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Publication Order of The Powerless Books

Lauren Roberts is a paranormal romance fiction novelist who is best known for the “Powerless Trilogy.” She published “Powerless” her debut novel in 2023 and the work would be the springboard for two more titles by 2024.
When she is not bantering love interests and writing stories set in fantasy worlds, she can often be found in bed reading romantic fantasies.

For much of her life, Lauren has been a resident of Michigan and is now very familiar with the snow, potholes, and all manner of lake activities.

She has often said that she has the hobbies of both a child and a grandmother, as she loves coloring, knitting, word searches, hammocking, and laser tag.
For fans of her work who need to get in touch, she can be found on Instagram and TikTok.

Growing up, Lauren Roberts loved to record herself doing some pretty random things with a camera that she never got rid of. As such, you would not be wrong to say that acting weird in front of a camera is something that she has been doing forever.
When she finally decided to begin doing some videos on TikTok, it was a joke and she intended to post her first video and get rid of it when it inevitably got zero views.

But she was surprised when people began following her and within two days, she had 10 thousand followers. While she got to where she is purely by chance, she remains grateful for the people who loved her first video and who have stuck around since.
TikTok is now a huge part of how she writes her novels, as it allows her to pursue her dreams in a very unconventional manner.

Roberts believes that if she was not involved in the community of readers she found on TikTok, she would never have known what it is young people are interested in reading.

Granted an opportunity to interact with what audiences wanted was a huge advantage and one of the best ways to build her own audience that has always been excited baout his work.
It was while she was filming her journey while writing her debut that she got the momentum that provided the many opportunities she has today.

Lauren Roberts currently does all her writing from her home where she has a very cluttered desk. When she is doing her first drafts, she loves to write them in Scrivener the digital notebook, so that she can easily flip between the chapters.
However, whenever she has to deal with a massive plot hole, she switches to sketchbooks as she finds them easier to think with.

With an unlined giant paper before her, it is significantly easier for Roberts to come up with all manner of solutions that she is faced with.

There has always been something about paper and pen that she found less final and less intimidating than typing onto a screen.

She prefers to write late in the night when everything is quiet as her brain works better at that time.

Roberts loves to sit in the dark with the fan on and candles lit since she always needs some kind of background noise whether it is the drone of a fan or soft music.
She usually makes use of a timer to keep herself focused and on track as she can pace herself with twenty-minute writing intervals before she takes short breaks.
Occasionally, she will make use of “Pacemaker Planner” to increase her speed if she wants to beat a fast-approaching deadline.

While she initially got her success working as a self-published author, she now works with the publisher Simon & Schuster.

“Powerless” by Lauren Roberts is a brilliant romance fiction novel and the first of “The Powerless Trilogy.” The work is set in Ilya a kingdom where only the extraordinary, the exceptional, the Elites, and the empowered belong.
The Elites have had power for many years as they had taken over following the ravages of the Plague which they survived. Nonetheless, not all of the elites had been lucky enough to survive unscathed and get to enjoy the rewards.
For people who have been born in the ordinary ranks, there is nothing to look forward to. At some point, the king made a decree saying all ordinaries would be expelled to ensure the purity of the Elite society.

Suddenly, those who were less privileged were criminalized and Paedyn Gray the lead became a thief by necessity and a felon by fate.

Making a living in the slums as an Ordinary is tough and Paedyn is well aware of this. He had been trained by her father to observe everything ever since she was a child.

In the crowded city, she poses as a Psychic and blends in with the elites trying to stay out of trouble and hopefully remain alive.

When she unsuspectingly does something good that happens to be forbidden she finds herself in the Purging Trials. These are brutal competitions meant to showcase the power of the Eliteswhich is just what Paedyn sorely lacks.

Lauren Roberts’ novel “Reckless” is the second of the sizzling and heart-racing fantasy romance fiction work of “The Powerless Trilogy” that has been compared to “The Hunger Games” and “Red Queen.”

At the beginning of the novel, there is turmoil in the Kingdom of Ilya. Paedyn Gray the Ordinary born managed to survive the purging trials and killed the king, which resulted in a much-delayed Resistance all over the land.
But now she finds herself running from the one person she had always loved – Kai. As the chief enforcer in Ilya, he is loyal to the new King Kitt, who also happens to be his brother,

He has vowed to track down Paedyn and bring her back to the capital where she will face justice. Deep into Dor the hostile city and across the dangerous Scorches, Kai goes after the only person he wishes he did not have to.
But in a city where there are no Elites the balance between the hunted and the hunter shifts and the battle between desire and duty turns deadly.

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