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Author Layla Reyne grew up in the state of North Carolina and lives in California. She incorporates her experiences of living a bi-coastal life into her work, along with pulse pounding romance and adrenaline powered suspense. She was a finalist for the RWA Golden Heart Award in the year 2016. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Rainbow Romance Writers, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Kiss of Death chapters. Layla Reyne writes the “Agents Irish and Whiskey” series, which is about Aidan “Irish” Talley and Jameson “Whiskey” Walker, two FBI agents that become partners and fall for each other.

When she is not writing exciting stories, she is watching too much television, purchasing too many e-books, and cooking up too much food with her scientist husband. This last, to the delight of their leftover loving dogs.

“Single Malt” is the first novel in the “Agents Irish and Whiskey” series and was released in the year 2017. Eight months have gone by since FBI agent Aidan Talley was in a car wreck that changed a lot for him. His partner Tom, and his husband Gabe both died in the crash. He has since returned to work. He has a new partner and new case and he is in a new department. His new partner is Jameson Walker, who is twelve years younger than him; he is also handsome, smart, and athletic. Jaime is off limits, that is assuming that Aidan was even close to moving on. Which he is not.

Jaime has wanted Aidan for three years now, and the opportunity to work with the best agent with the San Francisco branch is too good to pass on. Aidan is prickly (which states things mildly) but there is a cyber threat that grows that makes the skills Jamie has quite invaluable.

His talents quickly paint a target on him, and Aidan wants to protect him. It is made difficult when there are multiple hacks are done on a high security biocontainment facility. It leaves them with little time to prevent the looming deadly terrorist attack from happening. They have to keep focused on the case at hand, not to mention their new partnership. They have to find their enemy, solve the case so they can save thousands of people (themselves included).

Fans enjoyed the fast paced mystery and thrills while reading the novel, they were hooked on the book the whole entire time. It was quite the page turner. The two main characters, Whiskey and Irish, made the novel that much better, with their interactions, personalities, and how secure they were with their sexuality. It was interesting to read about a homosexual couple, which gives readers something fresh to read about. Some hope these books keep on coming, and that Layla is a great author already.

“Cask Strength” is the second novel in the “Agents Irish and Whiskey” series and was released in the year 2017. Aidan and Jameson are a great team that solve cases faster than anyone else at the Bureau. That is professionally speaking, but personally, it is quite different. Aidan has feelings for Jaime that scare him, but he is not going to risk another love, even though the intimacy trips his heart. Loss is a certain reality due to the fact that Renaud (a terrorist) is still chasing after them, and leaving a body pile behind him.

They go undercover on a new case, which gets the pair out of town and off of the killer’s radar. They are going undercover in Jamie’s home state in a case of identity theft. It involves a college basketball team, and Jamie’s past makes him a good candidate to play a coach. Going back to the basketball court brings back more than just some old memories.

There are surprising betrayals and secrets all over the place, but none potentially more dangerous than the one Jamie has kept. It is one that involves Aidan’s husband dying, which might blow his partner’s world apart. That would destroy the love and trust bonds that they have been working on between them.

Fans of the novel found this to be even better than book one. There is quite a bit of suspense that allowed for some to read in one sitting. These two characters are great on their own and even better when paired with one another. There is a lot of tension between these two, for some it will be interesting to see where things go from here. Layla is able to hook readers in from the very first line and tell an incredible story.

“Barrel Proof” is the third novel in the “Agents Irish and Whiskey” series and was released in the year 2017. Aidan and Jameson cannot get a second of peace. They are hunting the terrorist Renaud, and it looked to be about finished when a fire allowed him to get away. It also puts Jameson in danger and he nearly dies. Aidan sees the different forms that loss can take.

Aidan tells Jameson that he loves him right before being told the devastating secret about Aidan’s deceased husband. Love and trust can go up in flames in the matter of seconds. Aidan asks to go on a solo undercover assignment, and Jameson hopes that Aidan can see a way to forgive him.

Explosions have just begun. Aidan’s assignment gets him right into the terrorist’s conspiracy. It makes Jameson risk everything he has (his freedom, career, and life) to save this man that has become his whole entire world. He intends to keep the promise that comes with being partners with someone.

Fans of the novel felt that after this series, they do not know what to do with themselves. It was that much of a thrill ride. Layla Reyne should be proud of herself because she wrote an excellent series, one that will be hard to top by other authors. It is too bad that these two will not be starring in other things in the future. This novel picks up right where the last left off and does not let up. It is fast paced and action packed, some were glued to the pages the entire time they read the book.

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