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The Atlas of Love (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Goodbye for Now (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Is How It Always Is (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Two Three (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Family Family (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Writer's Library(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Laurie Frankel is an American author of fiction. She lives with her husband and their young son in Seattle along with their favorite pet, a border collie. They are joined by many books. Frankel was originally from the east coast, although that is something about her that many people frequently guess before she has to ever tell them.

She is the author of her debut fictional novel, The Atlas of Love. It was released in 2010. She is also the author of Goodbye For Now, which was released in 2012 on August 7 in the United States. This book did quite well and it was so popular that it was optioned for a film and sold the translation rights to twenty-seven territories (and counting). She released a third book in 2017 that was titled This Is How It Always Is.

Frankel was named one of ten women to watch out for in 2012. She also belongs to the writing group Seattle7Writers. She has also been teaching college-level classes in literature, writing, and gender studies. But now she is excited and grateful as well as occasionally being a little terrified to be writing full-time on a regular basis and she really enjoys it.

The Atlas of Love is Laurie Frankel’s first novel. Jill becomes pregnant as well as single in unfortunate timing. It’s at the end of the spring semester and she doesn’t know what to do now that her male companion ditched her. So what else is an expecting mother to do but to team up with her college friends in order to try and parent, school, and share the same space between all of them? If they can manage grad school together in Seattle and survive student and baby life between the three of them and their tripod of juggling, they might just be able to make it.

They try their best to make it and do okay for a bit. Jill is the most stressed out of all the three as she is managing grad school with the pressures of being a new mother. Everything that can go wrong ends up going wrong, but all of it happens in ways that are almost impossible to anticipate. No one ever sees a lot of the things that go astray happening ahead of time. That’s what makes them so unprepared to take on all of the challenges that they face. But together, they will face them three at a time.

Janey Duncan is the narrator of this story of an experiment at being a modern family. They are going to have the adventure of a lifetime and face the unlikely circumstances that they never saw coming with dignity, wisdom, hilarity, and their best shot. If three young women can’t handle school and a baby between the three of them, then who can?

The three friends find that their lives are changed forever by their journey through the fire at trying to care for the tiny baby called Atlas. It’s strange how the arrival of one baby can change your entire life and world, but that’s what this baby does. This exciting novel from Frankel features three female friends that prove to their own heroes in this ‘sparkling’ novel from Frankel that shows your true home is anywhere that is filled with love. Want to see what happens? Then check out The Atlas of Love for yourself and find out how the story ends!

Goodbye for Now is Frankel’s second novel. This novel is similar to One Day. From Laurie Frankel and her second debut novel comes a story that is fresh and warm enough for the twenty-first century and proves that ends can sometimes give way to new beginnings.

The main character in this story is a man called Sam Elling. He’s a pretty smart guy, but that doesn’t mean that he is necessarily adept on a social level. He currently works at a dating company that makes matches online– the irony is too much to consider. But he really wants to find the love of his life, so Sam puts a little time into making an algorithm up that will help him to do that.

Will Sam Elling’s plan work? He makes up an algorithm that is going to pair you up the love of your life, your absolute soulmate. And when Sam thinks that he has met his in a young woman he has proof that it works. He falls for his coworker of all people, a sweet girl named Meredith. But when “Mr. and Mrs. Right” accidentally starts gaining traction and the company he works for begins losing customers, he is abruptly fired for his efforts.

Meredith’s grandmother suddenly passes away. Grandma Livvie was beloved, and she and Meredith were very close. Sam sees how much that Meredith misses her, so he uses his free time (which he has a lot of now) to figure out a computer program that may allow her to have a conversation with her at last. Sam constructs a simulation of her grandmother by mining all of her correspondences that can respond to video chat or text chat as though she were alive. But it’s not really her; it’s just a comforting scientific simulation.

There’s nothing supernatural about it– after all, this is just a combination of all the information used to simulate a person replying it. But Meredith really loves the simulation. Sam and his girlfriend wonder if this could help others deal with grief. It is through this way that the company RePose was formed. The company starts doing really well, but some people just can’t let things go. Sam and Meredith feel like pioneers, and they are both falling deeper in love with the other.

Sam is falling for Meredith and she too is starting to like him. It’s going to a type of level of love that once you have had in your life, you cannot give up. But what if they have to? This charming novel is entertaining and true to life where sometimes nothing can last forever and love can take on a life of its own. Pick up Goodbye for Now to live everything that happens for yourself and see why Laurie Frankel’s second novel is so popular!

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