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Publication Order of The Lawmen Books

There is a new breed of a law enforcer in town. He is relentless in the pursuit of justice. His mission is not compromised as he aims at eradicating evil. Meet Lee Fisher, a man whose roots and culture is questionable. He is recruited into the law enforcement by St. Louis Detective Agency. Lee is not your ordinary detective; he is more of a lone ranger than a true detective, and the only language that he clearly understands is the enforcement of the law and ensuring that justice is served. Lee is the main character in a series of six law and crime investigation novels by John Harvey and Angus Wells. The books were written between 1977-1980 under the pen name of J B Dancer.

Unlike ordinary detectives, there are many things that set Fisher as an exceptional detective. Most notable is his zeal and the quest for justice and the methodologies he applies to achieve the same. To him, the end justifies the means. He is more of a rogue detective. One that sets aside the law to achieve certain goals. Where these goals are the pursuit of justice; woe to the culprit. In this article, a review of the lawmen is provided and how Fisher survived the wild western times and managed to quench the rising crimes.

Lee Fisher in Evil Breed

The evil breed is the first novel in a series of six that first introduces Lee Fisher. It is a western based crime investigative novel and was first published in 1977. As the first part of a series of acclaimed crime fighting novels, Evil breed stands out as it laid the foundation for the development of the Lawmen. The novel represents the law enforcement of the 1970s and how ruthless the justice department was in the fight against crime.

The novel introduces Lee Fisher as one of the lawmen among many who set forth to fight and eradicate evil. The background of Lee has not been a walk in the park. He was raised and brought up by the Indians after his mother died through suicide using the chief’s belt. He is taught the art of survival, hunting, and tracking and this prepares him to grow up to be tough and fearless. His humanity is suppressed as he is taught survival tactics. Through this acquired skills, he could be able to track a man relentlessly and kill without mercy. The mission had to be accomplished without questions; evil had to die and be eradicated to save the future.

Fisher is faced with a challenge. A crazed old man and his sons are carrying out a series of robberies, rape, and murder. They are instilling fear to the core of the hearts of the people in the west. These sons of bitches are bloodthirsty, and nothing stands in their way to quench their thirst. Their language is fear and mayhem. This makes Fisher’s blood boil with anger as he sets forth into action. Despite their savagery and violence, they were no match for Fisher. It is such actions that push him to the edge, making him kill without mercy and to relentlessly seek justice.

Fisher came into the spotlight after solving this case. Making him a force to reckon with in the police department. Despite this, there were other smaller cases that he helped solving including minor misdemeanors. However, the chase and the hunt for the serial killer of the father and his bloodthirsty sons is what centrally placed him on the map of law enforcement.

Kansas, Bloody Kansas

This is the second part of the series that follows Lee Fisher in the West and his adventures in fighting crime. Also published in 1977, the novel details the crime scene in the west and how evil continued to proliferate. During this time, he has a female partner Emma Wright who assumes the role of his mistress as they go undercover. The novel is based in Kansas, Missouri where a bunch of raiders is bleeding the city dry and spreading fear across the border. These raiders are like vampires; coming out of their nests at night, propelled by the lust for power and raw hate, murder and violence is their language. They are like a modern day Hitler’s; only smiling the site of blood. Determined to put an end their evil mission, Fisher stands as a tower of Babel between them and their crazy dreams of conquest. He goes undercover posing as one of the bloodthirsty crew with Emma as his partner.

Before being accepted into the gang of raiders, Fisher is first tested. The test involves killing the same people he is here to protect. To fight them, he has to infiltrate them and this only fuels the bitter hatred he has for the Raiders. Emma, on the other hand, is at the crossroads as she has to suppress her attraction to Fisher who makes it plain that he likes her.

Fisher is later exposed as a spy while one of the other lawmen, McGarry is playing a waiting game that involves trying to spring a trap in Northville. The tune that followed is characterized by violence, blood, and death with the colt of Fisher’s hip paying the dues. It is a wild west, and the game is destruction that sees Fisher and Emma spilled into the open ring. It is a tug of war that sees each party pulling in their direction as compelled by their beliefs.


Fisher is an excellent detective. However, he fits more of a hired gun than a law enforcer. He is self-involved that he overlooks the greater good. To him, justice is absolute and not relevant and should be achieved no matter the cost. A good example is when he had to kill innocent people to be accepted in the gang of raiders. He is more focused on the greater good other than reflecting on his actions and the evil they cause. The novel series is satirical as one wonders whether the person supposed to eradicate evil is doing more harm than good. In summation, Fisher can be considered a law enforcer gone rogue. The book series is captivating, thrilling and sensational.

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