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Laurie Roma is a suspense, science fiction, and romance fiction author from Chicago. The author has said that she has always loved to immerse herself in a good work of fiction, even before she started penning her own.
Laurie penned “Under Pressure” her debut novel in 2012 and has since become a prolific author with more than two dozen novels to her name across several series.

These days, she can often be found tapping away creating new imaginative worlds where her characters live while listening to her favorite music.

Roma is also an avid reader of romance fiction who hates annoying characters, even if they do produce the angst that is very much needed in romances.

She loves to write about strong and feisty heroines with beauty and brains and tough alpha male heroes. She has made a reputation for herself writing stories full of dirty lust-driven interludes and passionate romance.
She has asserted that she believes these are critical in the making of a good love story.

“Hammers Fall” by Laurie Roma is the story of Kalista and Jared Hammer that for some time have been working across the street from each other.

Hammer has always desired her but since she is taken he has never made a move. As such, when Kali walks into his gym and he learns that her boyfriend who is a big jerk has dumped her for her weight he is unbelievably happy and furious.
Now that she is free, Hammer is set to make his move and hence he puts in motion the plan he had from the first time he set eyes on Kali. Kali had for a long time planned to dump her boyfriend but he had beaten her to it.
She had always admired Jared but never thought he would even look at her that way. As such, when he asks her out for drinks which soon turns into more, she could not have been happier.

As Jared and Kali grow closer, they can not deny their feelings and soon, they are falling in love and into a relationship they have wanted for so long.

Nonetheless, Kali is not so sure that she will be the woman Jared would want for life even as Jared is pulled in all directions by people who think they know better what direction his life needs to take.
Ultimately, they will have to decide between sacrificing for love and what is important in their lives.

Laurie Roma’s novel “Nyght’s Eve” is another fantastic addition to the series that tells the story of a tortured soul and the woman who comes to his rescue.

Daryk Nyght was a soldier and trauma surgeon but after he experienced and saw some horrific events while abroad at war, he is barely holding on and seems burnt out.

He moves to Breakers, a small town where his best friend lives, to try to take back control of his life. He hopes that in the small town, he can find some peace and tranquility.

But he gets so much more when he meets his friend’s cousin Evie Beaumont. Evie is the proprietor of a boarding house that is home to a bunch of recovering veterans, in addition to being a sanctuary for lost and abandoned pets.
She has poured her soul and heart into the venture and this has meant that she has never met a man that would accept her and her passion. But once Dare comes into town they have instant chemistry.

Still, relationships are hard work and they will have to face all manner of challenges before they can make something everlasting. Both characters are very fascinating people that are also very interesting throughout the novel.

“Dante’s Angel” by Laurie Roma is the story of musical prodigy Zoe Lang, whose life has never been her own to control.

She has always been told when to sleep, when to eat, and even who to marry until she finally mustered the courage to escape her gilded cage. But freedom has a very expensive price which could cost her everything she has.
Fleeing To Breakers, Zoe finally finds peace and tranquility in a new life. The only thing that threatens her smooth life is a dangerous and dark Dante Fox who never plays by anyone’s rules.

Dante Fox is an ex-Army Ranger who is dealing with nightmares from his tours abroad. He has a darkness inside him that he is always struggling to combat but his entire world changes when he meets Zoe Lang.
When her past comes back to plague her life, he vows to protect her from anything that would hurt her.

Will the grouchy and pure alpha male in Dante Fox be able to gel with the tough-as-nails but still vulnerable Zoe?

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