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Laura Moore is best-selling American author of contemporary romance novels. She was born in New York City and began writing while still pursuing her degree in art education. Moore became a published author in 2001 after her first standalone novel Ride a Dark Horse was published.

Once Tempted Once Tempted is the debut book in Silver Creek series by Laura Moore. It introduces Ward Knowles has been through ups and downs. He and his family share the running, and the success of their ranch turned resort. The truth is that they will never be rich but their life is comfortable as each member of the family gets to do what they love the most.

Unfortunately for Ward, his ex-fiancé did not share the same dreams as her man, and once she learned that Ward intended to preserve their family ranch and operate it rather than selling it, she quit their relationship. Ward was thankful the woman was out before their wedding, in this way he learned a vital lesson and was appreciative of it- never put all your trust or give all of your heart to a woman.

Then there is Tess Casari, she was once married and thought that her marriage would last forever, but instead, her man treated her in evil ways and left her one day. Now that her man is gone, what she needs to do is to get far away as she can. She selects a random place on a map and starts her journey to the new world where she hopes to restructure her life and start all over again.

At first, this seems a good idea until the day when Tess finds herself in a small town with almost no other options left. Fortunate for her she lands in Knowles ranch where she gets a position of assistant to Adele Knowles. Tess loves Adele and almost everyone in the ranch even though she does not like ranch life except for Ward- the man who penetrates under her skin and seems so distant compared to the rest of the family.

Poor Tess finds this man too attractive and the more she tries to get to know him the more she gets to like him. Once Tempted is the debut novel of a brilliant and promising contemporary romance series. The storyline is quite engaging right from the first page. The heroine Tess has been through hell and now that she is finally free from her husband’s “prison” she decides to embark on a journey to nowhere and picks up a random point from the map, and that’s how she finds herself in California. She meets Tess who is equally attracted to her and also worried about Tess. But from the moment he realizes that the attraction is “eternal” he decides to pursue her and start a relationship.

The two eventually fall in love with other, but the problem is that Tess is hiding dark secrets that will come back haunting her. Will her new relationship survive the dark secrets that Tess is hiding once they are revealed? Even though Ward once loved and ended up being hurt, this does not change his view about love. But instead, once he finds love, he accepts it and embraces it as well. Yes, he might have fallen in love with a gold digger in the past, but this did not stop him from falling in love once again.

Besides the main characters, Tess and Ward, there are secondary characters that are also interesting and contribute to the overall development of the main character and also help the readers get to know more about the protagonists.

This novel is one of those comforting reads, steadily paced and the author has done an excellent job of simulating in the minds of the readers the whole farm settings. Once Tested Once Tested is the sequel to Once Tempted and the second novel in Silver Creek series. The story introduces Mia, a young woman who has been through hell since the death of her mother when she was still young.

She was taken in by her uncle raised her together with his children. Mia has a cousin named Jay who for years has always been jealous of her, and due to this, he has made Mia’s life a living hell right from the start. Then there is Jay, the young man who will find a way where there is none and is willing to take down anything that gets in his way, and he will destroy Mia if she let him.

But then Thomas, her uncle falls in love and relocates leaving behind Mia confused, lost trying to make a business out of her uncle’s wine maker. Mia had always felt a strong attraction to Reid even back in high school days when a misunderstanding arose after Jay read her diary which exposed her feelings to Reid. Mia has always thought that Reid made fun of her and because of this she could never forgive nor forget him. But when Reid comes home, sparks of love fly between them and the two must adapt on how to get along because her uncle and Reid’s parents have partnered in running the business.

When Reid is thrown into a partnership with Mia, he regrets having misbehaved to her when he was young. He knows that he should have stood for her years ago but he is unable of making her understand. His feelings of attraction towards her began back in high school, but due to the misunderstanding, he knows that Mia hates him. He doesn’t know how to make it work between them, but can he fight this attraction he feels for Mia with his family pushing them together? Other characters in the novel include the annoying Jay whom you will find causing trouble.

He knows how to make Mia feel bad and make her give him the money he wants. He knows when and which button to push and when he does, he pushes them to the breaking point. He is lazy since his father has always provided him whatever he needed. The romance aspect of the story is steadily paced and interesting. A moral lesson in this story is that love always finds its way, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it does in the end.

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