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LaVyrle Spencer is an American author of fiction. She was born on July 17, 1943, in Browerville, Minnesota. She is a best-selling author of novels that typically are in the historical romance or contemporary genres. She has also successfully published many books and some of them were made into films as well as movies for television.

She didn’t begin writing until she was in her thirties and was greatly inspired by The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss. She has written over twenty novels in her long career writing. Her book Morning Glory was made into a 1993 feature-length film. Three other of her works were made into television movies. The first of her books to be adapted was The Fulfillment of Mary Gray in 1989, followed by Home Song in 1996. Family Blessings was adapted in 1998.

Twelve of her novels have become New York Times bestsellers. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1988 for the Romance Writers of America. In the eighties and the nineties, she had a lot of hits and since then her novels have been sold in bookstores, online, to book clubs, and been published in the United States and globally.

She is known for creating characters that are realistic in nature and writing stories that focus on more than just the man and the woman having a relationship. A lot of times they will focus on family and feature ordinary men and women that have feelings, are vulnerable and are the sympathetic characters. Spencer has had several complete versions of her books appear in condensed form in publications such as Good Housekeeping and Reader’s Digest.

Her female characters are fiery and are usually not only soft-hearted but savvy and able to have the strength within to overcome situations in life. This can be anything from breakups to divorce to pregnancy, death, separations, and more. A lot of times her stories focus on themes of family, abiding love, and being strong during tough times. LaVyrle Spencer enjoys writing but officially retired from it in 1997.

The Fulfillment is the first novel by LaVyrle Spencer. It was released in 1979. The book opens up on the main character of Mary and two men. Mary used to be a young girl when she headed out of Chicago to go to a Minnesota farm. She was restless and impressionable and went from the big city to rustling wheat fields of gold. This is where she would get married to Jonathan, the brother of Aaron.

Mary was a respected friend of her husband’s brother for many years. It seems like everything is going smoothly for he and Mary Gray, but after seven years together and no children together their marriage starts to develop cracks. The cracks lead to a strain on the marriage and while the couple wants children they also have to acknowledge that they have received none. So it is that he turns to his brother to ask him what he could ask no one else to do.

The favor is a big one to ask of Aaron, but Jonathan is desperate. It starts out as something of a dialogue but his brother finally agrees. But what starts as a compassionate act becomes something borne out of need. This brother is trying to help his sibling out, but his desire for his wife is starting to grow. When they have a crazy weekend together full of sensual togetherness, the world starts to change for the married couple and the brother too.

Can all three of them navigate this new world together? The couple want a baby so badly that they would be willing to have an unusual arrangement unlike anything else that they had ever heard about. The two want a child so badly that Mary and the two guys that she loves in her life are starting to head out on a journey that may end in a child, a unique arrangement, or the dissolving of her marriage.

Filled with love, sensuality, drama, and a creative flair for all things imaginative in the world of romance novels, Spencer has certainly written a unique and popular work of fiction! Want to find out what happens? Pick up The Fulfillment by LaVyrle Spencer in order to find out!

The Endearment is the second novel released by bestselling author LaVyrle Spencer. This exciting second novel focuses on the main character Anna Reardon. It is set in the streets of Boston and the nineteenth century, where the world can be a tough place. Actually, the world can be tough everywhere, from the frontier to eastern Massachusetts near the sea.

Anna wove a web of deception in order to lure her man. She has always been a beautiful woman and now she hopes to use her looks in order to get somewhere. She was born in the life of a street urchin and now she will do whatever she has to in order to climb out of the gutters and make her way as a young woman into a respectable life.

Anna Reardon is also fiery-tempered in addition to beautiful. With her brains and her beauty, she had the tools to do what she had to do — lie in order to get somewhere. She was ashamed of her life on the streets and wanted to become the mail-order bride to Karl Lindstrom out in the wilderness of Minnesota.

Karl knows that Anna lied and is willing to forgive her for her lies. But little does he know that there is still one more secret that she is keeping from him. Knowing this secret could mean that a revelation occurs that could mean the end of everything that they ever had between them.

Will she risk their love when he finds out or will she choose to be brave and tell him before he can ever guess or discover it? Can their marriage survive the bumpy road of life after another devastating lie? You are going to have to pick up The Endearment in order to find out in this exciting novel from celebrated author LaVyrle Spencer!

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  1. marion clark: 11 months ago

    I have just discovered your books and love them. I will be forever in love with Will from Morning Glory.

  2. pat bell: 1 year ago

    Years ago I listened to LSs the Hellion. It was both romantic and funny. Bruce Boxleitner was the narrator. I tried to contact him to suggest The H be made into a movie for tv. Please LaVryle produce this script into film. Thanks for the fun read, Pat Bell, Summerfield Fl


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