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Secret Letters (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Your Voice Is All I Hear (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rules of Rain (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Words We Said (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Leah Scheier is an American author. She was born and grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. Her favorite authors as a child were Arthur Conan Doyle, C.S. Lewis, and Lloyd Alexander. She loved to read fantastic tales and even made up a few of her own romance and adventure tales. She is grown up now and still continues making new stories when she isn’t working as a pediatrician or taking care of her daughters.

Scheier is the author of Scarlet Letters, a fictional novel that was published in 2012. Her second book, published in 2015, is titled Your Voice Is All I Hear. Rules of Rain is her third book, published in 2017. They are in the young adult genre.

Dora is the main character in Scarlet Letters. This is a historical novel where Dora lives an entirely aristocratic life out in the country. She is smart and observant, so of course it is one of her biggest dreams to leave her boring life in the country and solve mysteries with the great and famous Sherlock Holmes. Dora is shocked and happy when she finds out that this guy might just be her biological father. Who wouldn’t want that, especially when you are a young girl that idolizes Holmes?

Dora takes this as her chance to go to London. She wants to get the help of this famous detective to work on a case she has discovered, and it would be great to find out of he were her biological father too. Just when Dora thinks that she is in a great position to work with the famous detective, she finds out when she comes to London that he is dead. The great detective has passed away and now she will never find out if he was her dad or not, which is horrible and the last thing she expected.

Dora must figure out what to do in the wake of this shocking news. She has to come up with a new plan, and she also still wants to find out what is going on with the ransomed love letters of her cousin. Dora must rely on the intelligence she has as well as the help of a strange new young detective that is quite attractive to tackle the case on her own. Her cousin’s reputation is at stake and Dora really wants to deliver. Dora must figure out a way to crack the case and save the image of her cousin.

This Victorian mystery novel is an exciting ride from start to finish. You’ll be turning the pages trying to find out what happens in this mystery story and love all the twists and turns on the way! Will Dora be able to crack the case, and rescue an heiress that has been kidnapped along the way? Read this story and find out for yourself.

Your Voice is All I Hear is the second book penned by Leah Scheier. In this novel, April is the main character. April is terrified to start school because her best friend Kris moved to a more upscale neighborhood and a new school with it, so she is starting the school year without her. She feels totally alone without her best friend at her side until she meets Jonah.

She tells Kris about her boyfriend and Kris is like, why haven’t the two of you kissed after two or three weeks already? While April wonders the same thing, it’s nice just to take it slow. They do finally kiss but then he starts showing signs of strange behavior, which April doesn’t know how to take.

She is in love with her best friend and boyfriend by this time and wants to be his greatest ally, because he needs it. She will do anything that it takes to keep him safe. However, Jonah has a dark and traumatic past that still haunts him to this day. When he Jonah slips into a depression as a result of his past memories, April doesn’t know what to do.

April will risk everything in order to protect Jonah, from her family to her friends. She may even give up the chance to go to a really great music school, something she has wanted for a long time and is certainly qualified for. The sacrifices that she makes keep mounting, and April wonders where it will stop. What won’t she sacrifice in order to help her best friend be okay? And can what she is doing even make a dent in his depression?

April believes in what she is doing and knows that her boyfriend is trusting of only her. She is the only one that he loves and the only one that believes him. His own mother had forsaken him, and she knows that she is pretty much one of the only things that he has left that he can rely on.

April is determined to reveal the truth of what he is going through in the hopes of making it all better. She was going to go down the hallway and go to the office of his doctor and give her the secret notebook so that she can see what he is hiding and know what up until now only April knows. But will it be enough to save him, or is the boy that she loves struggling with something much bigger than modern medicine and love can contend with?

This young adult book captures the struggle of mental illness and what it is like to be dealing with suicidal thoughts, depression, and even schizophrenia. It is at the same time an interesting and informative read, one that puts a microscope to the concept of being crazy and what it takes to deal with being insane. With April on Jonah’s side, maybe they both might be able to make it– or will the disease and the past that haunts him finally end up being far too much?

Pick up this book and see what happens in this well-written tale and where ultimately the fates of the two will take them in this introspective and engaging novel for young adults.

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