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Laura DiSilverio has always had a heart for writing, claiming that she would write and illustrate stories about horses and princesses from a young age. It was not until she went to college, she says, that she actually began experiencing the roller coaster of life. As a child, DiSilverio was the daughter of an Air Force pilot, and so she moved around quite often, nesting in Georgia, Washington, Oklahoma, and even the Philippines. Her childhood was relatively normal otherwise, with a happy, successful family. When she decided to settle down for a brief time at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, she wrote her first novel for a creative writing class. This romantic novel, completed when she was merely 20 years old, was rejected. After feeling as if she had failed, she put her budding writing career on hold and joined the Air Force, following the career path of her father.

Laura DiSilverio kept her life busy after that, serving with an F-16 wing in Korea and dealing with an embassy in Bangkok. She never did give up on writing completely, for she wrote both a Regency romance and a police procedural mystery during her beginning years in the Air Force. DiSilverio then opted for professional writing, and she would often edit a safety magazine for the military. She went on to earn her master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and proceeded to teach English for 3 years at the Air Force Academy. She continued with her involvement in the Air Force, serving at the Pentagon and then commanding a squadron overseas in England. She later married and had two children, and her creative writing career was almost completely dried up. After visiting the Elliot’s Bay bookstore in Seattle, DiSilverio claims she had a sudden epiphany and realized she wanted to dedicate the rest of her life to writing and mothering her children. She then retired from the Air Force in 2004 and became a full-time writer.

Beginning her Writing Career
After retiring from the Air Force, Laura DiSilverio decided to work her way back into writing by penning a novel. She took advice from Stephen King’s book, “On Writing,” vowing to write 2000 words every day, no matter how long it took. Her initials proposals were rejected, but she continued to write, turning her novels toward the genre of mystery. By dedicating herself to this task, she wrote a mystery novel and sequel before finding someone who would represent her and publish her work.

An agent came around two and a half years later, asking DiSilverio to begin a series for the Berkeley Prime Crime imprint. She accepted the challenge, and kept writing to meet the specifications for the novel. Before she knew it, she had a total of 12 book deals under both her name and her pen name, Lyla Dare. She is now the national best-selling author of over 15 mystery novels and is a frequent keynote speaker and teacher at various events, keeping her writing career alive.

The Mall Cop Mysteries
DiSilverio is well-renowned for her astounding mystery novels. Among her impressive list of mysteries, her Mall Cop Mysteries Series is one of the most popular. The series begins with the novel titled Die Buying, which captures an unexpected murder that the protagonist then proceeds to solve with the assistance of her “mall crew,” desperate to find the killer so that the mall will not have any more drastic tragedies.

The Fernglen Galleria mall in Vernonville, Virginia is not only home to countless retailers, mischievous teenagers, and a whole lot of treats from the food court, but also a mysterious murderer. Emma-Joy “EJ” Ferris works as a mall cop, enduring long, boring hours of stopping teenagers from vandalizing the walls and stealing clothes. Retired from military policing after a knee injury at the age of 31, she believes that her job couldn’t possibly be any more interesting than her last job – that is, until someone “liberates” the reptiles from Herpetology Hut, including the 15-foot-long python. In the midst of the havoc, a body appears, posing as a mannequin, in the up-scale boutique by the name of Dimante. EJ must work alongside her mall team of Kyra from the magic store, Joel, her mall cop companion, Jay Callahan, the hot, mysterious guy who recently purchased the cookie franchise in the mall, and Gradpa Atherton to hunt down the murderer before there is any more chaos at Fernglen.

The Readaholics Mysteries
DiSilverio did not stop at one mystery series; she continued to write an impressive abundance of novels, most of which also being mysteries, her specialty. The Readaholics Mysteries begins seeming sweet and tranquil, but takes a turn when one of the main character’s acquaintances is found dead. As everything unfolds, DiSilverio’s passion for writing mysteries unfolds within the action and suspense. Her series begins with the Readaholics and the Falcon Fiasco, following the drama within the Readaholics book club.

Amy-Faye Johnson is the creator of the peaceful book club, titled the Readaholics. Her small gathering of club members love to read about mysteries and try to uncover them. It isn’t until later that they will realize it’s not so easy to solve mysteries after all.

Amy-Faye seems to be living a normal, healthy, successful life in Heaven, Colorado, a Rocky Mountain town that she takes serious pride in. Not only is her Readaholics book club going smoothly, but her career as an event planner is also starting to pick up. That all changes when she agrees to plan a wedding, only to later find out that the groom is her ex-boyfriend. If that wasn’t enough to deal with, one of the members of Readaholics, Ivy, is suddenly declared as being dead. After investigation, the police claimed that the death was a suicide by poisoning, but the rest of the Readaholics know that something is up. They find out that Ivy was hiding secrets all this time and was making enemies. It is up to them to really uncover the mystery and uncover the killer once and for all.

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