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Laurel Night is a published author of fiction.

Like many authors, Laurel enjoys a good book. She likes reading them so much that she made the choice to start writing them on her own. She loves all types of genres, from magic to fantasy and science fiction as well as slow burn romances and suspenseful stories. She also likes twists on different tropes and likes to include surprising twists of her own in her books that the reader never sees coming!

She says that her books have something of everything, with a little bit of romance that keeps things interesting.

Laurel loves to travel and go on adventures and says that she finds that her travels end up inspiring different stories that she wants to write. She is the proud parent of a daughter and the two currently live in the shadows of the Smoky Mountains.

She also enjoys other things like a craft cocktail, going to places like sunny beaches or slops with snow on them, and hanging out in a cozy chair with the fireplace close by to settle in for a nice read.

Laurel writes stories in the urban fantasy genre and paranormal romance genre using the pen name, L.J. Night.

Midnight Sun is the first novel in the Mortal Heat series of fictional novels by Laurel Night. When it comes to the opinion of the main character Lucy, she thinks that vampires are only one thing, and that’s bad news.

Lucy is a reporter, and as such prides herself at finding stories and getting to the bottom of them. This applies to her job as well as her real life. When her best friend starts to see a rocker bad boy that ends up leaving some very distinct marks on her neck, Lucy starts thinking. And she starts to put the pieces together and comes to the conclusion that the musician is a vampire that likes to suck people’s blood.

It seems like an outlandish conclusion to come to, but that’s where Lucy is. It seems like a scary and unbelievable thing, but what normal human being is biting on the necks of their girlfriends or romantic entanglements for fun? This is a weird place to be, but Lucy has to work up her nerve and try to fix all of this before her friend goes missing or they both wind up dead.

She’s doing what she can, but a guy named Mick is getting in her way. It doesn’t help that he’s really hot. He also happens to be the stage manager for a vampire band. Things get worse when her best friend decides to run off with the rock star. Lucy is at her wit’s end and decides that she has no other options left to her other than to team up with Mick.

She thinks that Mick may be a vampire, but he’s also the only one that really can help her. At this point, things have gotten so bad that the thing that he is helping with her is saving her life and helping her friend out. If he chooses not to end Lucy’s life first, he might just end up being her savior.

Full of chemistry and suspense, what will happen between Lucy and Mick? Read Midnight Sun to find out!

Purity War is the second novel in the Mortal Heat series by Laurel Night. If you liked the first story in this series, check out the second installment of the three-book trilogy!

When it comes to having a boyfriend that is a vampire, apparently, it’s not all that Lucy thought it would be. But she’s made big strides in the relationship, as she has at last made the big decision to allow Mick to put his fangs into her. She thinks that he will absolutely say yes, and she’s not expecting for him to decline at all.

There is one aspect of this that she did not exactly consider beforehand. That is the vampire society that he belongs to. There’s a ruling family there, and Lucy forgot to think about the fact that they might have their own expectations for him. He is their prince, so it only makes sense. Whoever he’s with, they’re going to want to have a say about it.

Things take a huge change when her best friend starts to develop new powers. Suddenly the two have to take a trip to the Austrian enclave and come face to face with the queen. But Lucy is starting to realize that it might not just be Mick’s family that’s the problem. She starts to find out that there are many lives at stake if they make a mistake.

With pressure like that, Lucy is going to have to get everything right if she wants things to go well. But is her relationship with Mick destined to be happily ever after, or to go down in flames? Suspenseful and thrilling, read Purity War to find out what happens!

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