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Publication Order of Le Beau Brothers Books

The Le Beau Brothers novel series is an interesting series of romance, paranormal, adult fiction, shapeshifting, erotica, and romantic suspense stories. It is penned by a bestselling and award-winning American writer named V.A. Dold. This series began in 2014 with the release of its first novel called Cade and became multiple book series over the course of the next few years. In each of the books of this series, author Dold has described paranormal romance stories featuring the primary characters in the form of the members of the Le Beau family. The stories mainly revolve around the male members of this family, who indulge in passionate love affairs with their female counterparts. As they go on to make their lovers their own forever, they come across many obstacles in their path and overcome them with courage and strength.

Author Dold has set all the novels in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has described the setting in such a way that all the scary story and myths ever told turn out to be real. In New Orleans, the things bumping in the night tend to be surprisingly friendly. Dold’s description of New Orleans is such that the people living there look like humans, but not all of them are what they appear to be. Some of them are paranormal beings and are capable of shapeshifting into werewolves. There are also vampires, magical beings, voodoo priestesses, and normal human beings. The stories mostly feature paranormal romances with adult and erotic content. Dold has shown the male characters as billionaires, who are also shifters. They are surrounded by women wanting to share bed with them, even if it is for one night.

Though Dold has written the novels in the form of a series, each book consists of a standalone story that can be read independent of the others. So, the readers can go through them in any order. However, Dold insists that if the readers want to enjoy her stories thoroughly, they should approach the novels in the order of their release. A few prominent characters created by her for the series include Cade Le Beau, Stefan Le Beau, Simon Le Beau, Anna, Richi Le Beau, Rose, Thomas Le Beau, Seth Le Beau, Lucas Le Beau, Mark Anderson, Sharon Lejeune, Julia Le Beau, Emma Le Beau, Krystal Le Beau, Kensie Brown, Piper, Sara Adams, Grant Adams, Marcus Le Beau, Cassidy Elizabeth Ryan, etc.

The debut book of the Le Beau Brothers series written by author V.A. Dold is entitled ‘Cade’. It was self-published by the author in 2014. The essential characters depicted in this novel include Anna James and Cade Le Beau. Initially, it is shown that Anna James goes through a tough divorce and ends up being single again. She was waiting for this day for very long as she was desperate to live the life of a single woman again. Anna thinks that men are usually self-centered and no man can accept her for what she is and love her the way she is. She considers herself beautiful enough for a plus-sized lady. Anna doesn’t show any interest towards to the self-centered men except the ones that she has been fantasizing about in her dreams for the last five years. And when one of her fantasies turns out to be real alpha shifter, Anna is surprised beyond imagination.

The handsome shifter is none other than Cade Le Beau. He is a billionaire wolf and is not what he appears to be. As a shifter, he is desperate to get along with his fantasy lady after missing a chance 6 months ago. And just when Cade Le Beau gets his second chance at meeting Anna James, he finds that she is in deep trouble. Cade’s mate and fantasy woman, Anna, has been facing threats from the boss of a local mob, who is also her former husband. He has just 48 hours in his hand to help Anna get rid of the threat completely. If Cade is unable to do it in the stipulated time, he will lose Anna forever, which he cannot afford. Anna wonders if she is the one in danger or the ones threatening her because they don’t know what Cade is capable of.

The moment Anna and Cade lay their eyes on one another, they get hooked instantly. They become involved with each other so much that nothing can come in the way of their steaming love affair, including age, horrid ex-husbands, mob bosses, or children. The second book of this paranormal romance series is known as ‘Simon’. It was also self-published by author Dold in 2014. The primary characters depicted in this book include Rose O’Leary and Simon Le Beau. This novel opens by showing the desperation of Simon Le Beau in finding his mate. When all other attempts go in vain, he decides to try his hand at joining the Marines. Simon realizes that no matter how desperately wants his mate, she is not going to come walking through the door. So, he thinks of trying his luck by undertaking traveling while serving the country. It takes him four years to come back from deployment.

For all this duration, Simon was stuck in his wolf form and could not return to the human form. Then, Rose O’Leary, his mate, comes in front of him out of the blue at a family function. She appears to be a voluptuous, beautiful woman and immediately draws him towards her. Rose is brought up in foster homes. She doesn’t want to indulge with men as she fears getting abandoned. It is her opinion that relationships cause pain. Simon is determined to change his opinion by giving her love that she has never experienced. But before he could let her experience that, a sinister plan to destroy his family comes to Simon’s knowledge.

A secret organization has sent an agent to cripple the Le Beau family by stealing their females. This agent has his eyes set on Rose and wants her badly. When Simon comes to know about it, he prepares himself to face the agent and prevent him from taking Rose from him as well as save his family from destruction. This novel has everything to make it an interesting read and keep the readers hooked from start to end. Most of them liked the story and appreciated the characters of Simon and Rose.

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