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If reading novels from romance and contemporary genre is what you love doing the most, then the work of Lea Griffith will unarguably interest you a lot. Lea Griffith is an American writer who has impressively explored the length and breadth of romance and fiction world. Her marvelous writing skills have empowered her to write books in romantic suspense, paranormal, science fiction, and contemporary categories. Her sizzling novels of erotic romance define the laws of attraction in a unique way where there is no limit for passion. Almost all the books she has penned down so far have become best-sellers and have offered a very exciting read to the booklovers of this amazing genre.

Lea Griffith came into limelight with her first No Mercy series that revolves around hate and revenge. The enigmatic story of four women who will die to protect each other is the gist of all the four books of this series. With the launch of this series, there was no looking back in her ever-growing career as a writer. Each book of the series is bursting with a wide range of emotions that will take you to an altogether different world.

Lea Griffith Biography
Born in the United States, Lea Griffith was always drawn to reading books about love and romance. At a very young age, she developed an odd habit to sneak into her mother’s collection of romance fiction and read them eagerly. From McNaught to Woodiwiss and Garwood, she has had read all the great works in her childhood. And as she grew reading the magical words of love, her fondness for this genre became stronger and she eventually decided to explore all the categories of romance.

Her never-ending need to devour all the genres at her older age took her to stupendous work in contemporary, paranormal and science fiction. She considered love as the elemental emotion which keeps the people strong. Hence, she would buy and read as many romance novels as possible. And if she couldn’t buy any novel, she always borrowed it from someone or traded for it. In fact, most of those books are still there with their pages dog-eared and yellowed over the years. Those books still bring joy and excitement on her face like they used to do when she was a kid.

Now married, Lea lives in rural Georgia with her husband and three teenage daughters. She is a free will writer now who writes her own stories accordingly. Her personal life is also filled with love and joy. Other than her husband and daughters, her family also consists of two dogs, a cat and a beta fish named Coddy George. Although she has a permanent working day job, you can always find her at the keyboard in all the free moments she can get. She makes every possible effort to use all her spare seconds to weave an intriguing story of love and romance.

Lea Griffith claims fame for a vast assortment of amazing novels but few of her earlier books have made the actual contribution in her overall career as a writer. Some of her notable works include:

Series 1: No Mercy
No Mercy series by Lea Griffith is one of the most amazing works by any writer of this genre. Bullet to the Heart is the very first book of this series which revolves around a lady known as Bullet. The girl was born to love. However, destiny has something else in store for her and she was eventually taught to kill. She was only known as Bullet and was forced long back to give up any other name she may have inherited from her parents.

She was completely changed and molded now. She became highly efficient in sharp-shooting so that she could kill. This made her The Collective’s most prized asset. The twist in her life appeared when she was waiting for death only to find that the time for her vengeance has finally come. There is excitement all through the story which is further heightened when Rand, another protagonist of the story appears for revenge from The Collectives.

The main theme of the story is revenge which is impeccably weaved along with love and passion. The book is perfect for all those who have a distinct love for such tales.

Series 2: All or Nothing
This second series of Lea Griffith consists of total three amazing books about sizzling romance. Lea has followed up with her same passion in this series as well. The first of the three novels, Too Much is a love swept contemporary erotic romance. The story features two lovers who are completely and deeply in love with each other. They share the exquisite pain and unforgettable bliss in common and the only place where they find solace is in one another’s arms.

Daly and Jeremiah are the main protagonists of the story who thought too much was never enough for them. The three years of passion they shared with each other left them burned in the end. The entry of Jeremiah’s brother into their lives turns everything upside down. His brother became the reason they both get separated from each other. The story is filled with sexual intensity and passionate love between the main couple.

The book offers stand-alone read which has impressively taken into account the POV of both the protagonists. The assumptions and non-communication weaved into the story are just top notch and make sure you enjoy the plot thoroughly.

Lea Griffith is a gifted writer whose love for writing has earned her a worldwide acclamation. In her short span of a career as a fiction writer, she has successfully penned down a number of books all known for their unique plots and thrilling romance. Lea is continuously introducing extraordinary characters in her GenTech series. She knows what drives her readers’ crazy and what all they need to devour. Each story that comes from her pen is a piece of art, wonder and intricacy. She leaves the audiences spellbound with her characters and strong relationships between them.

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