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Those Who Favor Fire (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beyond the Bright Sea (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Echo Mountain (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lauren Wolk is a children’s fiction novelist, a visual artist, and an award-winning poet born in Baltimore. Her novel Wolf Hollow Won the Newberry Honor award. She has lived in California, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Canada, and Ohio.

She graduated from Brown University with a degree in English Literature, after which she got employed at St. Paul American Indian Center. While at the center, she wrote a novel on how to be of help to the assaulted women in the American community.

Lauren later worked as a senior editor with an educational publisher in Toronto before she started a family and a business as a writer in 1988.
Her work is triggered by inspiration or epiphany. It comes from a series of lifetime observations, imagination skills, and ideas after many sacrifices: her debut novel, Those Who Favor Fire, was published in 1999 by Random House.

Lauren became a certified English teacher at Sturgis Charter School in Hyannis in 2000. After four years, she left to become an Assistant Director at the Cape Cod Writers Center.

Her second novel, Forgiving Billy, was nominated for the Pushcart Editors Book Award twice and won the 2006 Hackney Literary award. The Wolf Hollow novel was named the 2016 New England Book Award winner, A 2017 Jane Addams Honor Book, and a 2017 Newbery Honor Book. It was later shortlisted for the 2017 New York Historical Society Children’s Book Prize, the 2017 Carnegie Medal, and the 2017 Waterstones Book Prize, among other awards.
Wolf Hollow
Wolf Hollow is the debut novel in the series by the same name. Annabelle grew up in the shadows cast by two world wars. She’s about to turn twelve, and the war affects every corner of the town. She has always lived a quiet and stable life in Pennsylvania town. Everything goes on as usual until one day, a new student named Betty Glengarry walks right into her class.

Most soldiers have come in and out of the area for several decades majority only staying briefly before moving. However, Toby has made it his permanent home. He lives in an abandoned smokehouse situated near Anabelle’s family farm.

The Locals have always been worried about the silent and serious man with long hair and beards carrying rifles on his back. The story is set in the 1940s during the war, where Beth lives in an idyllic place.

Later a girl her age named Betty comes to the town. Betty is one of the people who would be happy to see the world burn. As soon as she shows up, bad things happen; Annabeth starts getting bullied, and people get hurt. Annabeth does all she can to let her parents know everything.

At first, she thinks they will soon get better, but to her shock, they only keep worsening.

Betty introduces herself as a brutal and manipulative person. Soon her bullying appears isolated, but later, things worsen, and the reclusive World War I veteran Toby becomes the target.

Send to Wolf Hollow to live with her grandparents; Betty becomes a bully harassing Annabelle and her young brothers. She feels horrible at the thought of Betty, but she doesn’t feel it’s the right time to tell her parents since she doesn’t want to trigger a violent reaction against her brothers.

Once Betty meets with Toby, a loner traumatized by the war, her malice becomes lies that end in tragedy. When the rest have always seen Toby’s strange side, Annabelle always knows him for his kindness.

Toby is a homeless man feeling heartbroken and suffering from PTDD. Most people think he’s so weird, but Annabeth and her family treat him respectfully and even become friends with Toby. When Annabelle turns downs the demands of the bully, Betty, She unintentionally suspects Toby of the mistakes.

Annabelle is sure that the humble Toby can never do anything to hurt Betty and is determined to help clear his name and let the whole town know the truth. She has lived to see that Toby is only scared from the inside and out after the war in Europe, where he’s dealing with terrible memories and trying to stay sane.
Will Annabelle get the courage to stand up and seek justice as tension escalates? What follows is Annabeth struggling with the truth as Betty tells lies and people blindly believe her. Annabeth knows she’s deceiving them, yet no one wants to believe anything from her mouth.

Annabelle has to be strong, even when confronted by a manipulative autocrat. Annabelle feels temporarily relieved after Betty gets interested in Andy Woodberry, one of the older boys in school. Still, before she knows it, the two plan to increase their harassment of her.

A cruel incident leaves Annabelle’s friend Ruth badly injured, and she wonders whether Betty and Andy were involved. Can she be that evil?

The books make you feel for the veterans of war. It is about the decisions people make and should live with those decisions for the rest of their lives.
Wolf Hollow is a uniquely written book with a moving story set in the shadow of World War II. The story is well written and filled with wisdom making it hard to put down. It has a different kind of tone from the
Beyond the Bright Sea
A newborn only hours old is washed up on the shore with a note and a ring to the Elizabeth’s Islands and later is rescued by a man named Daniel. Without hesitation, he takes the baby and brings her up as his own. While growing up, the locals treat her poorly since they assume she comes from a leper colony.
Her boat came from Penikese, where the leprosy sanitarium was situated. Daniel had an option of turning her to the authorities but having escaped his past; he thought it would be easier for him to raise her with the help of Miss Maggie, his neighbor. He names the baby girl Crow, and the girl calls him Osh. When the author introduces them, Crow is 12 years old, and she’s wondering about her position in the world.

Almost being a teenager, Crow is obsessed, always focused on her identity, but she finds her father a man of few words. She wants to know where she came from and who her parents were. He has been a loving and caring father t her, but soon, his silence triggers her to investigate her background with no one’s help.
Before long, Crow has information on her biological family and tells Osh that she is aware of who her birth parents are. Osh feels threatened, and Crow is confused with his reaction to her statement.

Osh isn’t good at communicating and doesn’t know how to tell Crow that he is her birth father. She isn’t aware that digging deep into the mystery will reveal more things apart from her family; however, despite his tension and discomfort, he allows Crow to investigate further and come to a conclusion. In the end, this journey brings daughter and father closer than before.

She starts learning about what is important, not what the world tells her is important.

In the course of it all, Crow learns that their bonds are stronger than blood. There is a man out there who assumes Crow has what he has been looking for, and if Crow isn’t careful, she might end up losing everything while chasing what she wants.

Lauren Wolf outdid herself in the character development. She weaves an amazing story about a happy family made up of unrelated people on a nearby island that was once a home for people with leprosy.

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