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Laura Nelson Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Laura Nelson Mystery Books

Patricia Gussin was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI. She later attended the medical school located in Detroit. Soon after graduating from the medical school, Patricia did her internship at the Tampa General Hospital. Having been Board Certified in the medicine industry, Patricia Gussin is referred to by her colleagues as Dr. Pat. She has practiced medicine for several years and also directed medical researches in her position worldwide as the vice president for a top healthcare company.

The New York Times best-selling author also has a honorary degree from The Duquesne University. Patricia Gussin’s first novel, THE SHADOW OF DEATH, became a finalist for The Best First Novel during the International Thriller Writers awards. Her other work, AFTER THE FALL was a winner of Florida State Books Award. Patricia Gussin is an active member of The Mystery Writers of United States and The International Thriller Writers. The Laura Nelson Mystery Series is one of her bestselling books. Laura Nelson, a medical student had just completed examining her very first patient when she’s forced into making an instant decision that later alters her life forever. One life has to end, and another life will never ever be the same. However, keeping the dreadful secret to herself will prove to be one of the hardest challenges that she will ever face in her life. With a perceptive and persistent detective right on her trail along with a host of weird incidents which suggest that probably her secret will be known, Nelson is drawn to an unseemly web of deceit, treachery and peril. She is later forced to risk her sanity and freedom. Will Laura’s deadly secret ever come to light, or does she have to live in the shadows of death forever?

Description of 2 early books:

Shadow of Death

This is the first book in Laura Nelson Mystery Series by Patricia Gussin. The novel isn’t really a typical mystery but it’s basically a family drama that revolves around murder. As you get deeper into the novel, you will learn more about history; the Detroit riots back in the 60’s. The whole story focuses on a character named Laura Nelson. Laura is a first-year medical student at a Detroit-based hospital based during 1967 riots (There’s a lot of fear and racial politics that are going on). Laura is mistaken for the blond haired medic who has irrevocably injured a patient after being shot. As such, the doctor causes him to pass away not just from the gunshot wounds (although the patient had been shot) but due to a botched medical procedure. Johnny, the patient’s brother, sees the whole occurrence but he only sees the medic’s blond hair and he assumes that it’s Dr. Laura Nelson. Johnny is determined on making Laura pay. He later decides to attack and rape her. During this assault, Dr. Laura Nelson shoots and in the process kills him. Laura remains worried for the rest of the novel if she’ll ever get caught.

There are interwoven characters and storylines throughout the story. The writer was basically telling her readers that it’s a small world and all people have their interconnected lives. There are a few moments in the book where you might be able to see everything that’s coming. Overall, Shadow of Death is a well told story that will certainly have you turning all the pages till the end. This novel has just enough mysteries to get the reader involved in what characters are doing.

Twisted Justice

This is the 2nd installment in Laura Nelson Mystery Series by Patricia Gussin. Seven years after the Shadow of Death, life has to continue for the Nelson’s family. Laura Nelson is a respected surgeon in Tampa Bay area while Steve is the co-anchor of a local area’s 11 o’clock news. The 2 seemingly have everything that it takes to live a luxurious life. Great kids, great jobs. However, what lies underneath is much darker than they think. Laura Nelson decided to keep her dark secrets from the first book but their marriage has not been what it used to be when they were young. Both of them are focused on their respective careers and the children that they have grown apart.

Enter the first major bad decision. Sexy Kim, Steve’s co-anchor, has of late been having issues with her boyfriend. Steve later asks Kim to come over to his house one night. He wants to talk to her about moving from Tampa bay area in a bid to escape from her jealous lover. Without the help of Kim, Steve would have been on the unemployment line. Kim, on the other hand, is very upset concerning her boyfriend and how he will react when he realizes that she has left. Steve later tries comforting her. The comforting moment turns into him cheating on Laura Nelson. However, things would not have gone so horribly wrong had Laura not walked in the midst of things. She subsequently throws him out of her house and she’s looking for divorce putting into consideration the fact that they have not been happy ever since moving in to Tampa area. Steve becomes unhinged. To make matters worse, Kim is found dead in his borrowed apartment. Laura goes to visit Steve in the said apartment and in the process finds Kim dead. As she tries to check vital documents belonging to Kim (she is a doctor after all), she ended up picking a gun. Laura is literally caught red-handed by police officers holding the gun. Laura Nelson and Steve’s lives shall never be the same again, that’s for sure!

This is yet another great book by Patricia Gussin. You will find it to be a very decent story; a story that’s good enough to take up your time even though it isn’t a gripping crime and mystery thriller. You will certain appreciate the fact that it isn’t easy for anyone to craft such a storyline. Even though the plot line diverts into what you might feel like sub plot lines, it is still enjoyable. Overall, a great freshman effort.

The first book in the series was much more of a drama. However, this second installment is more of a mystery and suspense novel. The novel is really fast paced and it will certainly make you have the desire to find out how other things resolve. The conflict within the book makes up for the good character moments and this is certainly an enjoyable read.

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