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Laura Tims is an author who pens down pacy and thoughtful novel for teens. Tims’s debut novel was titled, Please Don’t Tell. In Please Don’t tell author Laura Tims narrates the story of a young girl who after killing the boy who had managed to destroy her sister’s life eventually becomes a victim of blackmailing from a stranger, who from the look of things knows what the young girl had done to that boy. The stranger will do whatever it takes to use the girl for his or her purpose.

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Please Don’t Tell

In Please Don’t Tell author, Laura Tims introduces the readers to teenage sisters, Joy, and Grace. The book begins as Joy and Grace create a blueprint for the summer. These two twin sisters not only want to get high, but they also plan to make mistakes and regret about the mistakes. They plan to live on the edge. However, what these girls did not know is that the girl who for a bigger part of her life lived in a cocoon was going to find the love of her life. Grace met Adam, whom they fell in love and Joy, on the other hand, did all she could to bring them together. However, their affair eventually turned fatal, when Adam managed to destroy Grace’s life, which eventually made her detach from social life. Furthermore, the relationship with Joy her sister became distant. One day during a party, Adam is found dead. Joy is more than certain that she is responsible for Adam’s death because she had drunk heavily.

It does not take long before Joy starts to receive blackmailing messages, threatening what to expose her well-hidden secret. Joy is more than determined to ensure her safety as well as her sister. Thus, she decides to agree to the blackmailer’s demands and needs. However, the question remains, how long will Joy be able to follow these instructions. With that said, Laura Tims style of writing is quite edgy and laced with more than enough suspense and thrill to ensure that the readers are glued to the novel from the first page to the last. The story is articulate despite the fact that it somehow lacked a little bit of emotional touch. Laura Tims has also done an excellent job of creating well-rounded characters. Despite the fact that Joy on the surface is carefree and wild, there is so much that is going on beneath the surface. All the characters in Please Don’t Tell are three-dimensional including the minor characters.

Please Don’t Tell has a hint of romance, which has been realistically done. The readers are definitely going to be impressed with how the minor characters have been fleshed out, considering the fact that this is usually a weak spot in a majority of thrillers; it is extremely easy to fall back on the stereotypes as well as the stock characters, especially when it comes to a high school setting. Some of the supporting cast that the author introduces the readers to include November, Cassius, and Levi, all of whom had compelling personalities as well as problems of their own. Overall, Please Don’t Tell is one of the twistiest and most intriguing novels in the market. Author Tims has done an excellent job of creating an extremely dark and gripping thriller that has been centered on the complicated relationship of two twin sisters, Grace, and Joy.

This exceedingly dark narrative revolves around an intricately complex sister relationship as well as the depths that sisters will take to protect each other. The author, Laura Tims alternates the perspectives between Grace in the past and Joy in the present. The perspectives intertwine in a manner that there is a clear connection between these two sisters. Each of the twins’ perspective provides a revealing portrait of the other sister. The difference in the timeline plays a key role in showing the changes that their relationship went through before and also after the events. Author Laura Tims has portrayed the time jump from one chapter to the next. Laura Tims has taken this thriller and then embedded these elements within the novel. The readers will feel at ease while moving from one point of view to the next. As a character, Joy is extremely wild and carefree. She does not care at all that other people think.

Grace, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of her sister. She is extremely meek. She likes to do well in her studies and many at times like to keep things off well. Apart from these two main characters, the supporting characters have also been etched out extremely well. Despite the fact that all the characters in Please Don’t Tell have been well developed, their demeanor lacks emotional growth. Please Don’t Tell Me is an exceedingly compelling and enlightening novel that will undoubtedly the reader’s thought on so many social issues. If you are looking for a book that will intrigue and entertain you, then you should read, Please Don’t Tell by Laura Tims.

The Art of Feeling

The Art of Feeling is ideal for any fan of the bestseller, All the Right places by Jenifer Niven. The Art of Feeling is a contemporary Young Adult novel; the explores the friendship between a young girl who is constant pain, as well as a boy who feels completely nothing at all. Ever since she was involved in a motor accident, one Samantha Herring has been in constant pain. Apart from her leg injury, Samantha has also been suffering from the sudden death of her mother, which in turn devastated their entire family. After she managed to push her friends away, Sam retreated in a fog of depression. However, it does not take long before Sam meets Elliot, who happens to be a reckless owner with an amazing secret and an attitude. Furthermore, Elliot cannot feel pain at all.

At first, Samantha was extremely jealous. However, when she eventually comes to learn about his medical condition as well as his self-destructive tendencies, she begins to feel sorry for him. Elliot does not care about anything else apart from Sam. With that said, both Sam and Elliot have been well developed and realistic as well.

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