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Blackheart Knights (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Fearsome Dreamer (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Laure Eve is one of the noteworthy authors of the French-British origin, who likes to write her novels based on the young adult, fantasy, and fiction genres. She has successfully written The Grace series and the Fearsome Dreamer series. Both these book series are comprised of two books published till now. Author Eve was born in Paris, France; but spent most of growing up years in Cornwall. She believes that the place is fully saturated with fantasy and myth. These elements of the place helped her to gain the inspiration for writing her fantasy novels. As her parents belonged to different cultures, she got acquainted with the best of both of them. This helped her to obtain all the information that she wanted in order to stand out and at the same time trying to adjust in. Author Eve knows to speak both the French and English languages quite fluently. She is even well versed in Greek as she likes to begin vague conversations about food in this language. Other than writing novels, author Eve likes to read the books written by Terry Pratchett. She particularly enjoys reading about her character depictions. Besides this, she likes to watch Jean-Claude Van Damme movies and eat ice cream. Author Eve likes to experiment with her hair style very often. This is the reason why she does not attach photos on her website as she does not keep a single look for long. Eve is represented by her literary agent named Sam Copeland at the RCW. Even though she is both British and French, she lives mostly in London and works there. Having the knowledge of two cultures allows her to experience pretty enjoyable as well as complicated situations.

An initial book written by author Laure Eve was released under the title ‘The Illusionists’. This novel was published by the Hot Key Books in the year 2014. The main characters described by author Eve in this book include White and Rue. They are shown as living a fantasy and unfamiliar world called Angle Tar. At the start of the novel, it is depicted that Rue leaves behind White in the world of Angle Tar and tries to adjust to her life in an unfamiliar and new world. The culture of the new world appears to be both thrilling and baffling to Rue as she goes on to realize that the combination of the technology and fascination of the new world can have deadly and intoxicating consequences. Soon after, Rue begins to feel lonely and desperate to meet White. He too is in the same situation in Angle Tar. Somehow, the longing of both Rue and White for each other begins to cross into their night dreams. Very soon, their dreams begin to take shockingly strange turns and give echoes about the future world to Rue. Later, the dreams reveal that something highly monstrous is going to happen very soon. Also, White and Rue realize that they are going to be instrumental in bringing about the most devastating and incredible change in both Angle Tar and the normal World. However, they seem to be more worried about how to survive against all odds as life in both the worlds seems nothing more than a virtual reality. Both Rue and White know that in this untrustworthy world, friends can turn into enemies anytime. Also, the future, the past, and the dreams merge together to make them face the greatest challenge of coming out alive from the deadly consequences of Angle Tar and World.

One of the other books written initially by author Laure Eve was published under the title ‘The Graces’. It was released by the Faber and Faber publishers in the year 2016. This thrilling novel is set in a fantasy world in which author Eve has described two different races dwelling. They are the Graces and the Stares. The Graces are believed to be witches by the others. They move through the places like sleek fish and ripples in the wake. The Stares are believed to follow the backs of the Graces as well as their hairs. The Graces are known to have friends, they prove to be nothing more than distractions. In fact, they appear to be waiting for a different individual and this person is described by author Eve as the central character of the novel named River. She was expected to present herself to the Graces and let them know that she is the person that they were looking for. But instead, she seems to be rather obsessed with them like most of the people of her town. She also seems attracted by the glamour of the Graces as well as their ability of weaving magic. River always suspects whether the Graces are really the ones that they depict themselves to be or they are more dangerous than they appear to be? The central plot of the book shows that a glamorous witch family of teenage members takes in a mysterious girl among them. By doing so, they unknowingly allow black magic to happen that could possibly cause their destruction.

The Graces are shown as being loved by everyone in their town. Among them, Thaila, Summer, and Ferin Grace are wealthy, glamorous, and captivating. They appear to be become successful in managing to cast a spell over the entire town, including their own high school. There is also a rumor that they have powerful connections across the world. People seem so interested in them that they will grab any chance to be with them. One among the Graces is River, who appears to be more of a lonely girl. She looks very different from the others. Even though she lives along with the Graces, they seem to be unaware of the fact that her presence is not just a mere accident. Overall, this paranormal and young adult novel features spell of intrigue and devastating twist. The readers found the novel to be fabulously addictive. Author Eve has developed the plot of the book with a combination of haunting and sophisticated prose, which helped it to become so successful. It also consists of interesting twists that the readers could not help but talk about for too long after reading. The success of the book helped author Eve to establish herself as a noteworthy author. It also gave her a boost of motivation to continue further with her writing career. As of today, she is working on the development of the plot of the next book in her career. Very soon, she is expected to release a few more fantasy and young adult novels.

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