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Lauren Dawes is a Bestselling author of paranormal, urban fantasy, thriller, and romance novels. She is known for the Dark Trilogy and Half-Blood series.
She gave up her teaching job to start writing to let her imagination come to paper. Lauren likes her vampires dangerous, her Norse gods brutal, and the shifters ferocious.

Bad Vampire
Bad Vampire is the first novel in the Cat Mckenzie series. Cat McKenzie has been a bad girl and a rookie cop. She’s so sad that her partner got killed on the first day at work, and now she’s being punished by getting thrown in as human liaison to the Paranormal Investigative Group -PIG.

After the fucked first day at work as a cop, Cat is sent to supe division of cops as a human liaison, but the problem is that she hates all supernatural beings for not saving her partner during the threat, but things are more complicated than they seem. On the first day at work, she witnessed her partner getting killed by one of the monsters and froze, confronted with this impossible thing. She isn’t so happy being a part of the PIG.

Now being a member of a group of the supernaturals, she gets a new partner named Sawyer, who dislikes her even before getting to the department. Sawyer’s a handsome and seductive supe, which makes her expose more magic than she has ever thought of. Their first assignment is to investigate what is happening with the vamp kids, and it sets the first step to their partnership.

PIG accepts Cat with her weird anomalies as she tries fitting in with her new team and partner. Cat’s inability to keep the comments to herself will have you laughing out loud as you flip pages. She enters the group with many preconceived ideas about the supernatural beings who are about to become his colleagues. The story is fast-paced with non-ending questions from Cat, and you can’t help but keep pace with her as she gets into one problem after another. It’s so refreshing to see how her views change in the story.

You’ll go on guessing as Sawyer and Cat follow the trail of the baby vampires on a rampage. Bad Vampire is a fantastic novel that will have you loving the characters as they enter the supernatural realms as the best detective.

The main story in the book is about Cat and her adventures as she navigates the supe world. Lauren has created a thrilling and gripping world that will have you seated at the edge of your seat. Cat is fiery, witty, and honest, with a lot of spark within her. The characters and world in the novel are well built to add flavor to the story.

Cat’s first-person point of view is perfectly done, showing off her snarky attitude while retaining her extremely sympathetic character. She uses her snarky character to hide her true emotions. The story is action-packed with some intense and graphic scenes. Bad Vampire is a riveting debut to the series, and Lauren Dawes has done a superb job of creating a new world filled with supernatural beings.

The dialogue between the characters is refreshing and fast-paced. For the fans of a light, humorous paranormal detective novel, this’s a perfect read for you.

Dark Deceit
Dark Deceit is the debut novel in the Dark series. Odin time is over, and the Aesir gods now live with humans in the modern cities. Even when their brutal ruling over human beings has ended, their actions have not yet been forgotten. Korvain is among the last full dark elves and is the most feared. He is known for his cold heart and brutality, but when obligated to kill one of the legendary goddesses, he gets a strong desire to make her his own.

Korvain is sent on a mission to kill Bryn so that his boss can be able to kill Odin. There are many obstacles to the mission, including love and instant enthusiasm between the killer and the victim. He’s known to be a tough man who has never failed in any of his missions.

Failure to accomplish the task will mean that he should be killed. Can he follow the orders, or will he follow his heart instead? Bryn’s world was completely crumbled after he decided to leave Odin’s service to protect the other Valkyries over a century ago. She is now living with the humans, but her beliefs are almost shaken after meeting Korvain, an irresistible dark elf who threatens to take away everything, including her innocence.

She isn’t aware of what she’s about to face, but she seems so interested in the newly hired bouncer as he makes her feel things she has never experienced before, but can he be trusted?

Lauren has a unique talent for capturing the essence of Norse Mythology, blending it with the paranormal element to make a fantastic story. Dark Deceit has strong human and non-human to make a gritty rollercoaster ride of a story. The story is vicious but soft, cruel but tender as it tells about the strong attraction seeking to conquer against all odds.

Bad Witch
Bad Witch is the second novel in the Cat McKenzie series. The story narrates a team of supernatural detectives, a rookie cop, and a power-hungry witch. The story picks up from where the first novel ended. Cat is back in this new book, and she’s still attracting danger. She has now realized that not all the supernaturals are evil when a witch downstairs is killed and is rescued by a fae assassin. The fae is responsible for uncovering supernaturals’ existence to humans around six months ago.

There’s a witch killing witches, and with each kill she makes, she gets more power. As if that isn’t enough, the fae wants Cat and her partner, Sawyer, to investigate the death of his niece, and they can’t turn down the job after making them a good offer. On the other hand, Cat is still trying to find out who her biological parents were since she’s sure that they weren’t the archeologists she was made to believe. Will she ever find out who they were?

In this novel, Lauren Dawes has turned sarcasm into an art form for her readers to enjoy. The story is fast-paced, with twists and turns that keep the reader guessing.

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