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Publication Order of Lavender Tides Books

The View from Rainshadow Bay (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The House at Saltwater Point (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Leaving Lavender Tides (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets at Cedar Cabin (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lavender Tides by Colleen Coble

Lavender Tides is a series of books combining mystery and romance by USA Today bestselling author Collen Coble. Cobble puts together three books with romance and mystery to deliver an enjoyable trilogy. Coble’s work is recognized with many awards among them The ACFW Carol Award, The Best Books of Indiana, National Reader’s Choice, The Romance Writers of America RITA among many more. She also served as a CEO for The American Christian Fiction Writers.

Apart from lavender Tides series, Collen Coble has also published other series and standalones books that have hit a mark of four million in print. She currently resides in Indiana with her husband.

The View from Rainshadow Bay

Introducing the Lavender Tides series is The View from Rainshadow Bay. Death robs Shauna off her husband through a climbing accident leaving her with two things- her five-year-old son and a helicopter charter business. Life changes are leaving her to struggle in making ends meet.

Life turns catastrophic for Shauna after the loss of her husband. Adding salt to the injury, her partner is murdered, and the only person that she blames is Zach banister. She is convinced that her life is also in danger with no one to protect her except the same person that she blames for her losses. The killing of her husband, Jack, has a lot to do with her as it dates back to her childhood. A lot of secrets are involved in this murder which points to her childhood years that would rather stay hidden there instead of being unraveled.

The two deaths hold a lot of truth that is hidden, and the town is afraid of these instances. Shauna is left with no option rather than to ask Zach for protection and her son as they go about uncovering the mystery that has been created with these deaths. As they investigate the events that have hit Shauna’s life, they get close to each other. It turns out to be a journey of a safe home to his arms. Love grows where there were hate, betrayal, and suspicion. Zach is an honest person willing to risk everything for the McDade family including his own family. Fate pulls two people together in their quest to understand everything that took place.

Coble expertly develops her characters made incredible with twists of suspense, light romance, and humor. The author takes the reader into an atmosphere of emotions by bringing out the state of things between the characters creating a fantastic story.

The House at the Saltwater Point

The second book in the Lavender Tides series is The House at Saltwater Point. Lavender Tides has a load of secrets that can shock the world. Murder has struck in this town triggering Ellie Baltimore who has been working as a house flipper to dig into the mystery. Jason is the closest person she thinks could have had anything to do with this death.

The death of her sister has a lot that seems to be hidden and most of which do not add up. Grayson, a coast guard intelligence officer, believes that the presumed death was a fake but convincing Ellie the same is one of the hardest things. Grayson and Ellie want nothing but the truth and will stop at nothing to solve the issue. The investigations drive them into mysteries and some instances betrayal as the case seems to take a lot and which surprises them in the course of their investigations. Mac seems to have a whole load of secrets that she has hidden from her sister. Ellie is that kind of person that cares for her sister but does not receive the same as they discover in the course of their investigations.

Grayson is dealing with family issues which turn out to have links to the dark secrets and affairs of this town. Ellie, on the other hand, is dealing with troubles from her childhood. Investigations, mysteries, and discoveries pull the two together creating love between Ellie and Grayson.

The starting of this story drags you into a mystery grabbing your attention from the start. Deep into the book, the romance, surprises, and funny instances make it even better. Her style of writing and putting events together keeps the reader locked through to the last page — a book you cannot refuse to read.

Secrets at Cedar Cabin

The third book in the Lavender Tides is Secrets at Cedar Cabin. Lies have turned the life Bailey Fleming into a mess. Lied about her identity, her husband, Bailey no longer even knows if she can trust herself leave alone others.

Bailey runs to lavender tides, the only place she can think of as a haven. Life has turned into a lie not knowing what to trust and what to believe in after the murder of her mother. Death is what looms around her even after she escapes to an old cabin in lavender tides. She runs to the refuge of an FBI agent, lance phoenix, who tries to unravel the mysterious murders that revolve around her life before the hard tides put her down.

Lance, on the other hand, is trying to track down the kidnappers of his sister who happened to run away from home during her teenage years. His worry, however, is if Bailey is the person that she claims to be and more so with the connection of this case to the mysterious disappearance of his sister, Ava. However, along the way, the two cannot resist each other, and though at fast they seem to doubt each other, they finally fall into love.

The story moves through the world of the horrifying sex trafficking putting the detective and bailey in dangerous situations that risk their lives. Coble adds some sweet romance keeping you concentrating as the story grows old. The events filled with suspense, surprises take the reader into a journey that rocks them to the book. It is that book that you will want to turn page after page to uncover the mysteries, go through the romance together with the characters. It is a fantastic read.

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