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Publication Order of Laura Frost FBI Books

Blake Pierce is a best-selling author.

He is the writer of the popular Riley Page mystery series, the Mackenzie White mystery series, the Avery Black mystery series, the Keri Locke mystery series, and the Laura Frost FBI series.

Like many mystery authors, Blake has always loved any books that have anything to do with the mystery or thriller genre. He also enjoys hearing from readers, so fans of his work or those who want to know more about it can go to his author home page to find out more and get in touch with him.

Already Gone is the first novel in the Laura Frost FBI series by Blake Pierce. If you have been looking for something new to read in the suspenseful genre but don’t know what to try, check this book out!

Main character Laura Frost is a single mother and an FBI agent. The thirty-five year old is unlike others in that she has something that she vehemently is in denial about. She has a psychic ability that she just does not want to address. She would keep it a secret from herself if she could and forget that it was ever there, but she settles for keeping it a secret from those that she works with.

Laura would give anything to not be plagued with this ability. She wants nothing more than to be normal, but it is not to be. Instead, she is haunted by a flood of images that come at her all the time. These include flashbacks with vivid graphics as well as nightmares of the killers and those they have harmed. Not only that, but she gets glimpses of what the killer might choose to do next.

She’s been able to use this talent to help with her job. But sometimes it brings her too deep into the minds of the serial killers that she is hunting. Sometimes she is even blocked by it as important details are kept out of sight. Still, it’s better than nothing, and there is a certain advantage in being psychic and being able to peer into the minds of killers.

The only thing that Laura cares about is whether she is going to be able to catch a killer at the end of the day. When after a killer, she wants to know whether she’s going to be able to catch them, whether she can stop them before they take another victim. In this case, will she be successful? Or will she find herself confused, going down roads of total dead ends, and finding ultimate failure?

Anything could happen in this crime thriller by Blake Pierce!

Already Seen is the second novel in the Laura Frost FBI series by Blake Pierce. If you were intrigued by the events of the first story, check out the second installment of this suspenseful mystery series!

Laura Frost is back again. The single mother is unique among her peers at the FBI in that she has a psychic ability that they do not. She does not want to face up to it, but the truth is that it’s there.

Still, she keeps the ability to herself. When she gets vies of what a killer might do, she has to choose whether she goes with the gift that she has and trusts it or relies solely on investigative work done.

Another case opens up when a victim is killed in Tacoma. The body is that of a female acting teacher, and she has clearly been murdered. Not only that, but it is the second death that has happened like that in the past two months. That marks a pattern, and Special Agent Laura Frost is contacted.

They call her in and assign her to the case. The bureau wants her to find out whether the killing is the work of a serial killer. While this is her specialty, there’s no guarantee that she’ll be able to catch the killer even if she deems it is a serial killer. But once she starts looking into things, the case is more disturbing than she would have ever anticipated.

Now it’s just her against the clock to try and save what will surely be the killer’s next victim. Her talent of being psychic takes her into the minds of killers. But will it be able to help her catch a killer this time? Or will she only be led astray by what she sees?

A page-turner to the very end, Laura Frost is not like most FBI agents. Check out Already Seen, the second in the Laura Frost series, to find out how this mystery story ends!

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