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Laura Creedle is an excellent Ameican writer of contemporary, young adult, romance, and fiction stories. She hails from Austin, Texas, and made her debut in the field of writing with the 2017 book called The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily. Creedle is dyslexic, neuro-divergent, and ADHD. In addition to writing novels, she writes blogs and has a page to her name on Creedle’s house in Austin is located in an urban forest, where she resides with her loving husband, their son, and a couple of pet animals. Like many other people living in Austin, she also has an interest in playing guitar. Creedle owns cowboys boots in multiple pairs. She believes that they come in handy whenever she feels like wearing them.

When author Creedle is not busy with her writing prospects, she likes to volunteer for a pre-literary program at a kindergarten school located in her area. Being ADHD, Creedle has less patience compared to normal people. It also makes it difficult for her to shift tasks. Some time back, Creedle realized that she was not among the kind of people who wake up in the morning and spend thirty to forty minutes in writing before heading for work. Once she gets into the habit of writing, she is not able to focus on anything else. So, her hyperfocus because of ADHD made it helpful for her to get words written on pages quickly. Creedle says that she did not have much experience dealing with the autism spectrum. So, she had to go through a lot of research work, both personal and scientific.

Creedle spent numerous hours watching videos on Youtube. The thing that really helped her was having many beta readers who had more experience and knowledge. Their help proved to be too beneficial for her. Creedle was touched and surprised to find that there were many people belonging to the autistic spectrum who came forward to share their knowledgeable stories with her. Author Creedle says that her character Lily is a lot different from her. She is much younger than he and has less control over her impulse as compared to her. Creedle loves coffee a lot. She drinks many cups in a day, and when she is writing something, she is unable to keep the count of the number of cups of coffee she consumes in a day. She also loves dark chocolate, apple, and cheese.

The author believes that publication is a forever process. She thinks it would have been better if she had some idea about the publication process before she decided to become an author. As of now, Creedle is working on her new novel. It is based on the life of a girl who is forced to look after her brother following the disappearance of her mother. This new novel features music. Creedle had a lot of fun in describing the story with the addition of music as she was once a guitarist. The first time Creedle came across a literary agent was in 2015. She had met Jim McCarthy, literary agent, through Pitch Wars. Creedle has high regard for Pitchwars and Brenda Drake, as well as the editor of Pitchwars, Marty Mayberry. It was Marty who first showed interest in Creedle’s debut novel and suggested her to more elements of romance in the story.

Creedle had a great experience working with Marty Mayberry. The overall publishing process turned out to be a wonderful experience for her. Creedle was well-prepared by Pitchwards beforehand. Creedle considers herself very lucky to have found Pitchwars. She was very happy with all the reviews given to her book by critics, reviewers, and fellow authors. All the positive comments motivated Creedle and made her realize that her decision to try her luck at writing was a good one. The hardest part about writing for Creedle is getting up early and contributing a few pages to a particular story. She is a big procrastinator and doesn’t like to follow a schedule with discipline. Creedle enjoys it best when she is given the liberty of writing whenever she feels like writing. This way, she can give her best and come up with excellent works every time. When Creedle learned that many of her readers cried while reading her debut book, she felt it was the best reward for her work. Creedle wishes to make the readers connect with her stories in the future as well and experience the world described by her in the books.

The debut book written by author Laura Creedle is entitled ‘The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily’. It was released by the HMH Books publication in 2017. The main characters mentioned in this novel include Lily Michaels-Ryan, Alexander Ryan, Iris Michaels-Ryan, Helen Mitchell, and Abelard Mitchell. Creedle has set this novel in Austin, Texas, the United States. Initially, it is depicted that Lily Michaels-Ryan suffers from ADHD, while Abelard Mitchell has Asperger’s syndrome. When Lily ditches her medicines, she is sent into detention, where she meets Abelard. She seems intrigued after meeting him. Lily thinks that she is 30 seconds ahead of Abelard, while he is 30 seconds behind. In spite of his medical condition, Lily finds him beautiful and brilliant. Later, Abelard posts a quote from ‘The Letters of Abelard & Heloise’ online.

When Lily comes to know about it, she becomes amused to find that both of them have a mutual affinity for old love letters. This mutual interest helps Lily and Abelard to connect well. They begin to fall in love with each other. Lily wonders if their love for one another is enough to lessen the differences that they have between them. This book tells a hilarious and heartbreaking story about the human connection between a couple of neurodivergent teens. It is a wonderful debut by author Creedle. She has described a cute and light-hearted story featuring the two main leads who have neurodivergent conditions. Both Abelard Mitchell and Lily Michaels-Ryan appear to be fascinating characters indulging in a heartwarming and pure romance. Creedle has done a fantastic job by writing this novel to raise awareness about mental health. The enticing style of writing of author Creedle helped to make the story much more interesting and authentic. Readers loved the thought-provoking and emotional story very much and gave great reviews on various literary platforms.

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