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Publication Order of Lavender Road Books

Lavender Road (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Some Sunny Day (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
On A Wing And A Prayer (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
London Calling (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Other Side of the Street (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Victory Girls (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Lavender Road series is a famous book series of historical fiction, war, and fiction novels. It is written by a highly noteworthy writer from the United States named Helen Carey. The series is comprised of a total of 6 books, which were released between the years 1995 and 2018. Author Carey has done the settings of stories of the books in this series during the time of the World War II. The books tell the stories related to a street’s fortune, located in London at the time of the difficult times of the war. The lives of a different set of couples are described in each of the books by author Carey. She has described how the lives of the women change and get affected when their husbands go on the front to serve their country.

At a time when the men are fighting to remain alive and get evacuated from the danger zones during the raging war, the women living in south London have some different kinds of battles to fight on their own back at home. There seems to be a different kind of feeling that keeps the men and women together, and this is what carries the series forward. Each and every novel of this historical fiction series appears to have a compelling story that keeps the readers intrigued until the last page. Readers from all parts of the world read and appreciated this series’ books and praised author Helen Carey for her excellent storytelling skills. Many critics from across the globe gave rave reviews for the stories, characters, set ups, and plots of each book. This helped the books to become even more successful and reach out to a far greater number of readers. Author Carey also managed to establish herself in the ranks of the prominent writers of historical fiction. According to her, this series can be enjoyed best by the fans of Kate Thompson, Annie Murray, Donna Douglas, Katie Flynn, and Lilian Harry.

Helen Carey is regarded as a noteworthy novelist of the historical fiction genre. She is best known for writing the bestselling book series having the title Lavender Road. Carey has set this series in London during the 2nd World War and has mentioned some very interesting characters. She contributed to the series for the final time early this year with the novel called Victory Girls. The Headline Books published it to a great opening across different countries of the world. It got listed in the bestselling list of Amazon US and helped author Carey in becoming much more successful and popular.

Author Carey has resided in many countries throughout her life. As of today, she lives in West Wales. She is happily married and spends her free time along with dear husband on their coastal farm. The two keep themselves indulged in conservation projects on their small farm all the time. Author Carey is a fellow member of Royal Literary Fund. She is also an active member of the Society of the Authors. Other than writing novels, Helen Carey likes to get involved in the field of teaching whenever she gets time. Mostly, she likes to give lectures on the programs of Creative Writing. Carey is involved with several universities with respect to her teaching and especially likes to talk about story structure. She hopes that the readers love to read her novels all the time and even appreciate her future projects just like they appreciated her earlier novels all these years.

The debut book of the Lavender Road book series written by author Helen Carey is entitled ‘Lavender Road’. It was released by the Headline publication in the year 2016, after its first successful release in 1995. The central characters mentioned in the book include Joyce Carter, Jen Carter, Pam Nelson, etc. Carey has done the setting on the street in London called Lavender Road at the time of the year 1939. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Germany is about to invade England and the entire nation braces for the war. At such a testing time, the Lavender Road residents try to deal with some other troubles to themselves. Joyce Carter faces a very tough time after her husband lands in jail. She worries about how she is going to earn the livelihood for herself and her family.

Her daughter, Jen Carter, doesn’t prove to be of any help to her. She is very troublesome and refuses to work for odd jobs until she becomes successful in achieving her passionate dream establishing herself as an actress. Another woman of Lavender Road, Pam Nelson, faces trouble at home. She finds it hard to deny the fact that the distance between her husband and herself is growing with each passing day. To make it worse, she gets secretly attracted to the new lodger that comes to live in their surplus room. Pam Nelson finds the man very charming and handsome, and is surprised to learn that there are many other women in the neighborhood, who have fallen for the seductive charm of the lodger. The threat of the German invasion continues to loom on the country and yet the women of the south London street seem engrossed in the problems of their own lives. It doesn’t much time before they realize that the fate of the nation and their own lives are about to undergo some changes forever.

Another mind blowing book of this series is called ‘Some Sunny Day’. It was also published in 1995 by Helen Carey. This book’s plot takes place in 1940 and depicts the lead characters in the roles of Katy Parsons, Louise Rutherford, and several others as well. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Luftwaffe bombings begin to take place over London like rain. Katy Parsons is introduced as a shy lady living in Laveder Road neighborhood. Her parents have always been over-protective towards her and have sheltered her from all the difficulties.

As the war begins, Katy Parsons looks forward to see her life and the world from beyond the windows of her house. She always dreamed of enrolling for training in the profession of nursing. Katy goes on to realize that the reality of life is far tougher than what she said to think in her imagination. Also, engaging in a love affair doesn’t turn out as a plain sailing for her. Louise Rutherford is described as a privileged lady. She hopes to get some romance and fun out of the ongoing war. But, what she ever receives is grief and pain. And when she develops a secret affair, she wonders what would happen if her father comes to know about it. On one hand, the tough war has already begun and on the other hand, the people of Lavender Road do not stop believing that they will experience sunny days very soon. The story looks funny, emotional, and poignant in all respects, and successfully managed to attract a large number of readers.

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