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Leah Clifford
Leah Clifford is an American paranormal, young adult, science fiction, and romance author with an affinity for the creepy and weird. The Cleveland-born author has worked several jobs in the past, including acting as a guide in an extreme cave tour, waitressing, and pizza delivery. Clifford also worked as a flight attendant before delving full time into writing. So far, the author has eleven published works to her name, and she intends to continue growing this number in the future.

A Touch Mortal
A Touch Mortal is the first book in The Sider Series. The book stars Eden, a young girl who is wondering why everyone around her acts like she doesn’t exist.
Well, what Eden is not aware of is that she is dead thanks to her fling with Az. Now she exists in a sexy and dark world filled with fascinating characters who have an extraordinary power called Touch. Eden has a unique ability to kill others like her, but this is the information she wants to keep to herself. While Eden thought that heaven would be about angels and hell would be filled with demons, she is surprised to find herself still living on earth. Unfortunately, all the people she loved have forgotten her.

Eden and Az fall in love instantly, but he ends up breaking her heart at some point. Despite the devastation that follows, Eden dedicates her time to finding her way with the new abilities and making new friends while trying to hide her powers. The drama starts when Az reappears in Eden’s life with the sole purpose of defeating Luke so that he can reclaim the love he lost. Will Az accomplish this mission and get back with the girl he loves? How does Luke take Az’s comeback, and can he let Eden go without a fight?

The suspense and drama continue to escalate as Eden’s new life unfolds. Eden is spirited and snarky, and these qualities show right from the start. Her first meeting with Az is amusing, and her quips throughout the book provide loads of humor. As the story progresses, you will get to see Eden’s different sides, some annoying. However, even she makes mistakes, it is easy to understand where the young lady is coming from. Az is intriguing, intricate, and flawed. He is devoted to Gabe, another likable character in this story. Other notable characters are Kristen, Jarrod, Adam, and Libby.

This story is significantly tied to real life, and it covers a few of the believes we have about suicides. What happens when someone commits suicide? The fantasy and reality in this story are so well blended that it is hard to tell where the facts end. Apart from the suicide, the book also offers a few truths and strong messages young adults can put into good use.

A Touch Mortal is a brilliant story with intriguing characters, a captivating storyline, and an explosive ending. Towards the end, the tension escalates, and the unexpected twists help push this even higher. The conclusion is surprising, and it will send you in search of the second book. If you like stories with angels and other supernatural beings, you are going to love this book. The worldbuilding is outstanding, and the author will entice you into this fantasy world from the first page.

Vial Things
Vial Things is the first book in The Resurrectionist series. The book stars Allie, an eighteen-year-old with a unique trait. Allie has a genetic mutation that causes her blood to heal and bring back people to life. People have killed just to get a vial of the resurrectionist blood, and there is no doubt that this can happen again. To provide the blood needed, the Resurrectionists have been selling a portion of it, and this wholly turned Allie. Why profit from the blood if the aim is to help those in need?

Allie grew up under the care of her aunt since her parents were taken away. Throughout the years, she has been taught to be vigilant even though she doesn’t use her abilities. When she can no longer stand the blood trade, Allie chooses to live away from her family, but it soon becomes clear that danger will follow her wherever she goes. Fortunately, Allie has a sharp blade she can use against her attackers, and her fighting skills are way beyond average. To add to her security, Allie invites Ploy to work as a human shield between her and her attackers.

The Ploy is a gutter punk, but he has a heart of gold. He and Allie have a lot in common, and while they start out using each other to get what they want, a friendship develops over time. Ploy spends a few nights on Allie’s couch, and he alerts Allie in case there is an intruder. Their friendship continues to grow as the two get to know each other better, and you can only wish that they will make something out of their beautiful relationship. When resurrectionists start to be brutally killed for their blood, Allie and Ploy team up to find the killers before she becomes a statistic.
Allie is a lovable character. While she is a loner and doesn’t show much emotion, Allie is adorable and easy to relate to. Ploy is also easy to love, and it is admirable that he is willing to go to great lengths to protect Allie.

Vial Things is a thrilling, mysterious, and action-packed story. The story is about a teenage resurrectionist trying to escape only to find herself drawn back to the world she wants nothing to do with. This book is written in Allie and Ploy’s points of view, which helps the reader get to know the characters better. Both the main characters have secrets, but they come together to fight an enemy who threatens their existence, and their new-found friendship. The pacing here is just right, and the author will have you hooked from the first page. Definitely, a perfect read if you are into dark, scary, and morbid stories.

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