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You Should See Me in a Crown (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise to the Sun (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ellie Engle Saves Herself (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Out There: Into the Queer New Yonder(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cool. Awkward. Black.(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Leah Johnson is an American published author of fictional novels.

In addition to being a writer, she also works as an editor. Johnson is originally from the Midwest and describes herself as being an “eternal Midwesterner”. She was born in Indianapolis in Indiana, where she grew up as well. She says that she will be a lifelong Hoosier and that a lot of her work focuses on the soybeans and corn fields that she grew up, something that she admits may be more than one person should even be writing about.

She has since relocated from her beloved Midwest and has uprooted herself and all of her things to live in New York. Even though New York is her new home, Johnson says that she is moonlighting with her new residency as an official New Yorker.

Leah started writing when she was very young. This was all thanks to her spiral notebook, which she filled with her own creative short stories during fifth grade. Once she got started with writing, she simply never stopped with it. She has clearly kept going to this day and has now made a career for herself out of it.

She attended Indiana University as well as Sarah Lawrence College. While at Indiana University, she majored in African American studies as well as journalism. She would also sharpen her journalism skills working as a reporter. She was employed by an affiliate of National Public Radio and was tasked with covering issues of race and class. She also worked as an intern specializing in audio initiatives for the Wall Street Journal.

Johnson also would win a fellowship that allowed her to go abroad. The author traveled all the way to Japan for the purposes of studying international reporting. However, journalism did not hold her attention forever as she eventually decided that she would like to tell stories of the fictional variety. So it was this idea that led her to enrolling in college once more.

She received her degree from Sarah Lawrence in fiction writing and has since put her MFA to good use. She also works teaching writing in the undergraduate program. Johnson has also been a visiting writer at colleges such as New England College. She also worked at Catapult as a contributing editor of staff.

She wrote her first novel as well once graduated. Put out by Scholastic and intended for young adult readers, it is titled You Should See Me In a Crown. This author is frequently writing or else updating her Twitter with her opinions about everything from politics to pop culture. When she is not, she can usually be found somewhere in New York City, teaching composition or creative writing to undergraduates.

You Should See Me In a Crown is the debut 2020 novel from author Leah Johnson. If you have been searching for a unique young adult book to check out, then this is the one for you!

In this story, readers get to meet the character of Liz Lighty for the first time. She’s a young woman that finds that fitting in does not come as easily for her as it does for other people. It’s a fact that she just knows about herself.

Liz has for a long time thought that she cannot shine in her hometown. This is for a variety of reasons. If it’s not the fact that she thinks she is too poor, it’s the fact that she’s ‘too black’ or too awkward. Her Midwestern town may be small, but there is also a lot of money spread around. It’s the type of town that is way into local sports game and obsessed of course with its annual prom.

Even though Liz believes that she’s not the type of be able to get into the spotlight here, that’s all fine by her The main reason for this is that she has crafted a plan. The plan that she has come up with is going to be enough to get her out of range of Campbell for a long time and she can finally leave Indiana behind.

Liz has dreams that she can attend Pennington College, a place that is pretty elite. There she would be part of their orchestra, playing in an ensemble that is famous around the world. On top of that, she has aspirations of studying to be a doctor. So it seems from the looks of it that Liz has everything planned out for herself.

The saying goes that people make plans and the universe finds it amusing (a version of it, anyway). So it goes that Liz finds that some financial aid she thought was a sure thing is no longer so sure, because it’s completely fallen through. That is unfortunately all that it takes to crash her plans big time. On top of this, she really has no back up plan. Just like that, Liz is seeing everything that she wanted to make happen slowly fade away.

She doesn’t really know what to do to come back from this. That is, until she remembers that there is still the prom and the king and queen have yet to be chosen. The winners will also get a scholarship, courtesy of the school. Liz thinks it could be a good idea, but it also comes with disadvantages.

For one thing, she would have to deal with a lot of public attention and events. Then there would be the competitors and everything that comes with trolling in person and online. Liz doesn’t know whether she can handle it or even wants everything that comes with the spotlight. However, if it means getting to Pennington and making her plan come true, it might be worth a risk.

Liz does take heart from the fact that she has a new friend in Mack. She’s new to school and they’re both outsiders– and both running for the position of prom queen. But could a crush on her competition ruin everything or make everything great? Find out for yourself by picking up up a copy of this book!

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