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The Vampire of New York (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
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About Lee Hunt
The author Lee Hunt is a first class writer of horror and thriller novels, selling novels all over the world, with his unique brand and style. Keeping to himself mostly, his life is just as intriguing as his work, as he allows his stories to essentially speak for themselves. He knows how to entertain the reader though, never taking himself too seriously, making sure his to keep his audience hooked every step of the way.

Taking elements of the supernatural and putting it into his work, Lee Hunt has created some highly compelling stories over the course of his writing career. Featuring flights of fantasy with his moments of horror too, Hunt really makes the most of the genre, showing a strong imagination throughout. This also rings true for his characters as well, as they resonate with readers from all over, whilst leaving a strong lasting impact. More and more are discovering his work every day, as his writing career will keep moving from strength-to-strength for a long time yet.

Early and Personal Life:
Passionate about writing from a young age, Lee Hunt was constantly found reading and writing, with a strong interest in literature early on. With his head in a book, he’d show a keen interest in genre fiction, something which would come to define his career in the years to follow. This would largely focus on fantasy and horror, with vampires and monsters featuring most heavily in his work.

Building a unique style and voice for his work, Hunt would go on to establish himself further over time, as he continued to build up his profile. This would prove to be successful, as he’d take time with his work, putting it out over longer periods, as his audience would eagerly anticipate each release. Researching it well, he’d go on to create expansive narrative arcs, all the while constantly on the lookout for new ideas to put back into his stories. With more to come, there’s plenty more planned on the horizon, as he continues to write on into the foreseeable future.
Writing Career:

Starting out back in 2008, Lee Hunt would release his first novel titled ‘The Vampire of New York’, which both mystery and horror running throughout. There would be a long wait between this and his next book Dynamicist, brining this out in 2020 some time later. Following this he would also bring the novel Herald that same year, as it would follow directly on from his previous novel. Both of these would make up the first two titles in the ‘Dynamicist Trilogy’, a supernatural series filled with fantasy and magic.

Combining moments from history within his novels too, Hunt would research his stories extensively, giving them a high degree of authenticity. Exciting and fast paced, he pulls the reader in, ensuring that it’s believable the whole way through, both in terms of setting and characters. Reaching readers around the world, his idiosyncratic approach to classic genre tropes and ideas is something that many have responded positively to. Still writing to this day, Lee Hunt will continue to release his series, whilst pushing the world of genre fiction to its limits.

The Vampire of New York
First published in 2008 through the Signet publishing label, this would be the book that introduced Lee Hunt to the reading public at large. It would also be a stand-alone title, not being a part of any overall series, as it was an entirely self-contained narrative. Following the release of this there’d be over a ten year wait to next book released by Hunt, with it coming out in 2020.

Setting the tone of what was to come, this really helped pave the way for Lee Hunt as a first time author on the literary scene. Involving vampires alongside a detective mystery, there’s definitely a lot happening here, as the story is kept alive with every page turn. Using New York City as its primary location too, it’s set across the city, making full complete use of its layout.

When Carrie Norton the archaeologist discovers the remains of a murdered Civil-War victim, she realizes there’s more to this killing than meets the eye. There’s been a series of brutal killings lately, and Detective Max Slattery notices a similarity between them and the ancient corpse. Working with Carrie, the two of them must solve the case of the killings, as an evil has risen, and it’s not one of this world. Where will the killer strike next? Can they both stop them before it’s too late? Will they be able to find the vampire of New York?

Published on the Kindle in 2020 on the 20th of February, this would be the first in the ‘Dynamicist’ series of books. With three novels available in the trilogy overall, it features an epic storyline with some long-running arcs featured throughout. The story would also pave the way for ‘Herald’, which would be released later that same year in 2020, coming out not long after the first.

Attending the New School, Robert is thrown into a whole new world, one which he desperately wants to change at all costs. Filled with magic, his classmates leave a lot to be desired, as he attempts to navigate the campus, one which has been subject to protests over a potentially poisonous new strain of grain on the market. Wanting to usher in a new age, Robert feels that they could be entering an era of invention, as he teams up with a lonely wizard. Will he find what it is that he’s looking for? Can he make the most of the campus? What will become of the Dynamicist?

Following on directly from the last, this is the second part of the Dynamicist Trilogy, with it being released on the 25th of March in 2020. This would also lead the way into the third novel, which would wrap the series up, finalizing the trilogy overall. In this instalment it sees everyone having entered an age of invention and true creativity, Robert now must contend with his powers as the Dynamicist. What do his strange and prophetic dreams mean though? How will he shape this new world? Can he truly become the herald?

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