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Lea Carter is a bestselling American author that writes fantasy fiction. Lea is best known for the Silver Saga series of novels.

Lea Carter was born in Neosho, MO in 1982. She came from a rather larger family, having been the youngest of her parents’ eleven children. Lea has nothing but great memories of her childhood.

Where others might have felt stifled by her large family, Lea Carter thrived. Her siblings were all so different from one other, bringing to bear a variety of personalities, preferences, and tastes, not only in terms of the books they read but the music they listened to and the movies they watched.

Lea believes that she was blessed to receive so much exposure to such a diverse collection of individuals. The situation allowed the author to engage and indulge in a diverse offering of interests and entertainment options.

She listened to everything from opera to country music and delved into all manner of literary genres. The author doesn’t know when the urge to write manifested. She remembers being drawn to fairy tales.

She has spoken of being knocked unconscious after falling from a horse and having an experience that sparked the idea for her Silver Saga novels. But there isn’t any one moment that drove Lea to take up writing.

From what she can recall, that was one activity she always pursued. While she does not necessarily remember choosing to engage in the writing arena, Lea Carter knows that even as a child, she had every intention of pursuing writing as a career.

Her reading habit had something to do with her desire to write, though. Her love for books was such that she was drawn to the idea of recreating her joyous reading experiences for other readers.

Of course, life did not make things easy. As a young lady, Lea was always busy. Her life on the family farm, her responsibilities at school and even her duties at church, not to mention the periods she would carve out to hang with her siblings, kept the author thoroughly occupied.

But even after she began to deliberately seek out moments to write, it took Lea Carter several years to hone her abilities. Her initial attempts, she admits, were pretty childish. But she eventually evolved to a point where she could produce short stories of such quality that she not only confidently submitted them for competitions but she actually won.

Despite the opportunity they gave her to achieve her writing dreams, Lea Carter isn’t a fan of short stories. She might read a few from time to time but she finds the process of writing them highly restrictive and, thus, frustrating because they do not permit her to tell her stories to completion.

Fortunately for Lea, as a self-published author, she has the capacity to write whatever she wishes. While Lea is hardly the most successful Indie author on the market, the writer has garnered notable success, having produced and self-published multiple novels over the years.

Lea admits that the indie publishing field is home to a vast array of complexities. The author would love nothing better than to devote each day of her week to writing. But Lea must also devote some of her efforts to those other equally critical aspects of indie publishing, such as hiring editors and designing the cover art for her books.

The author has struggled to get a handle on the marketing elements of indie publishing. Even with all the novels she has self-published over the years, Lea Carter has never stopped researching the marketing field, primarily because whenever she thinks she understands the game, the experiences she encounters prove to her she still has quite a ways to go.

When Lea isn’t juggling the various elements that constitute indie publishing, she’s working hard to maintain the integrity of the stories she tells. While Lea knew early on that her first novel (Silver Princess) would be part of a series, she did not expect the process of producing a series of novels to be so time-consuming.

The author spends a lot more time than most of her readers realize doing research. Even though the stories she writes are set in fantastical worlds, Lea works hard to ground her concepts in reality.

She also spends a lot of time exploring the rules she has created for her fictional worlds and the plots she has introduced in previous books, the idea being to ensure that the books she will write in the future stay consistent with the stories she’s been telling.

+Silver Princess
Rebecca would like to think that she knows more about life than most. After all, being the daughter of the silver fairy king has afforded her access to an extensive education. Rebecca was pretty certain that she had been prepared adequately to contend with any situation she encountered.

It never occurred to her that her sheltered upbringing would become a stumbling block for her, not until she encountered love for the first time and realized just how unpredictable life could be.

Now things have taken an unexpected turn and Rebecca doesn’t know if she has what it takes to survive the ordeals waiting ahead.

Silver Princess is the first novel in the Silver Saga series. The book gives readers a closer look at the world of the fairies, providing a glimpse into the sorts of regular lives they live, the food they eat, the culture that surrounds them.

Rebecca is a fairy whose encounter with one of her kind leaves her with a serious crush. She must overcome traitorous kidnappers and family secrets to achieve true happiness.

+Silver Majesty
The future of the Silver Fairy Tribe rests on Princess Rebecca’s shoulders. Everyone is looking to her to weather the sort of responsibility she did not expect to encounter, this including stepping into the role of queen and going through with an arranged marriage.

That last part is proving to be particularly problematic, what with Rebecca having permitted the Citizen’s council to sift through her three suitors to identify her perfect husband.

Rebecca is willing to sacrifice everything to safeguard the peace of her tribe but a pirate problem is aggravating matters.

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