andersen does not cash in on her degree. She soberly pipes that she is an ardent reader and reads just about anything which she gets. She is not a run-of-the-mill writer of historical fiction. She loves reading historical fiction because it makes her relive historical times while at the same time enjoying the comfort of the current luxuries.

There are several established writers whose literary works have augured well for Laura Andersen’s literary ambition. The late crime writer Phyllis Dorothy James and psychological mystery writer Tana Trench have significantly inspired her. Closer home, Laura Andersen looks up to historical novelists Sharon Kay Penman and Dorothy Dunnett, American and Scottish nationals, respectively. Specifically, she singles out Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles whose mastery she not only revers but has also read repeatedly over the years.

Laura Andersen’s Fruitful Literary Ambition
Laura Andersen has penned mind-blowing masterpieces in the short span that she has been writing. She has continued producing one book after another. At this juncture, she had a number of series to her credit. Among the series she has written to date, the “Ann Boleyn” series tops the list. Incidentally, Ann Boleyn is a trilogy series.

Two Early Books in the Ann Boleyn Trilogy
Laura Andersen composed three books in this trilogy series, published between 2013 and 2015. The first two early books in this series are “The Boleyn King” and “The Boleyn Deceit”.

It is worth noting that these two early books written by Laura Andersen can be found in various editions and different formats; these editions are hardback, paperback, audio CD, MP3 CD, and Kindle version. As such, details about the books vary one edition to another. Both of the books by Linda Andersen have been handled by various publishers. Of the two early books, it is only The Boleyn King which is available in hardback; the hardback edition was published in the United States by Tutleback Books. The paperback editions were published in the United Kingdom and US by Ebury Press and Ballantine Books. Brilliance Audio published both the audio CD and MP3 CD editions in the US while Oakhill Publishing Limited produced the audio CD and MP3 CD editions in the UK. Lastly, Ballantine Books and Ebury Digital produced the Kindle editions in the US and UK, respectively.

The Boleyn King and The Boleyn Deceit Plot
The plot of Laura Andersen’s literary works, The Boleyn King and The Boleyn, revolve around the royal household of husband Henry VIII and wife Ann Boleyn during the late medieval period. Incidentally, Henry VIII served as a king of England between early and mid-1500s. By the same token, Ann Boleyn was a notable marquess and queen of England in the 1530s. She sired Queen I of England. However, the royal marriage was fraught with domestic problems, especially the inability of Ann Boleyn to sire a male child. Did you know that she was pregnant with a fifteen-week old baby boy when she miscarried upon hearing that her husband had fallen from a horse during a tournament?

Understandably, in The Boleyn King, Laura Andersen tries to create a scenario whereby Ann Boleyn successfully carried her pregnancy and gave birth to a baby. Thus Laura Andersen crafts the probable Henry IX (character is a king called William). During his tenure as a king, the monarchy is fraught with national threats. On the one hand, France is angling for a war with the monarchy. On the other hand, Catholic adherents within his jurisdiction have acquired a rebellious streak.

William is in his teenage and is torn between abiding by the limits of a regent and living up to his responsibilities. In the wake of those calamities, trustworthy is limited to a select few; three people, namely his elder sibling Elizabeth, Dominic the faithful adviser, and Minuette the small orphan who was made the ward (adopted) of the royal family. There is a trail of treachery, mysteries, and deaths as William is angling for saving saving the Kingdom of England. William soon finds himself rethinking about his adviser and confidante, Dominic, when both men fell in love with Minuette. The future of the kingdom (and possibly a new lineage of House of Tudors) is hanging on a thread as the book climaxes to a scene whereby one characters must be sacrificed at the altar of the monarch’s aspirations.

The other book in the trilogy series by Laura Andersen, The Boleyn Deceit, revolves around the tricky and problematic royal life and times Henry IX, the fictitious king begat by Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn. In the face of a neighboring country beating drums of war, a tumultuous castle, and uncontrolled love. The title and trappings of a king has been conferred upon the then regent William; he has been named King Henry IX and is the sole leader. He is aware that many citizens expect him to prove his mettle.

In his quest to assure and reassure the Catholic Church, his plights his troth to a French princess even though he still has feelings for Minuette. Worse still, he does not know that Minuette and Dominic are resonating on the same frequency. With both men angling for wooing her, Minuette is forced to keep her thoughts and secrets to herself because she cannot trust Elizabeth, her former confidante.

TV Shows and Movie
It is worth mentioning that Laura Andersen is a recent entrant to writing series having being published as recently as 2013. Producing TV shows and movies is not a spur-of-the-moment decision; it is a long systematic procedure. As such, her literary works has not yet been turned into TV shows and movies. Even then, a notable aspect about her work is that it has been produced in various trending and much sought-after versions, especially audio and MP3 CD and Kindle. Based on these recent developments, we can only speculate.

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