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Legacy Fleet Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Legacy Fleet Books

Author Nick Webb writes the “Legacy Fleet” series of science fiction and military fiction. The series began publication in the year 2015, when “Constitution” was released.

The “Legends of Legacy Fleet” series is a companion to the series that features stories that do not fit inside of the time line of these novels.

“Constitution” is the first novel in the “Legacy Fleet” series, which was released in the year 2015. The year is 2650. Seventy-five years back, Earth was attacked by an alien fleet. There was no warning. It was without mercy. Mankind was not prepared for that. Hundreds of millions died as a result. Dozens of cities were burning. Man almost lost everything. Then the aliens left. Man has rebuilt and armed their selves. Never again, man swore. The aliens never returned.

Until now. With overwhelming force the aliens have come back, hitting deep into our territory, making all of the Earthlings panic. Our new technology is now useless. These new ships burn like they are straw. All of the careful preparations they made have been wasted. There is only one man and one crew, as well as the oldest starship in the fleet to keep the Earth from being totally destroyed. The ISS Constitution.

The book is a highly enjoyable read that has action on every page and keeps you hooked to each one. By the end, you want to find more of the series and tear right into them. These characters are well developed and colorful that make it easy to care about them, with excellent world building and superb science.

“Warrior” is the second novel in the “Legacy Fleet” series, which was released in the year 2015. Man repelled the Swarm. At least for now, anyway. They will not stop, though. They are inhuman, have no conscience, or inhibitions. Definitely no mercy.

From the crucible of battle rises an unlikely hero. Captain Timothy Granger, who is at the helm of another time-tested battleship, and is going to take the fight to the enemy. He is going to figure out their secrets. Locate their home world. Destroy it before they are able to destroy ours.

He is going to save mankind. He must, or they will die.

This is a quick, fast paced read that is an excellent sequel to continue the story of this world. This is an excellent series, and features a nail biting sequence or two. Webb spins another page turner of a tale here, and it makes readers need more from the series.

“Victory” is the third novel in the “Legacy Fleet” series, which was released in the year 2016. United Earth burns. The Swarm is running rampant across space. Currently, man is mourning the loss of thousands of ships as well as millions of fallen comrades. Billions of mothers, sisters, brothers, and fathers. All gone, all dead. This is the time we end this, for our time has come.

Victory is never without sacrifice, though. Heroes are never trained nor taught, but forged in ashes and blood. Our grandchild’s history books are going to tell our story and glorify both the legends and the heroes. The Swarm is going to be conquered. Man will prevail. Whatever the cost.

This book is well thought out and written, as the pacing is superb and there is stellar action to boot. Webb throws in a bunch of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing just what will happen next in the story. The book ties all three of the books together and answers every question you could have about the different time zones.

“Independence” is the fourth novel in the “Legacy Fleet” series, which was released in the year 2016. Man was hoping, desperately, that they had come in peace. Man was dead wrong.

Thirty years after the Second Swarm War left Earth and its colonies devastated, a mysterious and powerful alien ship invades our space. Entire planets end up ravaged, and whole moons are shattered. All the starships that were sent out against it never came back.

Admiral Proctor, who is a war hero from the last brush with annihilation, is called out of his retirement to take the reins of humanity’s brand new starship. The ISS Independence as well as her crew, with Admiral Proctor at her helm, is going to stand as Earth’s last defense. Against all odds, they are going to save man, even when the enemy is not just an unbeatable alien ship, but a ghost from man’s past that is bent on its destruction.

If they should fail, man falls. For good.

Strong characters engaging in multiple story lines with a quick pace make for a real engaging read that makes you want to dive into more of this series. Nick Webb twists real science with potential future tech to make a story that makes it tough to put down for very long. He creates characters that give the stories some real personality, as they are both authentic and believable.

“Defiance” is the fifth novel in the “Legacy Fleet” series, which was released in the year 2017. The fog of war murks everything up. Enemies are hiding in the shadows, inside the very fleet that is sworn to protect the United Earth. Conspiracies and killing run rampant. In the background, the stalled alien invasion is waiting in the wings.

The Golgothic ship has hunkered down deep into Titan, Saturn’s moon, whose mass is slowly increasing. The Dolmasi, who were once allies of the United Earth during the Second Swarm War, are now attacking us, without reason and unhinged. During all of this, as Admiral Shelby Proctor tries to figure out the most urgent questions about it all. Why was a chunk of the old ISS Victory doing on the Golgotic ship? Could it have been Captain Tim Granger’s voice that he heard whispering from the doomed ship, telling him that they are coming?

Could they really be the Swarm? If they are, man really needs God’s help.

The action here is well put together and has been beautifully and vividly described so that you can easily visualize what is happening the entire time.

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