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Legacy of the Nine Realms Books In Order

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Publication Order of Legacy of the Nine Realms Books

Flames of Chaos (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ashes of Chaos (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruins of Chaos (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crown of Chaos (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queen of Chaos (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Legacy of the Nine Realms is a paranormal fantasy series by Amelia Hutchins. The first novel in the series is Flames of Chaos. Aria is the heroine of the series from the Hecate family of witches who is determined to correct the mistakes committed by her ancestors even if it means going to war.

Flame of Chaos
Flame of Chaos is the debut novel in the Legacy of the Nine Realms series. Aria is not any ordinary witch; she comes from a ruling family of witches and is a descendant of Hecate. Her family gave their kingdoms to others and relocated to another world.

They’ve outdone themselves doing the right thing in the coven, and when evil threatens their existence, Aria decides to return home and try to make things right. Unfortunately, the mess caused by Aria’s ancestors is about to come and haunt her.

They discover that things have changed in the human realm, and not everything is what it seems. While Aria tries looking for her missing twin, Amara, at Haven falls, she meets Knox, a dangerous, mysterious man declaring himself a king.

When Knox calls her, Arian knows that he has an agenda. Knox declared himself a king in their absence, and now she can’t trust him anymore. Knox feels connected to Aria, but unfortunately, she doesn’t fit his revenge plans.

Knox is one of those characters with elicit strong feelings. He’s on a mission, so his plans get a huge wrench when Aria shows up. When he thought he had everything under control, Knox receives something more than he has ever thought after meeting Aria Hecate.

He wants revenge for his son’s death and for the people of his kingdom. No one knows Aria’s father, not even her sisters; the only information they’ve is that he’s powerful and immortal, so when she meets Knox, he isn’t only taking Aria’s virginity and awakening the beast that lives inside her.

As Aria gets stronger, there is no going back, and Knox meets his match in new and powerful Aria and realizes that he is not the only alpha predator roaming. Can Aria stay focused and find her missing sister and eventually save her family, or will she be entangled with the romance given by Knox?

Aria knows Knox is a force that should be fought, and even though she doesn’t know her role in the world, she knows she has to remain strong because Knox isn’t what he seems to be. Knox has an underlying motive for coming to Haven Falls and never thought Aria would show up to challenge his ruling.

He has always thought that everything would be easy by just starting a war stage that he’s been planning for more than five hundred years. He knows that she’s his enemy, but something in her calls him, igniting his cold heart. He was wrong to think that he would take her out so easily.

Can Knox let go of the past and his drive for revenge that will destroy the witch he lusts for, or will he push hard and go on with his revenge plans?
Amelia Hutchins has written a fascinating story about a man who makes readers experience the thin line between love and hate. Aria is an amazing heroine and a badass giving the readers everything they want. Even though she’s vulnerable, she doesn’t let people walk over her.

Knox and Aria are both interesting, and their chemistry is off the charts. The story is told from two points of view with complex twists and turns. Even though Aria and Knox seem to despise each other, they are drawn to each other and cause trouble everywhere.

Aria doesn’t let anyone define, control or shape her to fit their needs or views, and she doesn’t play around or bow to anyone. On the other hand, Knox is a monster in body and never minds doing horrible things as long as he achieves his goal.

The novel had lots of action, dark humor, and steamy sex scenes that would entertain the reader.

Ashes of Chaos
Ashes of Chaos is the second installment in the Legacy of the Nine Realms series. Aria began a battle against Knox and the witches in the previous novel. These are the times when it was hard for her to have a smile on her face during the war.

After Aria realizes who Knox truly is, she is ready to keep her family safe and ensure he doesn’t catch her. Knox can’t explain his attraction to Aria even because he knows that she isn’t good for him. They are enemies and can never be together. Aria isn’t ready to stop the battle and uses any strength and power she possesses to wage war on Knox and his men.

The dark witches now realize that Aria is a power that has to be reckoned with, while Knox starts seeing how Aria is important to him. He can’t imagine living in a world where she doesn’t belong to him as he keeps fighting any other feelings apart from lust and possession.

Aria knew she had a huge task of cleaning the family’s mess made in the nine Realms, but she wasn’t ready for the horrors within the realms. Dark magic had taken over the land when Aria found herself in the middle of the war.

Aria’s inner monster is impatient and does everything she can to get to the beast inside Knox, even when she knows her heart in him. How much is Aria willing to sacrifice to protect his family and her loved one from Knox’s revenge?

For how long will Aria escape the man who is always tailing her as her heart struggles to fight the desire for him to claim her? Can Aria break the curse on the Hecate generation and keep her heart safe at the same time?

Amelia outdid herself in this novel, creating a complex roller coaster ride filled with emotions. Aria is a strong and selfless character and is determined to correct the wrongs committed by her ancestors even when she is being hunted.

Amelia Hutchins brings all elements together while giving vivid details as the story unfolds to keep the reader engaged as she draws them to Aria and Knox’s adventures.

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