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About Laura Brooke Robson

An American author of Young Adult fantasy novels, Laura Brooke Robson has been writing for quite some time now. Reaching readers from both far and wide, her work has resonated with a global audience, appealing to reader both nationally and internationally. Establishing her own trademark style and tone, she’s made her own unique imprint upon the genre that’s immediately recognizable as hers. On top of all that she’s got something to say, underlying each of her novels with her own unique message that’s hers and hers alone.

Using the fantasy genre to lay the foundations of her literary career, she’s found her own unique niche within the field. Largely writing about strong female protagonists, her work has a real sense of wit as well, making it more than entertaining for the reader. Compelling and engaging in equal measure, she ensures that her many readers are constantly turning page for what comes next. There are constant surprise twists and turns, as writing is known for being hugely addictive and fun to read on multiple levels.

When it comes to characters Laura Brooke Robson is unsurpassed, creating compelling characters that really resonate. Finding something new and different in all her protagonists, her audience relates to her characters, regardless of where they’re from. Massively imaginative as well, her approach to the form is innovative and creative, providing something that is something fresh and new. With lots more still yet to come, she is a writer who wont be putting her pen away any time soon, as there’s lots more planned for the future.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in Bend, Oregon, in the United States, Laura Brooke Robson was always keenly interested in reading and writing. Pursuing this as a primary passion of hers on into her adulthood, she would eventually turn to writing full-time, developing her own voice and style. Refining and honing her approach, she would take inspiration from the world around her, putting it all back into her work.

Studying English at Stanford University, she would would focus on creative writing after moving to California, during which time she sold her debut novel while still a senior. Following this she’d move to Melbourne in Australia where she continues to live and regularly write to this very day. As more and more continue to discover her work, this isn’t stopping anytime soon either, with her writing career building from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

In 2021 Laura Brooke Robson would write and publish her first novel, which was titled ‘Girls at the Edge of the World.’ This book was a stand-alone novel and not a part of any overall series, with an entirely self-contained narrative that could be read by itself. Combining fantasy and romance, her books would be written for a primarily Young Adult demographic, making them accessible for scores of readers worldwide.

Later in 2022 Robson would go on to publish her second book ‘The Sea Knows My Name,’ which would also be a stand-alone. Another Young Adult fantasy novel, it would provide readers with a further insight into Robson’s world and imagination as an author. Currently maintaining a presence both offline and on, she continues to consistently put out work, while also regularly speaking out about her craft.

Girls at the Edge of the World

A Young Adult romance novel brought out in 2021 on the 8th of June, this would be a stand-alone fantasy title. Creating a whole fantasy world, it’s a self-contained narrative that doesn’t need to be read as part of any overall series as such. There’s elements of science-fiction here too, as it makes for an excellent piece of genre fiction, initially brought out through the ‘Dial Books’ publishing label.

There are only a few guaranteed safe passage into the new world, as an epic flood is set to wash the current world away. While the Kostrovian royal court along with their guards will be saved, Natasha Koskinen and her fleet of silk performers are less certain of their fate. Looking to secure safety for her family, she hopes to be courted by Prince Nikolai, but then her newest recruit Ella Neves turns up looking for vengeance. Will she find her revenge, how will Natasha and Ella deal with the undeniable chemistry between them both, and what will become of the girls at the edge of the world?

It’s a truly imaginative story with a lot of heart, really building a fully immersive world that the reader can really explore. The characters of Ella and Natasha are extremely well drawn too, as they definitely feel real for the reader, coming alive in a sense. When it comes to the story, this also works on every level as well, building a real sense of momentum throughout every step of the way.

The Sea Knows My Name

Initially published on the 14th of June in 2022, this would be another stand-alone Young Adult romance title from Laura Brooke Robson. Released through the ‘Dial Books’ imprint once again too, it can easily be read by itself, not being a part of any larger overall series. The books are fantasy, with a strong fantasy setting, creating a whole world, making it a must for both fans of the author, and of the genre as a whole.

After her own world was washed away by lava and ash, the pirate Clementine Fowler has taught her daughter that she must be strong to survive in a man’s world. But Thea doesn’t have any of this grit of ruthlessness that helped her mother survive, and she now feels that she’s a complete disappointment. That’s when she meets the handsome sailor Bauer, leading to her first romance and, ultimately, her first betrayal, as she begins to understand there’s more to life than being strong. Can she escape from her mother’s shadow, how will she fare in this new world, and what will become of her as she demands that ‘the sea knows my name?’

The story itself is so engaging on every level with a lot to offer the reader, making for a heart-warming and powerful novel. Each of the characters feels fully rounded, with a full personality that truly reflects them and who they are as actual real people. When it comes to the world-building it also excels, as no expense is spared when it comes to detail, as every aspect of the world feels truly alive ready to explore.

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