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Publication Order of Legal Affairs Books

McKayla's Story (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Confessions of a Litigation God (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Friction (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Pecker Briefs (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Legal Affairs: Cal and Macy Books

Sawyer Bennett, a bestselling author – recognized by NYT and USA Today – is a fan of hockey, and two of her book series shed generous light on the fact that Pittsburgh sports dominated her childhood. It is, however, a cup of tea for a different discussion about the author’s diversified writing portfolio.
Bennett is also a connoisseur of the paranormal romance, and – as the author shares with the wider public – the idea to give a shot in the genre has been provoked by a dream. It is the contemporary romance, however, that Bennett builds her writing career on.

What has made the author have the most fun in writing is her Legal Affairs, driving the imagination hot and the plot straightforward, combining Bennett’s experience as a trial lawyer with her peculiar sense of humor. The story line is provocative, as is Mac and Matt’s relationship: a budding lawyer, recently graduated from Columbia Law School, heartbroken, and her boss, a lead partner in a law company. An exclusive service at a One Night Only club, with no-string consequences, presumably… A curious approach of the author is to have the story told from Mac’s perspective, saturated with inner monologues. The Objection plot is detailed, yet short, revealing strong personalities of both heroes. The patterns of dialogues disclose witty minds and amusing individuals with specific backgrounds and experience. Sensual and more sophisticated that the “OFF” Series, Bennett exposes other aspects of a great talent dedicated to a genre like the contemporary romance envisaging erotic elements. The Stipulation book in the Legal Affairs enjoys twists and happenings with both characters that subtly upgrade the plot. Will it be possible for Mac to find out why Matt plays against a deeper relationship? Is there a secret buried deep? The explosive intimate moments blend with captivating plot development… Pulling the readers into growing complications in the Violation book, the author challenges the main characters with an ultimatum, a new relationship, Cal’s story; in a nutshell, alongside erotic episodes drama and tension go hand in hand. The characters are facing difficult decisions in the Mitigation plot, they stand up for themselves, and frustration may be felt for a while. Is it possible to take a stand? A little more of the taste of the story may be felt in the writing of the Reparation book, with progressive leaps of faith against the background of confrontations stemming from the past, and the characters embark in a new direction of their relationship. Betrayal, redemption, a quest for commitments, and determination are core ingredients of the plot. Will the main characters’ pasts get past?

The story line weaves the fibers of love and sorrowful feelings, secrets and sources of pain. Are the heroes able to learn and succumb to trust and faith, or affirm the truth, or face the reality? The Affirmation book of the same series may provide some insights.

The Legal Affairs enjoy the Confessions of a Litigation God as a stand alone book, and introduces Matt’s perspective and reflections. The book is striking with the dynamism of the character development. The mystery of his way of thinking and behaving, of burying secrets that burn and generate pain, his attitude to job, life and partners constitute major benchmarks in the book.

The Friction novel in the series drives the reading audience in the world, intimate and professional, of two lawyers. In this real life plot, Leary Michaels, a Stanford top ten percent graduate and Reeve Holloway, a powerful lawyer working for big corporations, meet and confront; they confront values, sense of life, love… Tension and emotions are transferred through entertaining speech and dialogues, witty remarks and fast moving story. Is the civil case that the two adversaries are brought together to work on in the courtroom under threat? In a multi-layered plot, Bennett embarks on telling about hot romance, justice, and human values. The author urges the reader to go beyond the tale and search for own assessments, depending on personal views and a sympathy for and understanding of the characters’ positions.

Mac’s best friends, Macy, wealthy and independent, and Cal, who is also Mac’s partner in a small law company, are finding their way – hot, erotic and… controversial, full of distaste – in the Clash: A Legal Affairs Story of the series. Macy’s past is haunted by secrets; while the male character, Cal, tries hard to settle down in a stable relationship. The small journeys of the reader to the chapters of Macy’s diary bring home elements related to her family. She scarcely manages to cure her pains through dating via One Night Only Club website. How is Macy and Cal’s relationship unfolding? Is there an explosion embedded in their story? As Bennett is inventive in shaping their backgrounds and reference points, the reading audience strives desperately for knowing promptly what comes next. The story gets hotter and more complicated in Grind: A Legal Affairs Story of the series. Is there a calling for limits? To what extent are the boundaries pushed? Personification of the characters is a typical characteristic feature of Bennett’s style in this book and the knowledge about them goes deeper. Trust becomes a favorite issue in Bennett’s Yield: A Legal Affairs Story of the series. A woman learns to love and the demons in her mind should be held in chains; a man’s fight for their relationship and his determination reaps results. A crime and an FBI investigation make the intrigue insatiable with new elements. Sensitive issues enjoy the subtlety of the author. A balance is established between the genres of contemporary romance and erotic literature. Ambivalent characters are brought home in a step-by-step mode, revealing qualities and failures. Creative and honest, Sawyer Bennett’s series transport love and feelings like her favorite song – What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. What she equally can’t live without is her family. Is the sense of togetherness prevailing? Sometimes, the feeling for a Bennett’s character in turmoil urges the reader to imagine taking him or her by hand, bringing home and start caring. It is like a deep falling out with each other…

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