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Lee Weeks is the youngest of three daughters. Her parents are a Welsh couple of high school sweethearts who got married at the young age of nineteen. Living in Devon, England, her father got a job in the police force as a detective while her mother was doing a nursing training when she fell pregnant, so she had to start it again after Lee turned nine years old.

Her father is one of her first influencers: he was a wonderful sculptor and encourages her to paint as a child. He was a defender for women’s rights and set up a rape and child abuse center, one of the first in the country.

Lee Weeks had hard times as a child, with both parents working full time, being an arty girl, feeling she didn’t fit in any of thenine or more different schools she went to, had to find her own way of self-defense by writing poetry when she was eight years old. Her road kept been a disaster: she was sexually assaulted by five different men and victim of bullying from two teachers, so she decided to drop out the school at the age of fourteen without her parent’s knowledge, spending her days in pubs and cafés.

Beautiful sixteen years old Lee Weeks tried some modeling for ghost book covers. She tried some fortune again at the Art College but left it when she was seventeen and started her own way of adventures and travels.

Lee traveled during seven years, working and living by her own. She first went to Sweden and lived there for a year working as an au pair; then hitched around France, lived in Paris for a while and then a year in Germany where she worked as a DJ. After that, at the age of 23, she and a friend took some savings and bought a one-way ticket to travel to Hong Kong for some modeling job. While she was there, influenced by a friend she met there, she became a heroin addict and got involved into a lot of problems that almost turned her into a sexual slave and got her killed.She had to work as a night club hostess toy pay her debts, and by that time she felt in loved with a prominent Hong Kong lawyer who helped her got out of those issues and back home.

In 1983, Lee moved in with a friend from college, Paul Weeks to London. They got married and had two children, Ginny, born in 1986, and Robert, four years later. She worked as a personal trainer for a while and then went back to Devon to become a full-time mother.

She always had the idea of writing a book, but it wasn’t until her marriage failed after twenty years that she had to figure out how to solve her economic problems by her own and find a job that she started writing. Using the diaries she kept, all those dangerous situations she experienced as a teen become extraordinary and were the fuel for the fire for her first book.

Making her debut in 2008 with the novel The Trophy Taker in the Crimefest Convention at Bristol, England, Lee has been flattering described as the female James Patterson. She got the representation of über literary agent Darley Anderson and published her books with HarperCollins imprint Avon Books.

Detective Jhonny Mannis the main character in The Trophy Taker. He is a hero version of herself. Jhonny keeps his role in her first series of books that started with this one, called Jhonny Mann Books, and it is constituted by four books.

· The Trophy Taker tells the story of a serial killer in the loose looking for lone Western women lured to Hong Kong by the promise of easy money and Jhonny Mann, a half English, half Chinese detective with a personal vendetta against triads is determined to stop him.

· Weeks’s second novel The Trafficked, also published in 2008, is aboutJ honny Mann in the case of a missing triad’s daughter which leads him from London and an arson attack that kills trafficked victims, to the sex trafficking mafias in the Philippines.

· Death Trip (2009): tells about five students get caught up in a deadly conflict in Thailand. Kidnapped and held to ransom by a band of Burmese mercenaries the five are forced to march for weeks in the jungle and suffer unimaginable cruelty. Johnny Mann has personal links to one of the five and goes it alone in a world full of mercenaries, missionaries, and misfits to find the students before their time is up.

· Kiss and die (2010) is also about Ruby, a female serial killer with a deadly kiss, in the pursuit of adulterous businessmen. She tortuous and decapitate them and Jhonny has to take the case on his hands.

After this series, Lee wrote another one called The Willis/ Carter Series, where the main character is Detective Willis, a young woman with a troubled past, and the murder squad, her boss Dan Carter, he’s a lad with chat-up lines and an insight into people.Robbo, the police officer turned crime anaylist, Haribos and the four walls of his office.Doctor Jo Harding, a pathologist and a cougar with a nasty bite.

This series has five books: Dead of Winter (2012), Cold as Ice (2013), Frozen Grave (2014), Cold Justice (2015), and Cold Killers (2016).

After the success of her books, Lee Weeks admits that on a deeper level she fells permanently damaged, that she is scarred to be able to look at life in the way other people may do, to ever trust, repair or forget, but on the day by day she is really happy person.She is always in touch with her fans through social media talking to them about her news, discussing opinions on her books and answering their questions, and according to what Lee Weeks has said about making movies from her books, she didn’t renew the option with the producer, but it just wasn’t feeling right by the moment, and she is sure it will happen one day but she has to be sure it will be done well.

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