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Hyde and Seek (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Best Kase Scenario (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Until Nox (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Until Mayhem (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild Wicked Obsession (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ring Around the Posey (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Deathly (By: Brynne Asher) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Damaged (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Snowed Inn for Christmas(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Layla Frost is a romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and general romance fiction author who loves to refer to herself as a true badass and a rebel.

She has come to be known for penning novels that have lots of hot sex, humor, tattoos, and interesting couples.

Growing up, Layla loved to hide under her blanket with a flashlight, where she used to read “Sweet Valley High” novels that she had stolen from her elder sister’s room.

It was not long before she graduated to reading Harlequin romances during classes. This soon became a habit of pulling all-nighters as one more chapter saw her reading the whole night.

Her love for reading romances was thus planted early and has since grown immensely. Frost published “Hyde and Seek” her debut novel in 2015 and has since gone on to become a prolific author with nearly a dozen titles to her name.

She has also contributed to several series by other authors in the romance genre. In between writing and reading, she can usually be found at rock concerts, watching nerdy television shows, and being a foodie.

Even though she currently makes her home in upstate New York, she has said that is an avid fan of the Red Sox.

As for how she got into writing, Layla Frost has said that it has to do with the fact that she suffered from horrendous insomnia and has always been a romance fanatic.

For Frost, being asleep anytime before 3 AM is always a good night. As she tossed and turned one night, she started reflecting on the favorite aspects of books she had read over the years.

She would then combine these aspects into a single story. For a few months after that, she thought it was an excellent way to make herself relax and fall asleep.

Over time, she had a very coherent story that she could not shake and decided to put it down on paper. Layla Frost actually never intended to share her story with anyone but on a whim, she posted a very rough first draft of a chapter on Goodreads.

She never believed she had anything that anyone would want to read and so she deleted it almost instantly.

What she did not know is that some people had already seen it in their email and soon enough, she was getting help and encouragement from the people that had seen it.

She got back to work and fleshed out what she had started that would ultimately become “Hyde and Seek.”

Layla Frost has said that the best thing about being a full-time author is that she does not have to wear pants to work.

She also loves connecting with other authors and readers. However, she does not like the promotional aspects of being an author given that she is horribly shy.

In fact, if she started writing before the age of the Internet, she believes she would be lurking in the bushes throwing paperback copies of her novels at passers-by.

However, she loves interacting with readers on social media and has over the years gotten very close to a lot of people.

“Hyde and Seek” by Layla Frost introduces Piper Skye, whose life is all about rock and roll. She is wild and free and dreams of spending all day sleeping and all night partying.

But she does not have the energy or time and she tends to be awkward when with people who are not close friends.

Skye is the owner of a prosperous dessert business and spends her nights elbow deep in frosting and batter and her days at school.

She is confident that her sacrifice and hard work will pay in the long term s long as she sticks to the plan and remains focused.

On the other hand is workaholic Jake Hyde, who has a jaded outlook on life. He usually surrounds himself with employees and for the longest time has focused his time on his garage.

However, fate has a killer sense of humor and novel ideas for his life. The two come together by mere coincidence and the sweet-as-sin pastry chef and the gruff mechanic develop a strong connection.

All of a sudden their carefully made plans take a life-changing turn.

Layla Frost’s novel “Best Kase Scenario” introduces Kase and Harlow who could not be any more different. They are short and tall, unmarked and inked, porcelain and golden, wild red and soft dreads, and dark and darker.

Harlow Cooper is harboring a lot of secrets that a teenage girl’s diary would be ashamed. However, her bubbly personality has fooled a lot of people at the place she interns at, and at college.

She is a loving daughter, loyal friend, girly girl, and fan girl. She is also a lover of strong margaritas and strong coffee that finds herself in need of an industrial size drum of glitter and pasties.

Conversely, Kase Teo is quick with a joke and smile and most people believe he is an egotistical fellow with no follow through. However, behind his crystal blue eyes is an ocean of pain, knowledge, experience, and quick wit.

Most people do not get to see these aspects of him. For him, he has come to learn that life is all about the beauty all around him that needs to be appreciated.

For Kase, this would mean going after Harlow who has taken residence in his mind and in his fantasies. But he will need to convince her that there is more to life than a best-case scenario.

“Elemental Fae Academy” by Layla Frost starts by asserting that not all heroes are good guys. Killian Nox is a man that for the longest time lived in the gray and has blood on his hands and a body count on his soul.

He always gets what he wants given his ruthless determination. But when it came to the gorgeous woman with a fiery attitude, he wanted her like nothing he ever wanted before.

With snark and southern-bred manners, Augusta Allan is a connoisseur of good TV, delicious Mexican food, and cheap wine. Unfortunately, she does not have very good taste in men and the man of her dreams turns out to be a douche in tinfoil.

She never expected him to be a tattooed and sexy beast of a man, which is just what she needs. She never knew how comforting such a monster could be until she met Nox.

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