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Publication Order of The Black Witch Chronicles Books

Laurie Forest is a noteworthy novelist from the United States, who is well known for writing romance, young adult, fantasy, magic, and adventure novels. She is particularly very famous for writing the Black Witch series of books. Author Forest hails from Vermont, United States, and lives in the deep backwoods of the state. She likes to sit in a peaceful environment beside a wood stove and dream about her unique fantasy stories and intriguing characters. Forest enjoys drinking her strong tea while writing the stories as she believes that it helps her come up with interesting ideas. Her stories are usually full of dragons, wands, and dryads. After finishing the writing part of her first book, author Forest was successful in getting a contract from Harlequin. The publishing house not only agreed to publish her debut story, but also signed her up for writing a few more follow ups to the first story and develop a whole novel series.

Following the wide scale success of her first novel, the author penned a novella, which is the prequel to her debut novel. It was also taken up by Harlequin for publication. Currently, author Forest is working on the writing part of her next full length novel and is expected to finish it soon and make it available for her highly supportive fans to read and enjoy. Author Forest is highly active on social media. She has accounts on a number of social media platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. Besides these, she also has a website in her own name. Author Forest uses all these platforms to keep her fans updated about the recent ongoings in her literary career. She also gives them updates about her upcoming releases through these media.

Laurie Forest considers herself very lucky and blessed to have achieved success at the very beginning of her career. She also believes that her fans and supporters have also played a very important role in her success as a writer. It is the determined support of her readers that keeps her going with a strong attitude and also provides the necessary motivation to keep writing interesting stories everytime. As of now, author Forest is planning to come up with several more fantasies and young adult stories in the coming years and then move on to write a new novel series. She wishes to expand her range of novels across several genres and gather the support of a huge number of readers from across the world.

The Black Witch Chronicles series written by author Laurie Forest is comprised of a total of 3 novels and 2 novellas, which were released between the years 2017 and 2018. One novel and one novella of this series are expected to be published soon, while the third novel is an untitled project, which author Forest is going to start working on soon. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘The Black Witch’. It was released by the Harlequin Teen publication in the year 2017. Author Forest has mentioned the primary characters in this book in the form of Elloren Gardner, Carnissa Gardner, and several others. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Carnissa Gardner is the last of the prophesied ‘Black Witch’, and Elloren Gardner is her granddaughter. Using her powers as a Black Witch, Carnissa had driven back the evil forces of the enemies and had helped save the Gardnerian people at the time of the Realm War.

Elloren Gardner looks like the exact copy of the famous Carnissa Gardner, but she lack the witch power. So, she feels left out in her society that seems to value the magical abilities above everything else. After some time, Elloren Gardner gets an opportunity for pursuing her dream of turning herself into an apothecary. She grabs this opportunity with both hands and goes on to join the prestigious University of Verpax along with her brothers. Elloren wishes to make her own destiny, away from Carnissa’s legacy’s shadow. But, after a short while at the university, Elloren realizes that she has come to a place full of treachery. The university takes in all types of people, including the fire wielding sworn enemies of the Gardnerians and turns out to be a very unsafe place for Elloren Gardner, Black Witch’s granddaughter. The evil continues to rise and approach Elloren. She begins to feel the pressure of keeping up with the heritage of her grandmother and experiences that all that she held very close to herself are about to get challenged & torn away in the most difficult ways. However, there is a glimpse of hope for Elloren by joining the most unlikely group of misfits, but she is required to trust and have faith in the ones that she has been taught to fear and hate.

Another exciting book penned in this series by Forest is called ‘The Iron Flower’. It is also taken up for publication by Harlequin. Once again, the lead character is depicted as Elloren Gardner, and she is joined by other important characters like Yvan Guriel, Lukas Grey, Marcus Vogel, etc. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Elloren Gardner sets herself to the task of righting some wrongs and takes the help of her friends. The course of action taken by her makes Elloren and her friends join the ranks of a realm wide Resistance. This Resistance seems to struggle because of the harsh ruling of Mage Council and Marcus Vogel, the High Priest. Soon, Elloren realizes that if Gardneria were to seize the control of the entire Western Realm, it will put all those she loves and cares about in a great danger. The tension continues to heat up in Verpacia and it is followed by the continuous descending of a large number of Gardnerian soldiers upon the university.

The soldiers are led by the new commander of the base of the Fourth Division, Lukas Grey. Elloren tries to keep herself at a distance from him, but he always tries to wand-fast to her. He seems pretty much convinced that Elloren has inherited all the magic of her grandmother. Being near to Lukas Grey causes the awakening of a dark force inside Elloren, which makes it difficult for her to believe that she is devoid of any power, as claimed by her uncle. As the events unfold later on, Elloren finds herself caught between her feelings for Yvan Guriel, a rebel soldier, and Lukas Grey’s seductive powers. She understands that it is very important for her to find a solution to the current problem and make the best use of her powers for protecting her close ones.

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