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The Pre-Wrath Rapture Answered from the Testimony of Scripture (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Glorious Salvation Machine (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The New Heavens and Earth: Recreation or Renovation? (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lee William Brainard was born in Valley City, North Dakota on June 22, 1961. He is an author and a teacher of the Bible, which is his favorite book, by far. He has read it in its original languages, Hebrew and Greek, as well as some literal translations into English. He has also read it in the Greek OT (the Septuagint) and German (typically the Elberfelder).

When he was just five, his parents moved to Helena, Montana. While here, he spent his childhood as well as a good part of his teenage years in carefree bliss. Time that he spent hunting, berry-picking, fishing, camping, mushroom-picking, reading, gardening, and playing sports.

The summer after his sophomore year of high school, his family moved to Langdon, North Dakota, and here he would graduate from high school in the year 1979. From 1983 until 1984 he went to college at UND in Grand Forks, ND and spent two summers of graduate level linguistics training at UND with SIL (1984 and 1985).

In December of 1978 he got born again, during his senior year of high school. It happened in the basement of the cathedral in Helena, Montana in a charismatic Catholic meeting. Despite this, he grew little since he did not have much in the way of pastoral care, Christian friends, or church family, something that could have been his own fault. The next summer he would receive some nurture in the Word of God through one of the chaplains during his basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

That same fall he switched to the Army with the goal to become an Airborne Ranger. In January of 1980, he entered active duty, and went to Fort Benning for Airborne and Infantry training. Then he went into Ranger Indoctrination Program at Fort Lewis, WA during May of 1980.

The first day he was there, he met a believer that was his bunkmate while they were at RIP and his roommate in Charlie Company, Second Ranger Battalion. The guy was a tremendous influence in his life, as he encouraged Lee to read his Bible daily, he took him to church, and introduced him to one of the Bible studies on the base. When they went to Alaska to do arctic training in 1981, he was able to cram his Bible, John R. Rice’s Separation, and a Strong’s Concordance, as he was intent on studying the Bible.

He was called in front of his platoon sergeant, complained about his verbal testimony. Lee was given a choice between his beret and his Bible. He got the option to keep them both if he could keep quiet and not talk about religion anymore. For him, an outright ban was unthinkable and he chose the Bible. He was transferred and a gracious officer, who saw the intensity of his desire that he wanted to become a Bible preacher. This officer was able to help get him the honorable discharge he eventually got during August in the year 1981.

That fall, he came under some strong spiritual exercise from the Bible that led to some major changes in his priorities, heart, and life. He strongly sensed that God was calling out to him to become a Bible-teacher and he started to be determined to stop living for his earthly dreams. Things like a career in special ops, mountain climbing, and sports.

He and his wife, Nita, have four kids (Lydia, Ezra, Josiah, and Noah) all of whom are married, and they have thirteen grandchildren. They live in Harvey, North Dakota, and here he shares at the ministry of Harvey Gospel Church.

His work experience is incredibly varied. So much so, his brother-in-law joked to him that he should pen a book titled “101 Occupations”. Jobs he has had include: a Jiffy Lube tech, a meat cutter, an insurance salesman, an Airborne Ranger, a security guard, a carpenter, a day trader, a cook, a truck driver, a sawmill hand, a farm hand, and a factory worker.

Lee has also cut a bunch of firewood, worked on his own cars, and done quite a bit of remodeling. While in Wisconsin, he and his boys built a 3,600 square foot log home in post-and-beam-style.

Lee is a guy that enjoys the simple things in life, things like: mountains, backpacking, campfires, hiking, sunrises and sunsets, starry skies, coffee, northern lights, dark chocolate, friends, reading, and some good conversation. Especially when the conversation around the many things of God.

His favorite genres of music include the call of Canadian geese, the whisper of the wind in the pines, a loon’s cry, the bull elk’s bugle, classical music, hymns, and worship music. He enjoys climbing mountains anytime he gets an itch for adventure.

“The Rogue” is the first novel in the “Planet Shaken” series, which was released in the year 2017. Irina Kirilenko, a rookie astronomer, finds a planet-size comet inside the Kuiper Belt that is on a collision course right for Mars. As a result, she quickly faces some stonewalling from the Minor Planet Center, before facing some coercion and stricture from NASA. They make her embrace an ingenious reinterpretation of the discovery she made and bar her from talking about it.

Slowly but surely it dawns on her that the government is fostering a huge conspiracy to make sure the public stays oblivious to the truth: the fact that Earth faces an existential threat. Irina is unwilling to be silenced, she recruits Ariele Serrafe, a fellow astronomer, to evaluate her discovery. It places both of them in the crosshairs of government agents.

“The Rendezvous” is the second novel in the “Planet Shaken” series, which was released in the year 2018. As America descends ever deeper into the Minoa deception and the huge comet is racing for the Inner Solar System, the new members of the Rogue Underground find themselves in some perplexing situations. Some of these are detained in FEMA camps, some are on the run from the feds, and those that are at the Compound hatching plans to go and rescue their colleagues.

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  1. Gaye Stone: 1 year ago

    Just read the Planets Shaken 1, 2 and 3 and really enjoyed them. I’m hoping Mr. Brainard will continue the series. These are good fiction books but also include the gospel interspersed. I like that!

  2. LI KANTHACK: 2 years ago

    I have finished books 1, 2, and 3 in the Planets Shaken series and we’re left with no resolution. I purchased all 3 thinking I had “the whole story.” Is there a sequel?

    Thank you,

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Only the 3 at this time.

  3. Lee: 3 years ago

    Love the books in your Planets Shaken series. When is the next in the series coming out? I would buy it in a second!!!

  4. Robert Anderson: 3 years ago

    I love your books The Rogue & The Rendezvous. Please write & publish another book/audiobook. Yo a great author!


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