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About LeAnn Ashers

LeAnn Ashers is a much-loved author of American romance and suspense stories. Her books are renowned for their captivating plots and strong protagonists, making them a pleasure to read.

She has a special talent for crafting realistic and complex characters, who readers can really connect and empathize with. This has earned her a loyal following of readers, and her debut novel was an instant hit, leading to her later becoming a USA Today Bestseller.

Her stories also feature intriguing plot twists that keep readers enthralled till the very end. Her gift for creating compelling stories with engaging narratives, makes her books a must-read for any fan of the romance-suspense genre.

Through her stories she features compelling protagonists, who readers can easily connect with. The author has a gift for developing characters and creating believable and realistic stories.

Her protagonists are strong-minded and independent, but with a vulnerability that makes them relatable and real. As an extra layer to her stories, she also adds swoon-worthy alpha males, who love their women unconditionally.

These characters are crafted in a way that keeps readers glued to the page, eager to know what happens next. Her protagonists are unpredictable yet believable, and their natural chemistry together creates an entertaining and romantic story.

As an author, she also offers readers an entertaining escape. Her books are filled with heart-warming romance, and her unique writing style helps to create an interesting and engaging atmosphere.

The characters she develops are complex and realistic, and their chemistry together creates a compelling atmosphere. Her books also feature twists and turns, which keeps readers guessing and entertained until the very end.

Finally, with her unique writing style, LeAnn Ashers ensures that her stories are highly engaging and enthralling. She has a knack for creating suspense, and her books are full of unexpected twists and turns that keep readers guessing till the very end.

Early and Personal Life

LeAnn Ashers has been a celebrated author of contemporary romance and suspense for many years now. Growing up, she was a relentless reader, spending so much time devouring stories and transporting herself to far off places. This is what sparked her interest in writing, and she soon found herself crafting her own tales.

Starting out as a blogger, she eventually transitioned to becoming a full-time author. She has often discussed how she draws inspiration from the world around her, noticing the small details that make life so intriguing. With her creative approach to storytelling and her focus on the details, she has achieved success and admiration from readers.

Ashers has taken the time to learn about the craft of writing and has grown as an author over the years. She has been able to use her experience and knowledge to craft stories that captivate her readers, taking them on a journey of emotion and adventure. Her work has been enjoyed by many, making her one of today’s top contemporary romance and suspense authors.

Writing Career

LeAnn Ashers is an accomplished romance writer, having written multiple series and novels throughout her career. Her writing career began in 2016 with her series Devil Souls MC, with the first book Torch. Since then, she has written five more books in the series, as well as books in the Forever, Grim Sinners MC, Grim Sinners MC Originals, and Grim Sinners Rebels series.

She has also written several standalone novels, including Damon (2018) which she co-wrote with Teagan Wilde, and Saving His Forever (2023). In addition, she has contributed to the Dark Obsessions Anthology: Volume 1 (2022) with a group of other authors, and released her Series Starter Collection (2022). With more books in the works, it is clear that LeAnn Ashers is a successful and prolific romance writer.


LeAnn Ashers’ steamy contemporary romance novel ‘Aiden’ was published on August 19, 2019 on the Kindle platform. It is the fourth book in the ‘Grim Sinners MC’ series, although each book can be read independently of each other, as they are simply set in the same world. Ashers is known for her captivating stories, so readers can expect an exciting read.

Aiden vowed to protect Grace the moment he laid eyes on her. She was a beacon of hope in this cruel and unforgiving world, but he noticed the sorrow in her eyes. He was determined to make sure her demons paid for what they had done to her.

Embarking on a mission of justice with the support of his motorcycle club, Aiden relentlessly hunted the perpetrators one by one, leaving their lifeless bodies in his wake. He was single-minded in his mission and would not be deterred.

Despite numerous obstacles and dangers, Aiden stayed true to his word and pursued his enemies without fail. He was closer to his goal than ever before and had one more foe to vanquish.

Aiden was certain of his success. He knew he was coming for the last one and no force could stop him.


Butcher, the steamy contemporary romance, was published on August 17, 2017, and is available on the Kindle platform. The book is part of the ‘Devils Souls MC’ series, but can be read independently as each story is set in the same world. It is the third book in the series, but can be enjoyed in any order.

From the moment Butcher saw Shay, he was captivated. He watched her day and night, but to most people he seemed threatening due to his tattoos and scars. He was an enforcer for the Devil Souls MC, but to Shay he was something more. He was the man who would do anything for the people he cared about and he was the man who would protect and love her above all else.

Shay felt the same way about Butcher and was just as obsessed with him. She would be willing to die for him and he would be willing to kill for her. What nobody knew was that Shay had the same level of ‘crazy’ inside her.


On April 18, 2023, the steamy contemporary romance ‘Reaper’ was published by the Kindle platform. It is part of the ‘Grim Sinners MC Rebels’ series, although readers can once again enjoy the books in any order. The series is set in the same world, and each book stands alone.

Julia felt a mysterious presence watching her, though she could not quite identify it. Despite the feeling of unease, she still felt safe. Eventually, however, she was taken away by the mysterious figure, who declared her as his own. Julia’s mother tried to take her back with the help of a figure from her past, but it was to no avail.

Reaper was determined to keep her safe, even if it meant facing off with the world. His dedication to protect her was absolute, and it was clear that nobody could take what was his.

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