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About Lauren Asher

An author of romance novels, Lauren Asher is well-regarded for writing emotional and engaging stories that really draw the reader in. Filling her books with angst and steam, she immerses her audience in her richly interwoven worlds that instantly grab the reader. Imaginative and compelling on every level, she perfectly understands her audience, knowing just where she wants to take them. This approach of hers has seen her become enormously successful worldwide, reaching a variety of different readers both nationally and internationally.

Getting to the heart of a number of different issues, she doesn’t just entertain but says something important in the process as well. Providing a sense of escapism, too, she takes the audience on a journey, providing many different twists and turns along the way. Never knowing what to expect next, her audience is constantly kept guessing with every single turn of the page. This approach has made her hugely successful, as she has subsequently made the genre very much her own, with her own unique perspective.

Character creation is also something that Lauren Asher excels at, introducing protagonists who really stand out from the page. Leaving a strong impression on the reader, each of her characters is fully three-dimensional, with personalities of their own. This ability of hers has ensured readers keep returning to her work time and time again, with her stories resonating regardless of the audience’s background. With lots more planned upon the horizon, she definitely won’t be finishing soon, as her writing carries on growing upwards and onwards.

Early and Personal Life

Always having an imaginative streak, Lauren Asher would focus on her love of reading and writing from a very early age. This passion of hers would develop over time, allowing her to essentially become the full-time novelist she’d always wanted to become. Refining and honing her craft throughout the intervening years, she’d come to establish her own unique voice with its distinct style and tone.

Always looking out for exciting new ideas to help inspire her next novel, she’s always taking inspiration from the world around her. Visiting numerous different restaurants in her spare time, she’s got an active imagination when it comes to creating different novels. Still writing to this day, she’s got a busy schedule with more books and series planned for release in the near future.

Writing Career

In 2020 Lauren Asher would write her first book, which was titled ‘Throttled,’ and it was also the first in the ‘Dirty Air’ series of novels. She would follow on from this with ‘Collided’ and ‘Wrecked’ that same year, and then the fourth book, ‘Redeemed,’ in 2021. Also, in 2021, she would begin her ‘Dreamland Billionaires’ series of novels, starting with ‘The Fine Print,’ followed by ‘Terms and Conditions’ in 2022.

An active member of the literary community, she has a strong presence online, with a loyal following of readers from around the world. This following continues to grow with each passing day, allowing her to become the writer she’s always wanted to be. Maintaining a public profile both offline and on, she continues to regularly write on a consistent basis, with more to follow.


Originally published in 2021 on the 23rd of January, this would be the fourth book in the ‘Dirty Air’ series of novels. Set within the same world as each other, they work as stand-alone romances, so they don’t need to be read in any kind of order necessarily. Coming out on the Kindle platform to an eagerly awaiting audience, it’s a contemporary romance novel filled with passion and intrigue.

With his entire career ruined by a single mistake, Santiago Alatorre’s reputation as one of the most eligible bachelors around is destroyed overnight. Seeking to rectify the situation with a ‘fake’ girlfriend, Chloe Carter fills the position after ending up in Italy seeking her long-lost father. Not wanting to fall for Santiago given his past, the two of them begin to find a chemistry neither of them originally expected. Will they overcome their differences, can Chloe find her father, and is Santiago ever going to truly be redeemed?

Knowing the genre well, Asher has a lot of fun with it, giving the audience exactly what they were hoping for with it. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of unique surprises of its own, too, as she gives it her own spin with her own voice. The two central characters themselves feel very distinct as well, with the audience rooting for them both the whole way.

Terms and Conditions

Once again arriving on the Kindle publishing platform, this would initially come out in 2022 on the 24th of February. The second novel in the ‘Dreamland Billionaires’ series of romance novels, the novel provides another contemporary romance set in the world of the rich. While it’s again set in the same world as before, it doesn’t need to be read in order either, as the romance itself is an entirely self-contained story.

Being the heir to his family’s media empire, Declan is the CEO of a major legacy, but his grandfather’s will stipulates that he must marry and have an heir of his own. His assistant Iris then volunteers for the job, and the position seems simple at first; get married and have a baby together. They’re not supposed to fall in love, that is until a passion between them both begins to grow, one that they desperately try to fight off. Will they both end up together finally, is Declan going to continue his family’s legacy, and just what are the terms and conditions?

This book is another excellent example of the genre, making for a fun and engaging story that provides a real feeling of escapism for its entire duration. There’s lots of character development, too, as the two central protagonists really have their own arc that progresses along the way. It’s a great story for both fans of the author of the genre as a whole, being easy to pick up yet tough to put down.

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