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Laura Hillenbrand is a renowned bestselling author of numerous books among them sea biscuit and unbroken. Sea biscuit was the first book that Laura wrote and it was released in 2001 winning the sports book of the year in the same year. According to Laura, she wrote the book because she was compelled because she found that that people could live in an improbable, breathtaking and a more satisfying life as per his character. She first told the story on American heritage magazine and received positive feedback from the book critics; this prompted her to proceed writing the entire book. It is imperative to note that the book sea biscuit’ was nominated for academy award in 2003. Another book written by the famous actor is unbroken, which is a story of resilience, survival, and redemption about a world war hero. It was adopted as a film in the year 2014, the books have since dominated the book selling market, and research shows that she sold over ten million copies of the books.

Writing style

The writing style of Laura Hillenbrand is a new school in non-fiction writing and it is more of new journalistic approaches that focus more on a story rather than the regular literary prose style. She is categorized in the generation of writers who emerged in tandem to the stylistic explosion of the 60s. Some of the pioneers such as Norman miller and tom Wolfe infused true stories and verbal pyrotechnics, accompanied by narrative voice. However most of the other writers approached the writing with a different style, apart from the linguistic showmanship they includes scenes with dialogue and interior perspective giving the books a new twist and good readership.

Early life

Laura Hillenbrand grew up in the northern suburbs of Washington D.C and she was inspired into writing at an early age. She was born on May 15 1967 and when she was ten years s, she joined the swimming team. According to her swimming coach, the young Laura Hillenbrand was telling the other swimmers stories and this honed her skills of becoming an author in the later years. The early sessions on swimming classes were a seed to her professional life, by the time she was in high school Hillenbrand had a drawer that was full of short stories. It is ascertained that Laura composed stories in her room at a time she was supposed to be doing homework. During her early years at Bethesda-Chevy High school Laura made a huge impression on her English teacher and she spotted her unique talent. When Laura was not writing her favorite activities includes riding horses and studying history, and they saved baby-sitting money to by a horse called allspice to save her from slaughter.

Laura had a soft spot for horses and at some point she considered pursuing a career as a jockey and she bought saddle, however numerous falls convinced her otherwise. While attending Kenyon College she would encounter a life changing experience after she fell ill with chronic fatigue syndrome. This is a debilitating condition that has no cure and she was most of the time confined to her home. She began writing with passion and her fist book sea biscuit as indicated earlier was published in the year 2001. She would then go on to write unbroken which smashed the charts and became a high profile Hollywood release. Laura’s passion of writing has not been hindered by her illness and she continues to show her presence in the literary world.

In the late 80s, Laura felt that changing locations would give her a new insight on the modern writing world, by this time Flanagan was doing her graduate work at the University of Chicago. She entered into the writing world and started with an article about the dangers of race horsing. She sent her first piece to turf flash a horse racing magazine and soon she was getting gigs from the same magazine to publish more articles. Her book received numerous accolades internationally for her prowess to convey ideas and concepts in a modern and exquisite manner. The book got an instant success and it went to be No.1 New York bestseller for 10 months. Sea biscuit has sold over ten million copies in the United States and has been translated into 15 languages. In addition, it has received numerous awards and seven Oscar nominations. Laura won the 2004 national magazine award for her exquisite article titled a sudden illness’ the article was published by the New Yorker, she continues to write for the New York Times.

Laura Hillenbrand married her sweetheart Borden Flanagan who was a professor of the government American university in the year 2006. However, in the year 2014 they separated after living for twenty-eight years as a couple. Laura describes the onset and early years of her chronic fatigue syndrome in an essay, which was published on the New York Times. Sadly the disease still structures her way of living because she is confined to her room and she cannot move unless with help. She reads old newspapers and buys them from different libraries, and her interviews are mainly via telephone. One of the notable writings about Laura Hillenbrand is that on the irony she often wrote about her physical paragons and she says I am looking for a way out here, and if I cannot find it physically I will find it intellectually . This is a powerful imagination and the author says in one of her interviews that, it is her way of living vicariously.

From one of the best New York best selling author Laura Hillenbrand comes as a witty, intelligent, and seasoned writer with a wide array of writing techniques that conveys her message easily. The story of Louie Zamperini a juvenile delinquent who turned into an army hero and Olympic runner, the author captures the memory of the audience by introducing various aspects into play and she brings out the character in the most sophisticated yet entertaining way. Laura is an exceptional writer and she contributes frequently to the literary world via her unique story telling techniques and modern writing skills.

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  1. Diane MacKenzie: 3 years ago

    I love animals and loved the book Seabiscuit … not just the story line, but found how it was written outstanding …

    Have read much over my 79 years, yet to me this book stands out as one of my favourites …

    Does the author have any more as well written as Seabiscuit ??

    DDM …


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