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Legacy of Magic Series

Lindsay Buroker is a renowned American science-fiction and fantasy author who has won the hearts of readers and peers alike. Endowed with a remarkable gift for telling fascinating stories with captivating narratives, Buroker has designed characters and protagonists that are truly enjoyable to follow. Her captivating stories are full of unexpected turns and surprises that draw readers in and keep them enthralled, all the while teaching them something important.

Her ‘Legacy of Magic’ series is a beloved urban fantasy series that began in 2022 and has since spanned six books and counting. Featuring the character of Matti Puletasi, the series follows her as she uncovers an ancient artifact hidden beneath one of the homes she is restoring and is rapidly thrown into a conflict between orcs and humans, both of whom want the relic for themselves. It also shares a universe with her other fantasy series, ‘Death Before Dragons.’


Lindsay Buroker’s urban fantasy novel ‘Hammered’ was released on November 9, 2022, and was self-published. It is set in the same world as the ‘Death Before Dragons’ series, but is the first book in a new series called ‘Legacy of Magic.’ It introduces an entirely new story and cast of characters.

Matti Puletasi, a Seattle native with incredible strength, had been content with her life of renovating homes and the occasional fight with criminals. That changed when she stumbled upon a mysterious relic hidden beneath a house she was working on. Many individuals sought the artifact and were willing to resort to violence to get it. To make matters worse, a frame job led to Matti being accused of murder.

The only person willing to help was an elven assassin from another world. He was powerful and handsome, but had a hidden agenda. Matti was unable to trust him, but was drawn to him nonetheless. If she couldn’t clear her name, the assassin would be the least of her worries.


On November 19, 2022, ‘Betrayed’ was published as a self-published work. This urban fantasy is the second installment in the ‘Legacy of Magic’ series and continues the story of the characters. It features a captivating plot and thrilling characters, making it an exciting sequel for fans of the series.

For thirty years, Matti had believed her dwarven mother was dead. That was until she found out her mom might be missing instead. It seemed somebody had kidnapped her, hoping to take advantage of her ability to enchant powerful artifacts. Now, Matti was determined to locate her, and was aided by Sarrlevi, an elf assassin.

Although she was suspicious of him, his dry sense of humor and protective attitude made her forget the possibility of him being a foe himself. With a common goal, the pair ventured forth on a mission to uncover the truth and bring Matti’s mother home.


The urban fantasy novel ‘Trolled’ was self-published on December 22, 2022. It is the third part of the ‘Legacy of Magic’ series and continues the saga of its beloved characters. Eagerly awaited by fans, they are now able to enjoy this third installment.

Matti Puletasi was on the hunt for her mother, while trying to fend off those who were after her magical hammer. Then, the person behind her mom’s attempted murder appeared and set their sights on her. To make matters worse, Matti was developing feelings for an elven ally, not knowing if this individual was an ally or enemy. This was far from the situation she had envisioned.


‘Tested’ was published on January 21, 2023, as a self-published work. It is the fourth novel in the ‘Legacy of Magic’ series, which explores a fantasy world and its characters. The book was praised for its unique take on the urban fantasy genre and was well-received by its readers.

Matti had a confrontation with her nefarious dwarf aunt and now wanted to find her long-lost parents. But her aunt was blackmailing Sarrlevi, the elven assassin and Matti’s newfound love and ally. To save her family, Matti had to brainstorm a way to help Sarrlevi before he took his biggest risk yet.


On March 2, 2023, the fifth installment of the ‘Legacy of Magic’ series was self-published. This urban fantasy, titled ‘Wrenched’, further builds and expands its fantasy universe, as well as developing its many characters. This is a work of fiction that readers from all over the world have enjoyed.

Matti Puletasi was determined to interrogate a wealthy businessman who was responsible for her parents’ kidnapping. But her lover Sarrlevi, an elf assassin, was suffering from injuries from their last battle that wouldn’t heal, taking a toll on his mind. She must discover a way to access the billionaire and find a cure for Sarrlevi, or else risk losing everyone she loves. Matti had to act quickly before it was too late.


On April 26, 2023, ‘Fused’ was released to the public as the sixth installment in the ‘Legacy of Magic’ series. Self-published by the author again, ‘Fused’ continued to explore the fantasy world and characters that readers have come to know and love. Fans of the series were eager to get their hands on the latest novel.

Matti Puletasi was granted the opportunity to search for her kidnapped parents, accompanied by her beloved elf assassin, Sarrlevi. They soon discovered their adversaries were not only kidnappers, but part of a larger organization with a decades-long plan to cut Earth off from the Cosmic Realms, endangering humanity’s existence.

Though Matti’s initial goal was to simply find her parents, she may be the only one who can save the world from disaster.

The Legacy of Magic Series

The series is jam-packed with action and adventure, making it a great read for anyone who enjoys urban fantasy. The characters are fully developed and interesting, and the plot is full of unexpected turns. Buroker’s humorous remarks and slow-developing romance add to the story and make it a truly enjoyable experience.

In addition, her incorporation of powerful and mysterious elves who should not be taken at face value further intensifies the excitement of the series. With its fascinating characters and unpredictable plot, the Legacy of Magic series is sure to have readers coming back for more.

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