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Laura Clery is known as an influencer, author, actress, and comedian, who regularly uploads posts humorous vlogs and sketches about her day-to-day life on social media.
Aside from that, she is also an author that is best known for her debut fiction work “Idiot” which she published in 2019.

The work which was inspired by her everyday life just like her vlogs and sketches would go on to become a bestselling work.

Clery was born in the outskirts of Chicago where she would spend much of her childhood. In her young adult years, she would move to Los Angeles, even though she made a stop or two before finally making her home in LA.
Right from when she was in her early teen years, she used to have a very funny bone and knew that she would become a success in a carer where she would make people laugh.

As such, it was no surprise that the kid that once inspired her school grade principal to harp on the importance of the students being ladylike has made a career producing no holds barred comedy vlogs and sketches.
She would ultimately get married to Stephen Hilton a record producer and compose n his own right and together they would create a media empire documenting their everyday lives.

Clery was born in Killjoys Forest Illinois in 1986. She graduated from high school aged 17 and left her hometown to go become an actress in Hollywood.

Her first role was in a commercial, but her big break was when she was cast in “Til Death,” the TV series alongside Brad Garrett. She also acted in “Hungry,” the NBC drama series that ran between 2013 and 2014, and was then known as Laura.
She would, later on, discover that she loved making her own content when she was involved in the production of the web series Disaster, Date, and Hungry.

Clery is now best known as an essayist, actress, and internet celebrity with a net worth of at least $3 million. Her brilliance on the internet combined with unbridled humor has made her a runaway success.
Her husband Stephen Hilton is a wealthy and famous English record producer, composer, and influencer.

Working with her husband Stephen Hilton, she has managed to amass more than 25 million followers on Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

Unfortunately, Hilton and Clery announced that they would be getting divorced in 2022. Still, this has not slowed down the couple as they continue to produce their blockbuster videos that let us into their home and their lives.

While Laura Clery achieved a lot of success as a writer, producer, and actor in several works, she would really come into her own when she turned to Youtube.
Laura became an internet sensation when she posted a video of herself trying to flirt with Stephen her husband.

She had recorded herself pitching a relentless string of seriously funny or depending on the person awful pickup lines alongside her husband Stephen.
She would then go on to post even more hilarious videos that showed a total disregard for her husband’s boundaries and these would make her even more popular.
The more disgusted her husband got, the more these videos went viral and it was not long before she had more than 3 million followers.

Laura Clery’s videos have been popular all over the world from the United Kingdom to being analyzed in publications as far away as India.
Much of her humor is based on the deadpan, clueless sincerity of her many characters as they go through life.

“Idiot” is the debut novel by Laura Clery the Facebook Video sensation and YouTube star. This is a collection of humorous essays similar to Jessi Klein’s “You’ll Grow Out of It” and Samantha Irby’s “We Are Never Meeting in Real Life.”
Laura Clery writes inappropriate comedy sketches, sexually harasses Stephen her husband, talks trash about her pug, and talks about her anatomy in hilarious songs.

In this collection, Laura Clery tells of how she went from being a broke, cocaine-addicted, suicidal, and dangerously impulsive narcissist hopping from one toxic relationship to another and crippled by fear.
She would then become a somewhat rational person who is more often happy that not, a meditating vegan teacher with a fantastic career, good credit, a great marriage, and a bunch of rescue animals she is taking care of.
Above everything, she shows herself as an adorable, amazingly talented, and vulnerable idiot.

She pens her novels in her usual brand of no holds barred and offbeat humor as he introduces her readers to an undeniably relatable and wildly original new voice.
It is a work that tells of a woman with the balls to be vulnerable and honest about her struggles in life.

She tells everything from how she went to rock bottom and then managed to turn everything around, get over her addictions and ultimately do what she loved.

In her debut novel Idiot, Laura Clery provided a mind-blowing account of recovery, toxic relationships, and addiction.

Her life has changed a lot since her debut but her hilarious takes only got better with motherhood. Moreover, she also includes some other interesting stories in Idiots that never made it to the first novel maybe because she was afraid of sharing too much.
She does not hold back in this collection as she shares stories of triumphs, screw-ups, and learning from her mistakes.

Whether she is crying into a diaper while shopping at the Walmart parking lot or trying to get some advice from some elderly stranger, she always laughs at herself.
The good thing is that she does let loose at even the worst moments of her life and even more critically, she makes us cry, laugh and feel less lonely and isolated.
This is a no holds barred and unflinching memoir of addictions, motherhood, and marriage.

Even for someone that does not know her, she clearly is a hard-working mother who made her fair share of mistakes and is not afraid to talk about how they affected her life.

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