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Publication Order of Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller Books

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Lawrence A. Colby is an Amazon bestselling author of mystery and thriller fiction works that is best known for the “Ford Stevens Thriller” series of novels.

Colby made his debut when he published “The Devil Dragon Pilot” in 2016. The work has since spawned his most popular series to date.

Given the popularity of his works, they have been published in more than a dozen countries across the globe from India to the United Kingdom and the United States.

The former attack pilot with the Marine Corps and tactical pilot with the Air Force has flown and worked all across the world.. Flying in the squadrons under the callsign “Cheese” he flew for many years until he retired in 2018.

During his time in the military, he was among a select group of pilots that has the experience and qualifications to fly helicopters, prop planes, and jets.

As such, he holds numerous wing, squadron, and air group positions and has flown multiple operational missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and many other theaters across the world.
Colby currently makes his home in the Washington D.C. area.

Colby currently pens his blockbuster fiction works finding inspiration from his many years working with the military.

Working as a military assistant at the Pentagon and flying in the cockpit, he has had the opportunity to amass a lot of knowledge.

He has an extensive understanding and knowledge of everything from politics, to government policy, combat tactics, and military realism, which he imbues into his military thrillers.
He loves to interact with his readers and fans on social media on profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“The Devil Dragon Pilot” by Lawrence A. Colby asks how would one capture the world’s fastest airplane unnoticed.

Hidden deep inside China is the “Devil Dragon,” one of the most secretive airplanes ever built. It is an unbelievably fast and sleek plane that is just as mysterious.

Her pilots have been charged with making her test flights a success so that she can be put into operation as soon as possible. However, things turn interesting when strange transmissions are recorded without any indications on the radar.

Even more weird are some bizarre cell phone signals at towers that could not be any further apart.

These bizarre happenings get Defense Intelligence Agencies scrambling as Ford Stevens the American Air Force Reserve pilot is commanded to go on one of the most dangerous missions ever.

What started as a mission to help a friend soon turns into an action-packed military aviation adventure across the globe.

Against the red tape of Washington DC, carrier aviation, DIA leadership, and an intimidating Chinese General, it is for a blockbuster international plot.

Crammed with mirrors and smoke tradecraft, and deceitful government employees it makes for an unputdownable novel.

Lawrence A. Colby’s novel “The Black Scorpion Pilot” is a clinching and fast-reading military thriller that is sure to rival the likes of bestselling authors such as Tom Clancy.

In a hidden location in China, He Chen the Lieutenant General of the Chinese military is licking his wounds.

The Devil Dragon project has been lying wasted thanks to the efforts of Pilot Wu Lee and Captain Ford Stevens of the United States Air Force Reserve.

But Lee is now gone and as his friend mounts his passing, Chen is working on completing “Black Scorpion,” the second spy plane.

Stevens is facing a new and what would arguably be said to be an impossible task. He will need to slip near the Chinese border undetected and hijack the Black Scorpion.

He would then need to fly the high-tech spy plane back to the United States. It is not an easy mission that will demand the most from him even as he is dealing with some potentially career-ending grief.
Full of adrenaline-pumping scenes and the courage and grit of an American hero, it is a beautiful thriller that will have its readers on the edge of their seats.

“The Buffalo Pilot” by Lawrence A. Colby asserts the truism that more military pilots lose their lives while in training as compared to when at war.

Reserve Major Ford Stevens of the United States Airforce has been flying for years just like many of his ancestors have done. Charlie his younger brother is a lieutenant who just graduated from pilot school and is now seeking to prove himself.

They have always had an intense rivalry and this is sure to continue. Charlie intends to join Ford’s squadron to put his life on the line each time he straps in.

It will be a baptism by fire as they go on the hunt for a man killing pilots in the ultimate test of life and death.

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