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A Small Case of Murder (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Reunion to Die For (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Writing mysteries for many years now, American author Lauren Carr has produced a highly expansive and illustrious oeuvre to date. With a deep interest in the genre, she’s a master of the form as she manages to create tightly knit interwoven narratives. Placing both character and plot at the forefront, she’s been able to produce an effective and confident take on the mystery novel.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in America, she’s had a passion in mystery novels from a young age harboring her passion early on. Starting off with Perry Mason mysteries that were read to her by her mother, she learned the genre in her formative years, which helped play a big part of her career later on. Understanding both the stage as well as television, she managed to hone her craft too, building her talents as the years went by. With an education in mystery embedded in from an early age, Lauren Carr had in-depth understanding of the genre like no other. Originally she wrote for the stage and television, but she soon gave this all up as she opted to stay at home as a mother, whereby she wrote her first book. This was what then would lead her towards becoming the successful author that her audience recognizes her as today.

Working as a speaker as well, she attends a number of events and conventions giving lectures and talks based on her craft. Living with her husband in West Virginia atop a mountain, she happily continues to write to this very day. With plenty more books planned to be released, she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon as she carries on writing into the foreseeable future.

Writing Career

Working as an author at many meet-and-greet events, she’s well versed in building her own brand name, which has worked well for her over the years. Finding her audience, she’s managed to build a sizable readership that’s grown exponentially throughout her career. From her first book to her last, she’s managed to create mysteries that, much in the same vein as that of Perry Mason, have caught the attention of many.

With such series as the ‘Mac Faraday Mysteries’ she’s managed to build herself a whole line of reputable franchises. Setting these in Deep Creek Lake in Maryland, she’s managed to use her own experience of the area after vacationing with her own family there on many an occasion. All this is reflected within her work as she takes from her experience and knowledge and it shows within the quality of her writing. Getting invited to speak as well, she’s well known for passing on her expertise to others looking to break into the industry as well. Both her and her husband now are fully fledged writers with an impressive list of credentials behind them, which they use to help others hoping to advance their skills in the field. This has worked in her favor too as she’s become a well regarded figure within the industry building not just the names of others but her own as well.

Always looking for new material, Lauren Carr has a lot of potential to expand upon her craft and her profile as an author. Writing great mysteries, she still has a lot of work to come yet as there’s plenty more planned on the horizon. With plenty more to give this is going to continue for some time yet, as her audience grows from strength-to-strength.

A Small Case of Murder

The first of the ‘Joshua Thornton’ mysteries, this was the original book to be initially released on the 6h of May, 2004. Setting up the characters along with Lauren Carr’s style, it helped establish the overall tone for her work that was to come. Creating the first mystery as well, it provided the ideal space for everyone to work within, establishing the environment that they were going to be working within.

Joshua Thornton has a new case fall into his lap when he discovers a letter from decades prior that recounts the finding of dead body. The telling of those events by one Lulu Jefferson propels Thornton to take the case with the assistance of his children. This unreported death needs to be solved and Joshua Thornton, with his newly opened legal practice, is just the man to do the job. Soon though it seems that the man Lulu suspects of committing the crime is a small town pastor who also happens to be a secret drug-lord for the area and it would appear he doesn’t want to be discovered. Will they be able to solve the case in time, or will another life be taken in the process? Can Thornton expose the pastor’s secret, or will he face an even more deadly threat? What will become of them all as they go about investigating a small case of murder?

A Reunion to Die For

Heralding the second installment in the Joshua Thornton mysteries, this book was first published on the 1st of June, 2007. Bringing in a new case, it went about taking the series forwards providing further arcs and developments for the characters within. It also managed to convey a somewhat different tone with Carr’s now far more maturer voice than what came previously.

Still set in West Virginia, in the small town of Chester, the series this time shows Thornton investigating the case involving an old school friend who apparently committed suicide years ago. Teenagers still, Tricia Wheeler had killed herself following a breakup with her boyfriend, but the circumstances seem somewhat suspicious. Opening the case back-up, Thornton intends on getting to the bottom of it bringing justice to the killer of his one time friend. Will they be able to find the killer before it’s too late, or will they attempt to keep the secret hidden still after all these years? Can anybody really trust each other, as it appears everyone is a suspect in the now murder case, with everybody hiding something? What will become of them all as they go about undertaking what can only be described as a reunion to die for?

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