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Firsts (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Last Girl Lied To (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
All Eyes on Her (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girls Are All So Nice Here (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Till Death Do Us Part (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

Laurie Elizabeth Flynn is a Canadian author in the young adult, thriller, and fiction genres. This talented author once worked as a model before settling in London, Ontario, with her family. Flynn’s writing career seems to be picking well, and her debut thriller novel, The Girls Are All So Nice Here, is already optioned for TV. This book has also been sold across the world. Flynn is a mother of three young children and has to balance between her writing and mummy duties.


Firsts tells the story of seventeen-year-old Mercedes Ayres and her open-door policy when it comes to sex. Mercedes doesn’t mind sleeping with her friends’ boyfriends as long as they are virgins. Her goal is to help these boys get their awkward first times over with so they can give their girlfriends a perfect first time – something Mercedes never enjoyed. In Mercedes’s mind, this is her way of making the world a better place. Despite her escapades, this teenage girl has managed to keep her bedroom affairs secret from the people in her life. Her mother is never home anyway, and with an equally absent father, Mercedes has a lot of time to do what she wants. She also doesn’t discuss sex with her religious best friend, Angela.

Things take a different turn when Angela’s boyfriend discovers her services and wants her help with his virginity. There is also a boy, Zach, who likes Mercedes for who she is and is keen to date her. Mercedes’ plan begins to fail, forcing her to do everything possible to salvage her reputation. Will she succeed in doing that? This is a compelling story with a quirky character and a true-to-life vibe. The author has done an excellent job will characterization to the extent that Mercedes Evokes sympathy. Sure, she does make a few stupid mistakes, but from her narration and the conversations in her head, it is easy to get her and understand where she is coming from.

This is a smart and funny story about growing up. It is loaded with fascinating characters and all kinds of relationships. From the first chapter, you get a glimpse of Mercedes’s complicated relationship with her mother. You also get to see how this teenage girl relates to her best friend, the boys she sleeps with, and that boy who wants more than sex from her. This book also comes with a lot of hidden depth. It explores how Mercedes uses sex as a means of regaining control. Above all else, this story highlights the importance of respecting people and their choices.

Firsts is an honest, raw, and compelling story on teenagers and sex. The heroine is well developed, and you will start to understand her choices when she starts working to discover herself. Mercedes has such an adorable love interest, and it is incredible to see how much his persistent and sweet loving changes her life. The theme of friendship takes center stage in this novel. While the friendships in the story come with their fair share of ups and downs, friends eventually learn to accept and respect each other. This book also has an important message for teenagers just getting into sex. It is okay to wait and whatever action you take comes with its consequences.

The Girls Are All So Nice Here

The Girls Are All So Nice Here introduces some not-so-nice girls and the people who suffer in their hands. It has been ten years since Ambrosia Wellington graduated. Since leaving college, this young woman has been working hard to create a life for herself. She is already married but to a younger man who enjoys spending endless hours lazing on the couch instead of pursuing his writing goals. When Ambrosia finds an invitation to a ten-year reunion in her former school, she doesn’t think much of it until she sees the accompanying note that reads, “We need to talk about what we did that night.”

Ambrosia thought that the things she did in college were in the past, but it seems some people know her secrets and still think about them. At her husband’s urging, Ambrosia decides to show up for the reunion. She remembers what she did with her former best friend Sloane Sullivan, but she has no idea how damaging it was to the people involved. These two continue to get menacing messages at the reunion, and it becomes clear that someone is not only interested in the truth, but they also want revenge. Why would anyone still be obsessed about a silly game Ambrosia and Sloane played over a decade ago?

This story alternates between Ambrosia’s freshman year and the reunion. As the story progresses, the brutal extents girls will go to when hurt comes to the surface. A college game becomes a matter of life and death, and things escalate to dangerous levels very fast. What makes this mean girl’s story stand out is that a bully is the narrator. The reunion brings many things to the surface and destroys the safe and secluded life Ambrosia had created for herself. You will hate Ambrosia for what she did yet pity her when things are not going her way. In the end, you will understand this mean girl’s thinking and insecurities and end up feeling sorry for her.

The Girls Are All So Nice Here is one deliciously juicy, brilliant, and gripping psychological thriller starring college mean girls. It is a story of lies, betrayal, insecurities, deadly secrets, mind games, and friendship. Ambrosia did something that hurt another person so bad, and she has been paying for that mistake for the last ten years. Aside from the captivating storyline, this story comes with such an intriguing style. The author goes back and forth, highlighting events that happened in the past and comparing them with the present. There are a few twists in the story, yet the ending is so satisfying. You will enjoy the way the story unfolds and how well the characters are developed.

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