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Laura Wright is a popular American author, particularly famous for writing novels in the Romance genre. She has been able featured in the New York Times and the USA Today bestselling authors’ list because of her excellent writing works. Before becoming a bestselling author, Laura used to keep herself engrossed in the world of singing, acting and ballroom dancing. But as soon as she began writing, she knew that she had found her true desire. Laura grew up in a family of five siblings in Edina, Minnesota. The adventurous lands of New York, San Diego, Ohio, Key West, and Milwaukee have always fascinated her as a young girl who loved traveling a lot.

It was on one such trip to Los Angeles, where Laura found her loving husband Daniel, who works as a theatrical production manager. Laura is a firm believer of family, friends and love. She thinks that it is important to stay along with the family and become each other’s strength in good and bad times. Laura also believes that it is very important to have true friends who believe in you in all the situations, as well as the power of love in healing all types of stresses of life. Laura has always tried to incorporate these values in her novels and make them worthy to be read by her fans all over the world. Being born in Minnesota, U.S, Laura was fascinated by the elegance of dancing, acting and singing during her starting days of her youth. She carried the profession for almost 10 years and after becoming a well known Latin and ballroom dancer and teacher.

During that time, she often used to read romance novels and get fascinated by the charming description of the love stories in them. She left her previous profession and began writing romance novels. After three years of struggle in her initial days as a writer, Laura was successful in writing and publishing something fruitful. She sold her first successful romantic manuscript to Harlequin Books and has never looked back from there. Laura says that she was nowhere near reading or writing until she completed her high school. In her late teens, it was her aunt who gave her her first romantic novel to read. The novel was Knight in Shining Armor by Jade Deveraux. As she kept turning the pages, she kept falling for the charm of romance. Soon, after reading the works of some of the famous romance writers, Laura began to build ideas for her own romantic stories.

Before attempting to write something, she enrolled herself in extension writing classes and learnt the important things related to writing. After that she kept writing and has never stopped. She believes that the new writers should not stop at initial rejections as they are bound to happen. As experienced by her, it is important to keep working hard and success will follow soon. Laura is of the opinion that writing is just like motherhood as it requires the authors to be tough, surprising, gruelling, and nurturing in nature. As of now, Laura lives in Los Angeles, California, along with her husband and her two children. She loves to spend time with her family apart from writing romance novels.

Laura Wright has written a number of novel series’ in her career. In all, she has written around 20 books in the 5 series’. One of her successful novel series is The Cavanaugh Brothers, which consists of four novels. The series deals with the life of the Cavanaugh brothers living in the small town of River Black, Texas. The brothers own a cattle ranch and earn their living by working hard on it. The series is full of painful memories of the Cavanaugh brothers as well as shocking secrets along with a touch of romance. The series was published between the years 2014 and 2015 and was quite successful among the readers all over the world. The first novel of the series was titled ‘Branded’, which was published by the Signet publishing house in the year 2014. The plot of the novel opens up with the introduction of the three Cavanaugh brothers, who return home for their father’s funeral.

On reaching their home town, they come to know about the double marriage of their father and their stepbrother named Blue. Blue is determined to own their cattle ranch named Triple C Ranch just like they want to. The eldest among the Cavanaugh brothers is Deacon, who is a powerful business. Deacon does not want to live in the town of Black River and wants to leave the place and move on in his life as soon as possible. Before leaving, he tries to use his business connections to stop Blue in his intention of owning the ranch, at any cost. Mackenzie Byrd, who is a forewoman of the ranch tries to come in his way. She fears that Deacon might destroy the ranch, her only means of livelihood. I the midst of their battle, they get attracted towards each other. However, Deacon gets stuck in a dilemma and has to choose between taking revenge by destroying the ranch and accepting the love of Mackenzie, who has been successful in making a special place in his heart.

The second novel of the series was also published in the year 2014 by the Signet publishing house. It was titled ‘Broken’ and continues to feature the Cavanaugh brothers, who have left the town of River black, Texas, years before only to return after their father’s death to take the ownership of their cattle ranch, Triple C. On returning to their hometown, they are confronted by the memories of their painful childhood and the reason behind their sister’s murder. The plot of the novel deals with the life story of the second Cavanaugh brother James, who has traveled across the world for four years as a horse whisperer and has earned a lot of money. But, he seems to be caught in the by the painful demons of the ranch during his stay as a child in River Black.

James wishes to engross himself in work in order to avoid his feelings and hid his pain behind his strong body. Soon, he meets a quiet and confident woman named Sheridan O’Neil, who seems to change his life by subsiding his pains with love. Sheridan has faced a lot of rejections in her life and does not seem interested in men anymore. However, when she gets rescued by James from a horse stampede, who uses his cowboy skills, makes her attracted towards him. On coming to know that no woman has ever been safe with him, makes her think twice about spending life with James. But, she realizes the pains that he feels and wishes to help him heal by giving love and care.

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