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Publication Order of Laura Caxton Books

Laura Caxton Vampire is a series of horror novels written by David Wellington. The books follow the exploits of a state trooper locked in a deadly battle against the undead.

+The Story

Laura Caxton is first introduced to readers in ’13 Bullets’, the first novel in the Laura Caxton Vampire series as a State Trooper with a vampire problem on her hands.

David Wellington is not the first author to write about vampires in fiction. In fact, by the time the series began publication in 2007, vampires were all the rage in literature, with the Twilight Craze (Stephanie Meyer) having taken the world by storm.

It could be argued that Wellington probably chose to publish his vampire novels in 2007 to capitalize on the said Vampire craze. The Mid-2000s were chockful of authors who sought to ride the tide of the popularity of the Twilight Saga by appealing to fans of Stephanie Meyer’s vampire series.

Though, one might argue that if David Wellington indeed intended to capitalize on the Twilight Craze, he went about it the wrong way. The 2000s brought with them a wave of horror novels featuring cute, cuddly vampires that one could not help but love.

Wellington’s Laura Caxton vampire series upended that trope by going back to the basics and re-introducing the vampire as an evil, destructive creature with no redeeming qualities of note.

Wellington’s vampires barely look human. Not only are they hairless and pale white but their ears are a distinct pointy shape. Additionally, their teeth are so sharp and numerous that they are comparable to those of sharks.

They do not have the capacity to survive in the sun. When the sun comes up, they literary die, with their bodies taking on a decomposed texture. It isn’t until night comes that these creatures re-emerge, their bodies reborn.

The creatures do not need to bite their victims to turn them into vampires. Rather, they propagate their kind by implanting a curse –a piece of their soul—into their target. That curse is designed to tempt the victim into killing themselves.

That draw towards suicide never goes away, not even when the source of the curse is killed. And if the individual in question ever gives into that urge, they will be reborn as vampires.

When a vampire does kill a human, it can bring them back to life as a half-dead servant of sorts with a short lifespan.

These vampires’ disturbing appearance is not just for show, either. They are very dangerous creatures that are much faster and so much stronger than the average human. They can be hurt but any wounds they incur will regenerate so long as they drink blood.

Though, their desire for blood is a weakness the characters of the Laura Caxton Vampire series learn to exploit down the line. Wellington’s vampires do not have the choice of living a vegetarian lifestyle.

They need blood to survive and they need it in massive amounts. The older a vampire becomes, the more blood they need, so much so that the oldest vampires typically have younger vampires collecting and bringing blood to them because they do not have the capacity to acquire enough blood to satiate their daily needs on their own.

It takes considerable effort to kill a vampire that has access to blood. Most vampires can heal most wounds in mere seconds so long as they have a decent supply of blood. The only way to kill them is to destroy the heart.

But that involves piercing through skin as hard as steel. But the right kind of tool will do the job, such as Arkeley’s cross-pointed bullets.

Laura Caxton is drawn into a war against the vampires when she meets Jameson Arkeley. Set in Pennsylvania in 2003, ’13 Bullets’, the first novel in the series, takes readers to a world where the supernatural is no longer hidden.

People know that vampires are real. However, no one believes that the creatures exist anymore. Two decades earlier, a federal agent called Jameson Arkeley supposedly killed them all.

Laura, a young attractive lesbian and State Trooper believes, like her friends in Pennsylvania, that the vampire scourge is no more. When she encounters evidence proving otherwise, Laura reaches out to Jameson for help.

Jameson isn’t shocked to receive Laura’s call, though. He has known for a while now that one vampire still lives; a deadly creature called Justinia Malvern who, despite being trapped in an abandoned sanitarium, has succeeded in unleashing the vampire curse on the world.

Jameson and Laura are thrust into a mercilessly violent fight to end the vampire race once and for all. Laura knows how dangerous things will get. But she has always had a strong sense of justice and she is ready to do what is right no matter the cost to her life.

More than simply saving lives, though, Laura also needs to solve the mystery of the magnetic attraction the undead seem to have to her.

+The Author
David Wellington is an American author that writes horror novels featuring vampires and zombies. His career took off in 2004. He began by posting short chapters of his work on a blog.

His stories were so popular that a publisher reached out and offered him a book deal.

+13 Bullets
Laura Caxton is a state trooper who reaches out to the FBI when some disturbances in her hometown pique her interest. The FBI sends Jameson Arkeley to assist. This is the same agent that supposedly killed all the vampires twenty years ago.

But Arkeley has a secret. He knows that one more vampire still exists and is trapped in an abandoned asylum. Laura knows that she is a little out of her depth. But she is ready to follow Arkeley to the ends of the earth if it will help her understand why the vampires are showing so much interest in her.

+99 Coffins
When a tomb in Gettysburg is excavated and a hundred coffins are discovered, Arkeley and Laura Caxton are summoned. From what they can tell, 99 of the coffins are occupied by vampires.

But one coffin is empty. Laura and Arkeley have a problem on their hands. If the one missing vampire gives the 99 their hearts back, the town could have an army of bloodthirsty creatures on their doorstep.

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