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Publication Order of Detective Jill Jackson Books

Vodka Doesn't Freeze (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Voodoo Doll (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Ice (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Watch The World Burn (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Disharmony Books

Giarratano Leah is a registered clinical psychologist and an author in crime thrillers and adult fantasy. She graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts (English and Psychology) form University of Sydney in 1991. In 1994, she received her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from the same University. Author Leah then received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from University of Wollongong, in 2005. She is a member of Australian Psychological Society, APS College of Clinical Psychologists and Psychology Board of Australia. She specializes in many areas including Psychopathology and Trauma counseling. She treats both perpetrators and victims faced with psychological traumas and sexual offenses. Leah is a foundation team member of an Australian national award winning inpatient PTSD treatment program. Another major achievement is the conduction of the nationally accredited CBT training program for medical practitioners since 1995. Leah worked in psychiatric hospitals, defense forces and correctional systems. She has conducted specialized programs for New Zealand and Australian Defense Forces, cooperate, forensics and community health. Leah spent more time with patients who suffer personality disorders where she succeed in accessing and treating survivors of psychological traumas. She is also an author of several trauma education programs meant for mental health professionals. She was an authorized report writer for NSW victims’ services for 12 years.

In 2006, Random house Australia acquired his first two crime novels and proceeded to publish them. These were later subsequently followed by other two books. Author Leah has written a number of books which are related to her work experience. Her profession enables her to write unique crime stories. One of her best works, Black Ice was shortlisted for the Davitt Award of the Best Crime Novel. Her experience in the field of psychological trauma makes her writing more authentic. Leah’s TV career started in 2009, where she presented top rated programs on Channel 7. She hosts a TV series which examines crimes and motives of offenders namely; The Dark Lands and Beyond. She is featured as a psychological expert who explored the psyche of fearsome criminals in Australia. The series aired on Channel 7 from 18th March, 2009 and internationally on television networks in 2010.

Her first two novels revolved around the character Detective Jill Jackson. Vodka Doesn’t Freeze is the first novel to be written by Leah Giarratano. It was published in July 2007. A middle aged man is brutally murdered in the sand dunes overlooking young children’s pool. Detective Jill Jackson takes it upon herself to investigate the murder after learning that this was not an ordinary victim. Apparently, someone has stopped a dangerous pedophile. Jill was first ambivalent about pursuing the killer. After all, he was doing great service to the community by keeping the children safe. But the number of dead men known to be sex offenders kept on rising. She has to face the fact that a serial killer is on the loose. As Jill investigates deeper, she unveils a long established pedophile ring. This is a club of wealthy men who had considered themselves untouchable until now. The club is still running despite the death of some members. Jill needs to shut it down to protect children, but finding the ring leader was proving to be difficult. She faces victims and their predators as her nightmares comes to life. Her past is coming back to haunt her and her OCD seems to be taking over. Jill has to decide whether or not she really wants to catch this killer. This is a very gripping thriller from Leah Giarratano. It has a tense pace, a sensational violence and the plot is brilliant. This novel is a perfect start to the Detective Jill Jackson series.

Vodoo Doll is the 2nd book to be written by Leah Giarratano. It is also the second novel featured in Detective Sergeant Jill Jackson book series, published in 2008. It has been a year since a man abducted Sergeant Jill Jackson. She is now promoted and looks stronger than before. But she is transferred to a task-force which is tasked with tracking down a gang involved in home invasions. Jill has to work with a new team which is handling some grisly cases. The people they are investigating are believed to be responsible of 5 home invasions in the last two months. The most recent one is where a group of people were attacked leaving one of the victims crippled. The team is being pressured by the public and the media to apprehend the gang for people to feel safe. Jill at the team end up hunting for a psychopath after violence turns into murder. They delve into the past of the victims and witnesses as they try to find the killer. This is a thrilling follow up to the bestselling Vodka Doesn’t Freeze. It is a very enjoyable book which allows readers to visualize the events as they unfold. This book has a great significance in character development.

Another novel worth mentioning is the Black Ice which was shortlisted for the Best Crime Novel Award. Apparently, Leah put a lot of work in her third book which was published in 2009. In this Novel Detective Sergeant Jill Jackson is working as an undercover in Sydney’s drug world. She lives in a rundown apartment as she makes some casual friends. She has the opportunity to see in first-hand the effects of drugs. Meanwhile, her sister Cassie has a new boyfriend, Christian Worthington. He is rich, good looking and nice. But he is also Cassie’s supplier who makes sure her drawers are filled with Cocaine and crystal meth. Cassie is later dumped in a hospital where her life is hanging by a thread after she overdoses. Jill Jackson must try to save her sister without blowing her cover and months of undercover work. The author takes the reader into a sensitive world of crime. The conflict between family and work makes this novel very captivating. Black Ice and Vodka Doesn’t Freeze are Leah’s notable works. These books show how the author has a detailed knowledge of the darker side of life. Leah Giarratano uses her experience as an Australian Psychotherapist to create amazing characters. She has wrote very convincing stories involving a number of characters which requires careful reading. The action also motivates the reader keep flipping the pages.

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