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Leah Franqui is an American author of fiction. She is the writer of Ever After Ever, a mini-series for television that aired in 2015.

She hails from Philadelphia, a place that she is proud to call home. She says that the city of Philadelphia is far more than the famous cheese steaks that they are known for; however, she now spends so much of her time in Mumbai that she would gladly give anything to have a cheese steak since you cannot get them in Mumbai at all.

She attended Yale University and graduated in 2009 with her degree in Theater Studies. She says the degree is both intellectually useful and at the same time financially useless. Franqui spent a year after graduating traveling in order to discover more about herself. During this time, she went to places all around the world. She lived on a farm in Spain, went to Belgium to visit, and saw China by train, where she entertained fellow travelers on the rails.

Leah came back to her hometown of Philadelphia and began working at a non-profit theater group in order to inform and help to support her playwright work. She left Philadelphia once more in 2012 for the purpose of going to Brooklyn. There she went to study at NYU-Tisch, and graduated in 2014 with her degree in Dramatic Writing.

It was a good move to attend this program as Leah Franqui would meet the man that became her husband through it! An Indian screenwriter, they are now married. They spent three years together living in New York, and decided to move to Mumbai.

She has held many jobs besides writer. Along the way, she has worked as a line chef, a tutor, a real estate agent, a sewing teacher, grant writer, marketing director, editor, and even a voice actor for a Croatian soap opera’s main character. She currently spends her free time writing.

When Leah Franqui is not writing, you can find her cooking, reading, traveling, sewing, and watching a rather large amount of television on a regular basis as well as sewing her own clothing.

She is the author of the 2018 debut novel America for Beginners. It is her first novel and has made her an officially published author. Franqui has also written several plays. They have been performed (in New York and other places) and even earned her awards (the Goldberg Play-writing Award in 2013). She has also penned four screenplays as well as a web series. She has also penned many articles and personal perspectives for online magazines and blogs.

Leah Franqui is the author of America for Beginners, a novel that brings to mind other classic novels. This poignant first story is one that will take the reader on a journey of exploration through the complex realities of topics such as prejudice, immigration, family, and the American dream and what it means, as well as friendships both unlikely and meaningful that happen as a result of unusual circumstances.

In this stunning first novel from Franqui, the main character is a woman named Pival Sengupta. She is Indian and has done something that she never thought that she would do. She has booked a vacation to go on a trip thanks to an Indian vacation tour company that specializes in trips to the United States.

Pival has been through a lot; she has lost her husband and has been recently widowed. Even though she is bookimg a trip to America, she is not going for the same reasons that so many other upper class Indians would be taking a trip. They are going to America to take a well-deserved foreign holiday and see the sights, going to the more popular destinations in the country to take pictures and make memories on the vacation of a lifetime.

But Pival does not have the same light-hearted interest in seeing the country that the other Indians on this trip do. She is going thousands of miles to New York from Kolkota. Once she gets to New York, she plans to travel across the country for a very special purpose. Pival wants to go to California so that she can finally find out the truth about her son Rahi.

Rahi put his parents through a lot when he came out of the closet to them. His parents were traditional, and Ram and Pival did not know how to take the news that their son was gay. Nothing in their culture had prepared them for this. When Ram divulged to his wife that he had passed away suddenly, her heart was broken. But now Ram is gone, and Pival is not so sure that he was telling her the truth.

Is their son dead, or did Ram just say this to make his disappearance out of their lives easier? Perhaps in a way he wished it were true. However, now he’s gone and their son may still be alive in America. Pival vows to do what she must in order to finally discover whether her son is still yet living.

Pival comes to New York and meets up with Satya. Satya will be Pavil’s guide while she makes her way to the coast and is the newest hire to the company. The resourceful guide has only been in the states for a year but will be a welcome companion on this trip.

Satya has been in the five boroughs the entire time and will be accompanied on this excursion by the young actress Rebecca. A working vacation seems great to the actress, so the companions get ready and take off for the coast.

Pival wants to find her son if he is out there. Her hopes for a reunion are high, but the more that she finds out about this country the more that she doesn’t know if she can come to accept and understand her son even if they do meet and reunite once more.

The bond between the trio has gone even deeper, and now. they are about to find out more about this country and themselves than they ever dreamed. What will happen? Pick up this incredible book to find out!

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